Sunday, November 27, 2022

Sunday Reading - As Things Go Global


Back during the Clinton and then later the O'Dumbo years I was constantly amazed how little effect overall openly suicidal moves by the Femocrat controlled US government towards it's productive sectors really had in the grand scheme of things.

For the life of me I could never understand how forcing bad economic policies and redistributing wealth from the productive sectors to the frankly non-productive feel good idea sectors did not bring with it immediate bad economic reactions and consequences.  

The truth was all those vote buying and insider trading scams did come with huge negative reactions but were papered over mostly by strengthening the dollar and exporting most of the side effects. Not to mention flat out oppression and political war against traditional American citizens as well. I still believe some foreign interest did their own parts too in an attempt to set the entire thing up politically into just what we are seeing today.

Right about that time I figured out that until the balance of power changed on a worldwide basis there was little that could be done internally to change the course we were on within the US. There simply was no unifying purpose to bring enough people together that fighting back would not cause more problems than it would fix overall and shatter any unifying immediately. We were solidly divided, looting each other was easier than resistance and if one group began to get too much power than the Democrats just found a new group to buy and import until the status quo was balanced out again just the way they needed it to be.

But that type of political scheming takes a whole lot of money and when debt is not considered important or just used as a weapon against future generations and ignored, it takes a whole lot of external influence to keep outside events at bay and favorable.

For the last 50+ years the Western Liberal Democrat types have been plundering the world to pay for their own internal Utopia by exploiting Cultural traits that evolved within Western European attitudes over the course of centuries. The fatal flaw in their plan was/is it only worked as long as the West stayed financially dominant worldwide but their goals also required the destruction of the Western hegemony to achieve. 

So we find ourselves where we are today as every country not under Western Liberal Feminist influence dumps the dollar and decouples itself from the US as much as possible. The latest I read about today being the oil producing nation of Ghana dropping the dollar and coupling to a gold backed system.  

The Liberal types can no longer keep the consequences of their racist, vote buying policies out and they know it. The world is changing and we are going to have adjust how we will survive it and change our own expectations for the future too. I imagine the guilty party of the multi-cult conglomerate will be attacking with a frenzy going forward an an attempt to stay in power by looting the only target it has left soon....Us. Yet we must remember with each passing day they will be getting weaker and weaker and a caged animal tires eventually and gives up.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


Friday, November 25, 2022

Thanks Jackie!!!!


As much as I am a sucker for Separatist movements and old farm sales and auctions I am just as much a sucker for book sales and used book stores.  Maybe it is just me but I have found that sometime around the 1970's books in the United States began changing and NOT in a good way. I think I am the only person I know who actually kept most of his old school text books including high school and college from the late 70's and early 80's. I think everyone I went to college with sold theirs back in college when the semester was over.

I especially find it interesting how many "facts" from the early 80's were apparently so untrue to someone that they were changed or flat out omitted soon after. For those who claim these facts were discovered to be untrue all I can do is mention how much untrue information seems to have been corrected during the 1990's and early 2000's. Why it must have been a veritable age of Enlightenment I guess for so many facts to have been discovered false in such a short time.

I find these "omissions"  to be especially prevalent in old texts I have from my education courses, history and psychology courses. I doubt I have to go into any fine detail for anyone reading here as to what type of changes and omissions are typical and probably why they were made but I have found it is always useful to find the oldest academic work you can find on most topics and compare them to other works over the years and see how the information has changed to find the truth of the situation.

Some topics are blessedly immune to such scrutiny although rare to find these days. Take the book pictured above. It was printed and copyrighted in 1970 and was published through the US Ag. Dept. and Dover Books. It can still be bought on line used and new for about $6.00 and $20.00 respectfully. Nothing to write home about but it is a good field guide to identifying weeds and has informative maps of ranges and such. Nice drawings of the plants and soil preferences with a bit of technical data when important but that is about it. No lore or common uses for the "weeds" or anything like that I have seen so far but I suspect it would be invaluable for cross referencing if you were interested in foraging for wild herbs and edibles especially in the identification area.

I am pretty sure I already have all the information it has in it well covered. So why did I buy it you may ask? Well some one named Jacqueline (last name omitted) who lived about 30 miles from me according to her address that is printed in at least five locations I have found so far decided to not only adorn this lovely book with her address she also collected samples of many of these weeds and pressed them inside to dry but wrote notes in the margins and included a few helpful lines of text regarding some common names and uses.  She also marked these locations with paper clips for quick reference.

Honestly this book could have been about fabric clippings and textiles from 1910 and I would have bought it and kept it just to admire the  work and dedication this Jackie put into it. There is no information as to when this was done sometime after 1970 but the name is a rubber stamp not hand written and the ink used tells me it is a vintage 1970's type of stamp. I imagine the owner is no longer with us and the book was donated or sold after the owner's death but that is pure speculation on my part.

Whatever the hidden history is it now has become a much valued addition to my library and a "new" addition to my sustainable section. 

A book like this deserves to be treasured.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


Wednesday, November 23, 2022

More observable Cracks


With all the doom and gloom reports of the crash to come in the near future I can finally say I have observed my very first 100% confirmation that at least one part of the stories are in fact true.

Not going to go into any fine detail but MSRP or those thousands of dollar prices that have been tacked onto new vehicles for the last few years seem to be completely a thing of the past now, with a very few highly sought after exceptions anyway.  I personally witnessed a buyer actually negotiate the price of a Super Duty down by about 10K with no trouble at all just yesterday. Not only that but the sales manager smiled after the deal was done knowing he had at least made money or avoided flooring fees at least. I also had a delivery driver tell me he had made a few high end deliveries to a couple of dealerships who physically had no room to take deliveries and refused them.

I have heard of that sort of thing happening from time to time to a dealership stuck in a big city but it has been a few years since I have heard it being done. Perhaps they were just attempting to get out of the flooring fee or the driver could have been lying for all I know but it is interesting. I have also heard that new vehicle sales are getting so bad that the various auctions centers around the country physically have no vehicles to even run auctions with. Again a second hand story but according to my source they get most of their used vehicle sales due to Trade Ins for new although I always thought most of them came from car rental places changing out inventory. But what do I know?

My point is the often reported on crash in the new retail vehicle category does not seem to be a myth from my limited insider observations. Very obvious problems are now clearly popping up. Until this week I think pretty much everyone involved in sales were still in disbelief of an on coming crash, refused to even speak such sacrilege and were hoping it was all a lie and things would go back to the way it had been the last 2 or 3 years.

If it happens I have a feeling several salesmen which I will call "Sweet Summer Children" in reference to "Game of Thrones" are in for a very rude awakening. Since this CoVid scamdemic has started I have been amazed at just how easy many of these youngsters have had it but that is about to change like I hear is happening to many an easy money real estate areas as well.

One thing I can tell you for certain is the factories and companies are shipping everything they can out as fast as possible by whatever means of conveyance they can contract with. I am seeing at least two or three small time private contractors a day this week with no clue what protocols they are suppose to follow to drop off vehicles. Everyone seems to be in a fever pitch to get these vehicles out as fast as possible.

At least I am seeing some hard confirmation of what I have been reading that is coming or happening in other parts of the country for a change. For whatever it is worth.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and I will post again tomorrow I am sure.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!! I really need a day off.

Monday, November 21, 2022

It's Like a Locust Plague


This is just getting to the point I am about to snap. Seems like for a good 20 miles around The Small-Hold everything is just stripped bare these days. There are lines everywhere or empty shelves after you wait in the lines. The three little gas stations are putting bags on their pumps more often than not. The nearest fast food places with drive through lanes are barely worth waiting at and three times now the lines were short enough I decided to wait only to have them give my order to the car in front of me that drove off with it.

Just friggin locust devouring everything around these days. 

I cannot even give any remotely accurate observations of shortages locally cause everything is out of stock due to all these new people flooding in.

Of course all this goes down right when we enter what many are calling the worst economic downturn of our time so you know there ain't one bit of anything business-wise getting built now for years around here. Just more locust housing.

I stopped in at the local gas station this morning on my way to work and finally just gave up after 30 minutes in line to get gas. I just drove on into the nearest medium sized city 20 miles away. Every place is just packed to the gills now and every employee says they are too busy to do anything regardless.

Looks like I am just going to have to adjust 40+ years of routine habits and go back to the way it was out here when I was a teenager. Make sure I stock up every time I go to town and don't forget to adjust my definition of a town while I am at it. Cause I ain't getting anything nearby once I am back out here.

Unfortunately it is too late to flee somewhere sane now. 

I feel like some character from a Heinlein novel these days to be honest. Sans the incest proclivity anyway.

I tell ya though I haven't thought of those old novels in years I may have to reread a few now.

I read the other day that something like 36% of all the loans produced for those silly little rock climber side by side things over the last year are now in repo status. Since every new house they put up out here seemed to come with one maybe the houses will get repoed by the banks and then sit empty and fall apart eventually. Not that I wish hard times on anyone but all these people are really making the lifestyle I loved so much a scarce commodity around here these days.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


Sunday, November 20, 2022

A Very Late Sunday Reading


Been a terrible week all told. Not only because of these horrible undocumented and uninvited Canadian Temperatures that rudely set in but I guess the end of the railroad squabble arguments opened up a bunch of rail cars that all decided to take a massive dump on to my lot Friday Afternoon and early evening so I had about two dozen vehicles waiting for me Saturday morning when it was about 16 degrees with 18 mph winds out of the North. North would be the way to Canada from here if you are geographically challenged.

Keep that crap North of Iowa please.

Friday afternoon I thought I should split some more wood in case I didn't make it home early enough Saturday and after about half an hour of trying I finally gave up the attempt to get the log splitter started in this arctic cold. So I rushed home Saturday afternoon as the temps had mercifully rose a few degrees so perhaps I could get it started. Instead what I find when I get home is my old Blue Faced Ram laying in his stall refusing to get up even for his grain. 

Remember I had seen him fall down Thursday? Well I guess his weight loss, his age and the cold had finally taken it's toll. I noticed last year after the grass died he began losing weight and despite an extra ration of grain and all the hay he could eat the same thing was already happening this year. He is the first and only full bred Blue Faced Leicester sheep I have ever had any experience with and although nine years ago when we got him the books all said it was a very hardy breed apparently from what I am reading now they have a habit of not aging well. Not sure how I missed that little tidbit nine years ago but weight loss and needing inside accommodations all Winter was mentioned. It also said 7 to 8 year lifespans were typical. Well our old Ram was 11 last Spring and Missouri Winters usually seem to be more moderate than inside in North England I always thought.

Instead of splitting wood yesterday evening I covered the old guy up in bedding as much as possible and tucked him in with a bowl of grain and some water right by his handsome Roman nose and said goodbye. This morning he was gone but he did eat most of that grain before he left us and drank a good bit of water before it froze up solid. 

I always feel a bit guilty whenever I lose  a sheep and wonder if I did something wrong but I place some faith that he was well above average age so that it probably wasn't me even though I was not aware his breed would benefit from extra Winter accommodations. Still he made it nine years under the same Winter conditions he died under so I am just leaning more to old age than anything else. Not sure if they make an Ensure type drink for old Rams and frankly it isn't like I could bed him down with any of the ewes for more warmth. I guess I could have forced a whether in there with him but he never had any respect for any whether and probably would have killed one of them regardless. 

So I spent most of the morning attending to his remains (which meant a shallow area I always have pre-dug and about 3 feet of barn waste on top for composting). Works very well and seems to be deep enough to stop scavengers and breaking down the remains to the point that every part disappears quickly. I have never taken any compost from it and just let the entire pile return to the earth when it is done. 

Most of the old guys around here think I am crazy when they hear I had to actually depose of an old stock animal. They look at me like I am some foreigner when I refuse to even consider taking all the old animals to market but I have always kinda felt they deserve some kindness in the end not a frightening change that leaves them lost and alone anyway. Some call it bambi-ism but I have worked enough sale barns to know it does cause the old animals a lot of distress and I see no reason to force that for a few bucks that hardly matters anyway. If that was the case I probably would have butchered them before it got this far anyway.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


Friday, November 18, 2022

WTF Go Away Winter


Not sure who told Winter to come callin early this year but whomever it was needs their a$$ Beat. Good thing I started collectin up fire wood back in early October rather than waiting until November as I usually do to get it all prepped up. Thing is I have plenty of wood now but I just wasn't splittin it up and moving it to the burn stacks all that fast. According to my calculations I had enough ready to go to last until almost Christmas for a usual Winter (figuring on needing about half what I usually needed for the Furnace anyway) and it hasn't even made it to the end of November.


This has easily been the coldest November I can ever remember. I am not overly worried as I have plenty of wood cut and cured but I need to spend a full day or two now splitting it. I was going to do some more today but not only did I spend most of the day trying to combat 18 MPH winds with temps in the low 20's all damned day and half of what I still had on my trailer was still stuck in Ice that was snow Tuesday morning.  

Solid ice in mid-November that lasts for days? Again WTF?

Generally Fall and Winter have basically three stages for me.

Stage 1 - Is what I call the kindling stage because I am constantly starting fires. Every morning I get one going usually from the coals left from the night before. Go to work and the Wife will usually feed it once or twice as she needs it after I am gone. I then sometimes start another fire in the late afternoon that I feed a few times until bed. This stage usually lasts until mid or Late December when I move to the next stage.

Stage 2 - Winter end of December until mid to late February. Can pretty much count on keeping the fire going all day and over night. Sometimes we get a false Spring in February my most favorite time of the year if it happens.

Stage 3 - Alberta Clipper watch during stage 2. These suck. Teens and low single digits. Turn the outside water off, start the inside pipes dripping and prepare to be cold. Usually only happens one to three times a year during January and February at most.

Stage 4 - March. Basically a repeat of Stage 1 until about the end of March. Sometimes Stage 2 can carry over into the first week or so but generally the uncomfortable parts of Winter are done by then and we even see some early flowers pushing through by Mid-March.

Whatever this is for November is a cruel joke.

I read a longer term prediction that suggests this is a front loaded Winter. I hope that is true cause it has already been cold enough and we ain't done yet with lows already into the teens tonight and tomorrow night being predicted. 

And of course as busy as I am with this unseasonably early Winter I get a massive Factory dump of cars left for me this afternoon. Means I gotta work on Saturday for sure tomorrow. 

Scuttle butt from the couriers suggests things are getting downright dismal with less than two loan applications going out a day for the last month. If true that is almost apocalyptic-ally bad. Enough to make anyone begin to question their employment chances going forward. Most of my coworkers are probably living barely paycheck to paycheck as it is as slim as they have had their own margins cut. 

I hope things improve soon or this is going to be a very uncomfortable Winter for many.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


Thursday, November 17, 2022

Finally a Bit of Good News Locally


Finally a little bit of a bonus from all the local expansion I been dealing with. One of my neighbors that has been here for decades has always owned a log home business. For as long as I remember they have had a farm about a quarter mile down the road plus a good amount of land across the road as well they used to plant something in each year or occasionally they let their fairly sizeable herd out on it too.

Years back they fenced off a few acres and began storing some of their lumber there under or in some pole barns too but that was long before this recent building craziness. Actually it was long before the last building craziness back in 06 and 07 before the last crash truth be told. They had a huge lumber mill and yard about five or six miles away as well but have since downsized their business there but expanded their yard and mill here.

The Bonus?

Guess who now sells pretty reasonably priced massive end cuts of lumber? Close enough I could just take one of my tractors and a trailer over if I wanted to? That is simply huge for me and basically alleviates my lack of trees problem a bit for now anyway. Not just cuts of Lumber grade Pine either but huge beams of Redwoods and such. I remember a few years back one em telling me most of their business went to Europe or Asia/Japan and it was all North American hardwood cuts. They had some pretty high dollar homes they were selling but not around here. The lumber and such was cut to size and stored locally though. 

Not saying it would be a sustainable source in a collapse situation but it will be HUGE for me at the moment with my pitiful, small wood lot as other sources dry up from the area.

Now I just have to hope the secret doesn't get out and the ravaging hordes start buying it all up faster than they can cut it. Of course fireplaces and woodstoves seem to be rare in all these new houses I see going up. I went over and got a truck load this afternoon to tide me over until I can get these trees I have down cut and split after this latest Arctic Blast they been reporting hits us this weekend.

Hell at these prices and convenience I can probably managed to kick on my furnace when it gets really cold too. At least until all the new imports give up and abandon these houses anyway :)

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Winter Rescue Operation


Winter is certainly coming early this year it seems. I have been busting my A$$ trying to get ahead of it's coming this year and mostly managing but the inflation and supply line shortages have really been clobbering me and them pretty hard. One lucky side effect, at least as far as time goes, is my own deliveries have been very slow as well. I have managed to put in three full time days a week for the last three weeks instead of five or six half+ days. Even a half day ends up slowing me way down especially with the time change so four full days off does make a dent. Of course that means less usable cash at hand  without a special trip or electronic transfer (which always seem to take me hours) too. 

As I have mentioned the first thing I am seeing is required items are going up fast while "That would be nice"  items that many can just wait on seem to be dropping or remaining constant.

For instance. Outdoor extension cords  are now almost double in price. Heat bulbs and fixtures are solidly double in price or more. I had the misfortune of needing two new bulbs and a new fixture this Winter so I had to bite the bullet on those. Small ruminant grain feed is still over 50% higher, if you can find it in stock that is, and mineral blocks were out of stock for months around here until recently and then almost 60 or 70% higher too. Although the local supply store did run a very cheap special on standard blocks but they were pretty much a 100% cattle mix. I almost picked one up though and I still might if they don't sell out soon.

On the bright side I did manage to find one of the Oaf's favorite toys in stock once again. It took him about 45 minutes to remove the squeaker and show it to me. He is now steadily removing all the guts from it so that he can sling it around and hit me with it when he feels neglected. 

Nothing like a wet slap with a tattered so called indestructible dog toy to get ya moving I guess. 

Wood-wise things are already looking a little dim. Even with the smaller stove I am burning through my reserves fast as we have already had one major Arctic blast with temps into the teens, a snow storm and another arctic blast pushing in as I type this this afternoon. All of my local areas to cut in or even buy in an emergency are closed now too. I still have a bit of a reserve left but the snow we got last night has made walking treacherous just to feed and do my daily checks. I am pretty sure I got enough standing dead and trees on the ground I had already dropped to make it but I am going to need time to do and I just have not had it so far this Fall. Sucks too cause I should not even need to really start burning until December and usually the Middle before it becomes mandatory. I had hoped to get one of my dropped trees cut up this morning but the snow with the search and rescue operation ruined that idea.

So I go out this afternoon to do an animal check and water tank top off for this next Polar F^%$ing Vortex we got coming in. Every bit of uneven ground causes me to slip on this 5 or 6 inches of snow slush we got and I come up one Ewe short.

Of course it was Lilly. My 19 year old def and almost blind sweet heart. Ya she is a sweet heart too. It is amazing how long it takes to search a 20 odd acre hay field covered in snow when you are looking for a White ewe. It's like looking for an off White foam drinking cup in a sea of frothy waves and takes a lot longer to do a grid search than you might imagine. Of course Lilly had decided that a particular bunch of dried grass was especially tasty nestled in to a clump bush trees covered with snow on the back edge of the field. The nine other sheep got bored with her and left her there and she never knew she was all alone. After a few hours me and the other nine sheep that were following me, got close enough that Lilly noticed out movement ( I believe her range is now about 20 yards tops) and she came trotting, if you can call it that, up to us.

I have now made a new Small-Hold Rule. Never let the sheep out in the large fields when there is snow on the ground.

I closed off the hay field completely and opened the West pasture back up for them since the Hornet's nest is now gone.

Just in time but they were not happy about it.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!