Monday, November 28, 2022

Got to Protect Yourself


So let's be honest here how do you protect yourself and your assets going forward? The first question you have to ask yourself is what do you need to protect yourself from? If anyone can figure that out I would love to know. With all the craziness that has been done over the last 20+ years I cannot even begin to answer that question and I don't think anyone can. The government can and has taken anything they want from anyone they want for years. As near as I can determine when dealing with governments the only possible defense that might work is simple numbers. Only by surrounding yourself with others that share the same circumstances can you hope to get to a point where you are not targeted. 

The other defense strategy that worked in the past was distance. If you were far enough away from possible enforcement you could usually count on not becoming a target. That tactic may in fact work again soon but right now it can only work if you are also inside an area that basically also counts as numbers.

This is the basis of all government tyranny. No matter what they call themselves but it is especially the tactic of those who scream Democracy and  wish to play victim politics.  The trick is to make sure you have as many allies as possible near you otherwise you are a gun owner living in California. I admire anyone who fought for their rights under that condition but reality says unless you have allies numbers is all that matters in a collapse situation.

Much as State politics have protected many of us for years now against government over reach local politics will do so going forward. The catch is to not let whatever government is moving against the people to separate us and then divide and conquer. This is the true danger of a Democracy as they will try and confiscate precious metals by getting all those who have none (probably greater than 99%) to support confiscation on the other 1%. 

So picking your location is the most important defensive strategy you can have followed closely by blending in as much as possible and making yourself as valuable to your community as you can while doing so. You must keep in mind that everything will be a trade off. If you happen to find yourself out on a few hundred acres of prairie in South Dakota than you may need to have a mini community where you are. If you find yourself living on 1 acre 4 miles from a small town you need to adjust. Perhaps specialize in foraging. You get the idea. Find an area you can make yourself as valuable to as many people as you can.

One rule that has been as much a part of Human survival since the beginning of time as anything else is that there is strength in numbers so you want to be surrounded by as many like minded numbers as you can be and as flexible as you can be going forward. 

One thing that is for certain is the situation will change and probably rapidly at first. I have always believed it is best to be as much of a jack of all trades as you can until things settle down a bit. 

Possessions will be great but it is skills and knowledge that will help the most when everything else fails or your possessions are confiscated.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!



  1. Agreed, except for one thing; there is NO shortage of gun owners in California!!! When you have a state house as soft on crime as California's, self-protection is pretty much up to the individual...

    1. Pete - I am sure you are correct there must be places within Cali where you are surrounded by allies. To bad it doesn't help much until things go South but still you will have it then!!!

    2. Oh, indeed. The city folk may have voted for these loons, but they'll be looking for a leg to hide behind as soon as the "free" money dries up. ...My leg's not available...

  2. I concur, I moved back to Oregon to have a trusted surgeon I worked with previously remove a defective kidney and I am making plans for early spring to move back to South Dakota to be in that small, conservative community.

    1. OOO - Cederq - What part of South Dakota? I lived in Herreid so long ago now I am not even sure I am spelling it right anymore but I had some fun there.

    2. P/P, I lived in Huron, De Smet and Mitchell. All on the east side of the state. . Herreid, that is way in the hell up towards North Dakota and out in the middle of nowhere up on 10... Done some hunting and coyote shooting up around there and did some fishing up around Mobridge


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