Tuesday, May 31, 2016

More Asian Female Immigration Please!!!

As I just got home from another 12 hour shift and am forcing myself to think through a pounding headache and reading through sleep deprived eyes.....

A thought came into my head.

It seems to me that most of the Pro-Open border types who are of European descent are almost always Women. Not saying there aren't plenty of White Women protesting against immigration mind you. Just pointing out that the pro-side of it seems to be more appealing to the liberal, lefty, feminist types.

Then I came across an article on how the ratio of men v. women is changing so dramatically in these once European Western countries and the thought came screaming in....

Why don't we import about 10 or 20 million attractive Asian women?

I could start a Gofundme page or something and raise... oh I don't know.... 50 Billion or so and buy a couple of older cruise ships and start importing them in from all over Asia.

My guess is that 99% of these little feminist, lefty, liberal types will suddenly vote for closed borders before my cruise ships make it halfway back across the Pacific.

Whadda'ya Think Angela?

Ya that's kinda the reaction I pictured you would have.....

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Not Much to Say

Ya I know I been lacking in the posting and replies to comments lately. Not much to say really what with work all of a sudden going nuts and the rain. I did finally get a day off today and no rain too!!! But that went to just getting the grass mowed and caught up on the other minor chores I been letting slip due to my part time job becoming 10+ hours of over time in three days.

The good news (and bad for mowing) is the rain has really boosted the hay and grass growth in the pastures and has went a long way in settling the new posts into place so once it dries up (and I get time) I can finish Frazier's paddock and begin preparations for the next stage.

Between that though I am going to have to stop and bale the front field within the next few weeks though. Whenever I get a good four or five day window of dry weather forecast anyway.

Wednesday is castration day though so I know I won't be working passed mid-morning that day. Poor little guys. I always feel bad about castration day. It's an extra expense I know many sheep breeders don't worry about preferring to take the lambs to market before they get too old but I have seen some early maturing rams cause issues if kept too long. That and I prefer to fatten our lambs up a bit more for a better payout come market day too. If I was feeding hay and grain only I would perhaps see it differently but with so much pasture it pays off better to let em get a bit heavier on the free feed.

Grass has been so plentiful this season so far some of the ewes are already weaning their lambs early too. So far the conditions do not appear to be wet enough for the barberpole worms to make an appearance. That and it has been slightly warmer too. I been watching the flock close though because those things are nasty bad.

Perhaps I will have a bit more to report on tomorrow. If not enjoy Memorial day and remember those who gave their lives for our Nation.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!

Friday, May 27, 2016

I'm Back..... Sorta.

I'm back. Actually fixing the computer wasn't all that hard and I had it up and running again late Wednesday evening. What hit me like a ton of bricks was a little incident from a week ago where one of my co-workers is now attempting to play some games thinking he could hit the ghetto lottery. I am not going to go into a great amount of detail but suffice it to say my full time position equivalent is attempting to claim a serious injury where one just doesn't exist. He thought he was going to get some light duty and hang out in the office chatting with the girls all day, with maybe the opportunity of a lucrative lawsuit and instead got sent home since his light duty restrictions meant they had nothing for him to do.

He is biting nails now finding out workers comp only pays 66% and doesn't include the lost overtime he manages to sneak in each week either, or that the company isn't going to supply him with a lawyer to file a lawsuit. Yet he can't back out of it now and so it falls to me to pick up the slack time.

Sooo I been working 12 hour shifts the last two days.

It just never seems to fail that I find a job that seems to work great at first and then after a short amount of time snowballs into a primary living space making my home the real part time job. I am sure I am not alone here. You all know what I am talking about.

Means more spare change to put towards fence stuff though I guess.

Anyway it's been raining almost non-stop the last couple of days so I couldn't have gotten any progress done regardless.

I am now starting to worry about a repeat of the barberpole worm epidemic we had during the monsoon rains last year.

So there is my status update. I will get back to posting again as soon as this blows over. AT the very least I will get two days off for the holiday weekend anyway.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Off Line for a Bit

I tried replacing the fans in my computer and after that it now refuses to even fire up. Not sure if I blew the power supply up or just unhooked something but I can't figure it out and I refuse to use Mrs. PP's computer longer than a few minutes at a time. So until I get this figured out I guess I am off line. Doesn't make any sense all I did was disconnect the old fans and replace em but not so much as a spark of life from my old computer now and I have been scratching my head over it all evening.

Too tired to care now.

Be back soon I hope.

But Keep Prepping in the mean time!!!!!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

More Posts

Dropped and set eight more posts this afternoon. The weather guys are predicting a bunch of rain for us over the next week with a chance almost everyday so I figured this would be a good time to get some posts set and let them settle while I work on Frazier's shelter. Once I am sure I have everything in place and ready I will need a couple of good weather days to put Frazier out in the cross roads paddock while I get his paddock finished.

It's going to take careful planning. There are at least three or four weed trees in his old fence line that will need removed as well, so I can't just put up the new one and then take down the old one.

The theory behind Frazier's paddock and the North section of the Crossroads paddock is it will connect to the barn lot and then allow me to run the flock into the East and South pastures when needed. I am attempting to set the gates so they open into each other when desired and create a safety triangle so anyone can actually let Frazier out (when the flock isn't there) without exposing themselves to his rather rough playful nature.

Frazier, our terminal ram, isn't mean he is just rather affectionate and doesn't understand humans can't really take even his gentle headbutts or that the female humans can't really stand up to his body checks when he wants his neck and shoulders scratched. I venture into his paddock fairly frequently for one reason or another but I have to constantly be on my guard because when he wants attention he will come at you like a freight train.

Of course the best maneuver you can do when Frazier is feeling playful is to get as close to him as possible and keep him off balance but no one around he seems willing to try it but me. So I am designing his paddock gate to allow anyone to let him out and then have an open exit to boot.

Getting Frazier back into his paddock is easy. All you have to do is put some grain in his feeder and any thought of human playthings disappears instantly.

So now that the posts are set we will see what the weather does. I may have to start work on some other project while I wait for this next series of rains to blow themselves out.

Always some type of delay going on with the fence project that's for sure.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Reading - When the Cure is Worse than the Affliction but Also the Cause

Ben Franklin is attributed with the notion of questioning whether the people could keep a Republic. It is widely believed he was referring to the fact that Republics and Democracies eventually devolve into the citizens voting themselves money and benefits until the government goes broke.

Of course back then the nearest experience they had to real FIAT money was coin clipping of the precious metals and PONZI schemes were just being toyed with. By the time the American Revolution ended however and the original Continentals had been devalued over and over again Bankers and Politicians were getting some ideas that would have been better left in the proverbial Pandora's Box.

Volumes could be (and Have been) written on how we got from point A to point B over the years by much smarter men than I. There were many periods were certain individuals attempted to put us back on a more correct path but ultimately they failed. Sometime in the last half of the 20th century we reached a point of no return so to speak and a perfect combination of loose fiscal policy, social engineering, open immigration, cheap energy and greed all came together to create an environment where any attempt to fix the problem meant more pain and suffering than it would relieve even in the long term.

Literally all the ills are interconnected and sacrificing or eliminating one will mean the downfall of all the others.

If we stop open immigration it will spell doom for financial growth even if most of that growth is made of fairy tale numbers. It would expose us to the true raw figures of an aging society where far too many of our children were sacrificed on the alter of feminism and a "right to chose" and leave us with far too few younger American's to mow the lawns and carry food trays in the retirement homes or staff the hospitals and clinics that need to be at each street corner. Pensions would collapse much faster, government revenues would drop, companies would go broke and bonds rates would soar.

No more bike paths, mass transit schemes or huge bond sales. The horror...

No more student loans which will bring down the multi-trillion dollar education industry which will then destroy communities all over the country. More job loss, more pension loss. You get the idea.

It's all connected. Even if we as a society attack one particular link of the chain it will fall apart. We could eliminate say foreign welfare payments. We don't need those do we? Except how much of that foreign aid really is used for aid and how much is done with the understanding it will be sunk back into US government debt? How many government bonds then come back which then starts the cycle I mentioned earlier all over again.

I could go on but my point is not that there is a better way or that we shouldn't stop open immigration, welfare, government spending etc. My point is to stress that the cure will now hurt us all. Every damned one of us and probably for the rest of our lives. One way or another a link in the chain will come undone and the cycle will start. It has already begun in so many ways as many of the connected links are themselves Black Swan events on their own. Stopping them causes one set of problems but allowing them to continue causes a different set. When one finally lets loose the others will follow right behind.

All we can do is fight political delaying actions that allow us to keep as many rights as possible as things decline and prepare for generational survival that our children and grandchildren will be using long after we are dust. Preserve as much knowledge and tools as we can and prepare against which ever collapse scenario seems to take the lead.

Right now I still think the overall economic collapse scenario is the most likely followed by large scale tribal warfare and perhaps some international intervention/expansion by those countries not hampered by multi-culturalism for the long term. Short term will mean more government control and property seizures however so that scenario has to be addressed first and foremost. Especially if one of the Femocrats of Bernie or the Hag win the election.

Make no mistake the time we find ourselves in right now is the most confusing, interconnected mess in history. I know many great men have proclaimed to find themselves in similar circumstances but all of their periods pale in comparison to what we face today. Never has the world been so small and connected with as many players on stage as we see today. Like any huge game the players that seem large and powerful at first are rarely the ones still standing at the end. We have one shot to save those who come after us so our timing must be perfect.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2016

2 Million Views and Another reason to Vote forTrump

Sometime today the view counter clicked over 2 million views. I would say that's fairly respectable in the homesteading and prepping genre of the blog-sphere. I am happy with it and I only had to post the scantily clad tractor operators very rarely too.  Honestly I saw the 2 mil mark coming back a few weeks ago and seriously thought about retiring the blog when it reached that point but I am still on the fence (haha) about it right now.

Besides if I am still doing a post after the horrible day I just had it must be hardwired into my brain or something. Not to go into all the details but let's just say not much of anything actually went right for me today. I had to work about two hours longer than I was suppose to.  I rushed home because I finally had a complete load of scrap metal to take to the recycling place because of what I cleaned out of the old falling down fence row. I loaded it all up on my truck and small trailer, strapped it down and headed for the nearest (and only) recycling place I know of which is about 8 miles away. I was kinda excited because I been wanting to get rid of some of the old scrap I had laying around for a while but never had enough to make a good load until now.

I pulled up to the place and it was gone. Oh the buildings were still there but the gate was closed, all the equipment was gone. I guess they closed down and moved out.

Well damn....Now what?

I also had to back the truck and small trailer (which I couldn't see until it was off course) about 300 yards to a spot I could turn around at. Good times let me tell ya.

Now I got all this scrap loaded on the truck and trailer and no clue where to take it to get rid of it. I really don't care about getting money for it, what with scrap prices the way they are it would barely pay for gas at this point. I just want to get rid of it.

Not really sure what to do with it right now.

When I got back home I found an unexpected bill for $166.00 waiting for me in the mail box and a rotting deer head the dogs dragged up into the yard from the Lord only knows where. A nice 8 point rack was on it though. Then as I was tagging the last two lambs of the season to let them out with the general population one of them peed all over me.

At this point I am just ready for bed so this day will be over.

However I did read about Trumps newly published ideas on dealing with student loans, higher education and such this evening. It's some pretty good stuff actually.

I know some of you are not impressed with Trump but like I pointed out months ago he was the only candidate that really had any clue where to strike to turn some of this crap around. As I have said many times. I would vote for Mickey Mouse right now if he promised to fight back against feminism and the Political correctness monster we are being devoured by. The only thing Trump could do to turn me away from him would be start talking about gun control and I doubt he will go that way. I don't care if he keeps spending money as long as he doesn't spend it the way it has been spent the last 50+ years.

Anyway Judgybitch has a good write up on Trumps proposed policy.

I especially like the part where he proposes to take government out of the student loan business.

Anyway I am off to sleep this terrible day away. Hopefully tomorrow will be better but I will be at work all day regardless.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Crossroads Paddock and Next Fence Step

The South side of the crossroads paddock is now officially finished. I hung the last two gates yesterday. Of course the posts are going to take another year to settle properly at which point I will need to adjust the gates again. It will be sag city for the long gates until then but that is a small price to pay.

You can see four of the five gates in the top picture and the front of the outbuilding. This little paddock will allow access into the horse pasture, small East pasture when I get it fenced and the South pasture when it is fenced too. Right now the East pasture is still part of the horse pasture and th South pasture is being used as a small hay field.

The North side is still in a temporary fence bordering Frazier's (the terminal ram) paddock. However I have a temporary gate set in so I can start letting Frazier out into the crossroads to eat the weeds and grass.

This was Frazier's first venture into the new area this afternoon. The old falling down wooden fence is the main reason I enclosed this area. There is a small retaining wall and those posts were set in concrete and are now rotting off. No way to fix it so the only thing I could do was make the Crossroads and now that it is finished tear all that old board fence out.

This will also allow me a paddock to move Frazier into while I continue on to the next step of the fencing project which includes the West fence line of Frazier's paddock and the gate from the barn lot into the crossroads. The first step of which is to make Frazier a shelter since I will be cutting him off from barn access when this is all done.

I was checking the swarm trap I have over at my Dad's place this afternoon thinking about what type of roof to use for Frazier's shelter when this old guy drove by me on a Massey 230 tractor pulling the roof section of small deck behind him. I asked him what he was going to do with it and he said "Burn it".

Well the perfectly good metal roof sheets are now setting on my woodchip parking lot :)

Should be more than enough of them for the shelter I have in mind. Probably saved me around 70 bucks or so maybe.

Then I started measuring and counting posts for the next step of fencing.... The situation did not look good. I have harvested, salvaged, begged and scavenged over 40 some-odd wooden fence and corner posts so far since I started this project last year. To date I have not been forced to actually buy a post until today. I just have no where left to get any posts quickly and cutting em on my own is about done for the season. Last week while cutting a small Oak tree I had a run in with a Copperhead and that usually tells me it's time to stop wood cutting for the Summer. Some areas around here just get too thick with them hanging out during daylight right now.

So for this next stage I am using store bought posts. It's a small paddock with small light gates so the standard 6 inch posts should be fine. I will need to go back and pick up the metal t-posts yet too.

I finished the afternoon by loading up the metal scrap I already cleaned out of the old falling apart fence and will take into the recycling place tomorrow I guess.

Looks like I will start on the next phase of this never ending fence project Sunday weather permitting.

I have been a terrible bee keeper and a horrible lawn mower so far this Spring. I haven't even planted one seed nor done more than plow this year's section of Buckwheat up.  Everything is sliding by the wayside this year as I focus completely on getting this fencing done....

Only 4 more steps to go now.....

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!