Sunday, November 27, 2022

Sunday Reading - As Things Go Global


Back during the Clinton and then later the O'Dumbo years I was constantly amazed how little effect overall openly suicidal moves by the Femocrat controlled US government towards it's productive sectors really had in the grand scheme of things.

For the life of me I could never understand how forcing bad economic policies and redistributing wealth from the productive sectors to the frankly non-productive feel good idea sectors did not bring with it immediate bad economic reactions and consequences.  

The truth was all those vote buying and insider trading scams did come with huge negative reactions but were papered over mostly by strengthening the dollar and exporting most of the side effects. Not to mention flat out oppression and political war against traditional American citizens as well. I still believe some foreign interest did their own parts too in an attempt to set the entire thing up politically into just what we are seeing today.

Right about that time I figured out that until the balance of power changed on a worldwide basis there was little that could be done internally to change the course we were on within the US. There simply was no unifying purpose to bring enough people together that fighting back would not cause more problems than it would fix overall and shatter any unifying immediately. We were solidly divided, looting each other was easier than resistance and if one group began to get too much power than the Democrats just found a new group to buy and import until the status quo was balanced out again just the way they needed it to be.

But that type of political scheming takes a whole lot of money and when debt is not considered important or just used as a weapon against future generations and ignored, it takes a whole lot of external influence to keep outside events at bay and favorable.

For the last 50+ years the Western Liberal Democrat types have been plundering the world to pay for their own internal Utopia by exploiting Cultural traits that evolved within Western European attitudes over the course of centuries. The fatal flaw in their plan was/is it only worked as long as the West stayed financially dominant worldwide but their goals also required the destruction of the Western hegemony to achieve. 

So we find ourselves where we are today as every country not under Western Liberal Feminist influence dumps the dollar and decouples itself from the US as much as possible. The latest I read about today being the oil producing nation of Ghana dropping the dollar and coupling to a gold backed system.  

The Liberal types can no longer keep the consequences of their racist, vote buying policies out and they know it. The world is changing and we are going to have adjust how we will survive it and change our own expectations for the future too. I imagine the guilty party of the multi-cult conglomerate will be attacking with a frenzy going forward an an attempt to stay in power by looting the only target it has left soon....Us. Yet we must remember with each passing day they will be getting weaker and weaker and a caged animal tires eventually and gives up.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!



  1. what steps do you foresee for your area of the country?

    1. deb - In my opinion it will depend on just how bad things get and how far the government goes to loot it's citizens. I foresee a greater movement to local production as mandatory but wonder just how long the new influx of people we have these days will tolerate power outages and supply shortages before giving up. I don't think we are at a level that crime will increase yet but imagine many will try and move back into the cities if they are able. Which is the big if. It all really depends on just how fast things fall apart, for rural folks the faster maybe better right now.

  2. Or how far the decides that self-defense is an arresting crime.

    Too many folks jump from Law and Order to full on lawlessness SHTF but as Portland OR, California, Chicago, and NYC show leftists can Protect criminals and arrest law abiding souls that defend themselves.

    1. Michael - I agree but in times of chaos and lawlessness people do tend to form communities to combat it. They always have before.

    2. You have to remember that we haven’t fired a shot or really engaged with the left, Michael. Conservatives want to get along, keep the peace, pay the bills and be left alone. That is going to slowly start to change. Where the law used to be a big part of self defence…. I think you will see a ‘shoot, shovel, and shut up’ approach start to happen. Nobody cooperates with cops or trusts them. People are home schooling their kids. The Donks and labs can’t create anything on their own; they can only steal and loot. People are now moving to protect themselves and exclude leftists from their circles and communities… and things are going to start going very, very badly for them soon. They already are in Europe and the Kraine. I think we will be seeing the end of NATO if Joe keeps doing what he’s doing, and Vlad stays sharp.

      Hard times will make short work of the clowns and carnies, that’s for sure…

  3. i did note that shoot and shovel may not work as gov thugs will probably be chipped as a dog or cat may be
    also they will have drones and satellites
    they will be monitored and found even if dead.
    not to mention body cameras
    no way to rid yourself of them
    now that unemployment is so high, and with families to support, many young men will be unable to resist the temptation to join irs thugs

    1. deb - Yep you definitely want to not draw attention to yourself as long as the thugs have the resources to run all those gadgets and keep their quislings supplied. As I just posted tonight maybe strength in numbers will be our best defense at first.


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