Thursday, May 18, 2023

Not Buying It This Time Are They?


I remember back during Hillary's first reign which was Bill's administration of vote buying that the Femocrat's biggest pushes at the time almost always included the words "Community Reinvestment..." to start with. One lesser known addition was making it mandatory that lending institutions were required to count child support payments as income for the recipient. The US financial institutions took so much damage during the 80's and 90's due to the so called "Community Investment Acts" it's no wonder to me that even today these entities are failing since it's been illegal for a lending institution to demand a lucrative loan ever since, unless the loans are somehow government backed.

Pretty much everyone knew even in the 90's that the outlandish and unsustainable divorce rules would come to an end soon especially the outrageous financial ones. Even if the Feminist loving government did nothing it would have taken very little time for 33% or more of working age men to be felons and that was before they even began arresting "under privileged" men. Yet the Femocrats managed to make the child support rule stick. I mean why not require mortgage companies to make loans on over estimated "income" that was going to expire with a few years anyway?

Well sure enough the single largest group of home owners in the US quickly became Single Women/Mothers followed very closely by a Housing crisis blamed on Sub-Prime loans. Imagine that. Right about the time so many child support orders began to run out and civil courts were finally forced to stop making these outlandish Female-centric rulings that economically destroyed men. All of sudden sub-prime loans were everywhere.

Well I have been very suspicious of these latest economic problems we been having for a the past few months now. My first question came through when I saw an article on contractors back last year and noticed in every area going through a housing boom the scenario was the same. Almost every means possible to build housing was all shifted to sub contracting through a larger business. There was very little housing being built by private customers and you could hardly find a vacant lot to buy as a private customers either.

It may have been different in other regions but around here a private owner/buyer had the choice of waiting or going with some type of pre-fab crew type affair. All of sudden it seems only businesse's had any available credit to build and private sales had to come only when buying existing homes. Even near me any construction is actually owned by businesses and no one else even if they then treat it as a private residence after the sale and loan is approved. There are no more signs that say "Lots Available" either. 

Funny the only ones that seemed eligible to take advantage of free government money for that scale of development were those who had access to direct PPP loans.

But once again everything is being blamed on Sub-Prime private consumer Loans.

Companies and Commercial entities/banks folding left and right, claiming supply problems etc. And yet a person could walk from any port in America across either of both oceans without getting their feet wet due to the glut of freighters waiting at sea to unload.

Global shipping traffic online

Lets not forget if you go and look no foreign counties seem to be suffering from resource shortages except the Western Feminist allied ones and if news comes out about one having issues going to the source country, when rarely possible, seems to give conflicting information at best, Sanctions ain't working and every old US enemy with a grudge is now challenging openly.

My theory is this economic downturn is completely a Feminist controlled government over spending problem. The West is broke and looking for any excuse they can to shift the blame for the soon to be obvious repercussions as much as possible. The Femocrats have been cut off from their main source of financial control/support and nothing is working so far that will keep them viable going forward. The criminal excesses of the past 50+ years are coming home and we need to prepare to survive it until it's over. 

The bright side is they will be totally inconsequential when it is over this time.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!


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