Sunday, February 25, 2024

End of Feb 2024

 Wish I had better news this late into Spring than I do but I am informed that either the Auto Group I worked for or Ford directly is now directly refusing to admit that anyone was fired last year. I am not alone in being informed either and as it turned out I kinda expected it. When I asked how long the layoff was for I was told 12 weeks and I have still yet to get anything except more offers for Retirement. Luckily I kinda expected it and been getting my own pay in which keeps me in food a bit but at 12 weeks I was like "whats the point anyway?"


These Democrats are after everything they can waste or spend....


Living out here where I do I have some offers already but everyone is worried still. So I keep trying and getting by. 


I started my garden this week  so I will see how that goes. For the first time in 15 years my wife is the only one with a job so not sure how long we will stay sane under the circumstances we will see.


Gonna be a while waiting for a new normal to come back I am afraid.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!




  1. I think I just became a farmer. Again...

  2. Sorry to hear about your layoff. Here's hoping your 2024 garden will be amazingly productive!

  3. Glad to see a new post from you! I was getting worried. I am sorry about the job woes. We were surprised similarly ourselves.

  4. I too am glad to see your post - was starting to get concerned. Bummer on the job, but not shocked. Best wishes. I figure its just warming up and by spring layoffs and mass firings will be more than trivial noise beyond just the IT sector which is already in full swing. Oh, and been pining for a regular cab Ford F150 XL 4WD - lightly used couple years old be fine for me but they are averaging around 35k and those prices for used are close to super crew prices in Southeast Missouri, and for a new regular cab XL 4WD are over 45k, SMH... and that's why Ford is in trouble - the prices are now officially in the out of financial reach zone for most. I expect more layoffs from auto in coming months as they pay for that new union grab bag of goodies just agreed on.

  5. It's been crazy - daughter got 'laid off' due to lack of work but it'll pick up soon when it warms back up and farmers start poisoning their lands again. Soon the flatlanders will head to the mountains and lakes to reconnect with nature. Work has been a little slow but people are getting their tax returns and are feeling rich again. Like Glen said, hang in there.

  6. My son's been getting two days a week, if that much, at a "big box home improvement store," and some of those days are only for four hours. While in the supermarket I heard two cashiers talking about how their hours have been cut a well.

    I just had my taxes done. I grossed $4.5K more this year than last, and can't afford what I could last year. On top of that, my return was $255.00 less than last year. But... But... Bidenomics...

    I'm praying for you, PP. You and everyone else who's getting rear-ended this year... Good to see you post again...

  7. if it wasnt for the democrats, you would have lost your job and pension in 09

    1. No wonder you posted anonymously. Avoid the mocking replies that way.

      NOBODY IN DC gives a shit about average Americans. We don't send them megabucks for their election and bribes.

  8. You OK PP. Awful quiet. Take care

  9. Aww, crud PP. I completely missed this consumed in my own issues. Prayers up for you and yours.

  10. Thank you for sharing your passion and expertise.

  11. Good evening Mr. and Mrs. North and South America and all the ships at sea ... Where the HELL is PP???

    'You OK, guy?...


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