Friday, November 28, 2014

Beware the White Knight

As much as I bash on Feminism it's important to remember the Feminist didn't ruin this country all on their own. Certainly attaching their banner to the "Civil Rights" cause that made some pigs more equal than others helped them out immensely (Keep in mind Affirmative Action includes everyone but White Men then go observe a government building at lunch time to see who really benefits from it) but in the end the greatest ally of the Femocrats  has been the White Knights.

These guys are easy to spot once you know what to look for. In blogger land they will join every recipe and kitchen homesteader blog they can find (While shunning Male Blogs that speak the truth) because they crave one thing more than anything else. Female attention. They are like dogs doing any trick or barking on command just to get that "You're a good boy" cooing from a member of the opposite sex. These days mostly they are not dangerous to relationships as they are old. White Knights you see are mostly a product of generations who didn't have to pay the price for the changes they willingly agreed to. They lack true empathy towards their son's, nephews and other young Men, they are simply unable to see their way past some romantic fairytale and will make decisions based on their need of praise fulfillment.

You can see them at work. They are the old guys with their bellies hanging over their belts and ties that no longer reach below their breast bone who make sure every promotion goes to some cute young Woman that pays attention to them. The one's who will insist the cute new receptionist can handle the department manager position and can learn on the job, while ignoring the six men who have been working in that department for years.

They are the old judges who should have retired 30 years ago who slam the gavel down allowing Men to be thrown off their property, have their children removed but made to pay child support even if they don't have a job.  Declare biased laws and regulations Constitutional and generally support unequal government at (other) Men's expense.

They are just as dangerous as the Multi-Culters, decrying any myth or lie as fact as long as it get's them the attention they crave. Reality and consequences mean little to White Knights. So what if they undermine and destroy the civilization that protects everyone as long as they get to play the social hero along the way and be praised for their "enlightenment".

Yet take heart my fellow realist. White Knight days are ending swiftly. It was/is a product of out of control spending and a burden placed on the backs of others. It cannot last. Those who have come since the grand old days of the White Knights have suffered the most under their traitorous self aggrandizement and threw off the yoke of fantasy. While  those of us who came after also value Women and their praise we learned to identify the fluff and simple selfishness that came from those who were simply pushing an agenda.

The White Knights you see forgot that although they craved Female attention and longed to make them happy it was ultimately the younger Men who defended them and worked to keep them alive.

Feminism you see will last about 15 seconds after the lights go out but the old White Knights? They won't last much longer because they have nothing to offer in the natural world of survival.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Moving Bee Hives

Some of you may have noticed I mentioned a project I was working on or remember my post on cleaning out the fence line and putting in the gate and that I was opening up a new bee yard. Well the truth is I am not just opening up a new bee yard but moving some of my hives back in.

I had nine hives spread out in two yards North of me a few miles on my Mom and her husbands place. One of them was right next to a public gravel road that sees a lot of traffic and it isn't just locals. I swear where half the people who travel that road come from I couldn't tell ya. The other is on a section of land behind some houses.

As it turns out both sections have now become a problem. The one close to the road has been getting visited by someone. To the point that one of the top covers was actually off and laying on the ground a couple weeks ago. The other section, besides still having the dog problem with the untrained and unrestrained Newfoundlands, happens to be on a parcel of land Mom and her Husband are thinking of selling.

While I think selling any land is a mistake (especially right now) it ain't my call nor do I have any say in it so I have just decided to move all my hives onto the Small-Hold property where I know the situation won't change. Or at least hope it doesn't I guess.

Besides I still have hives off for pollination services and circumstances can change at any time, so knowing I can move the hives on short notice when needed is pretty much mandatory without spending a mint on forklifts and trailers.

The problem is some of these three and four year old hives are damned heavy. Like 300+ pounds heavy and awkward besides.

So I designed a carrier to help move em and this morning was the first test.

I chose the smallest hive of the nine and although we moved it without a hitch I am still not convinced this set up is going to work for the other hives.

You can see what I designed. It's just two handle constructions with a 2x6" bottom board which is tightened down to the hive with tie down straps. It's basically in those three pieces and you have to kinda put it together around the hive. I sorta had this system envisioned when I decided to go with the type of bee stand arrangement I use that provides the gap for putting the support board under the hive.

The weak link(s) is/are that all the weight ends up on the two small sections of 2x4"s under the cross board. I attached those pieces with 3 inch construction screws that are rated well above 300 pounds so I doubt they will pull out but it is a concern until proven otherwise. The entire apparatus still adds more extra weight than I really wanted. When you figure a deep can weigh in at 90 pounds each, a medium at 60 pounds plus the top, bottom and carrier frame we are pushing 300 pounds at least as I said. This presents the final problem.

I can't find anyone who can lift their share of that total weight. My son comes closest but begins to struggle and every other Male I know has an injury or something. Of course the longer I wait the lighter these hives become so by January it may not be as much of an issue as it is now but I would like to get this done.

We moved the smallest hive this morning, which should have weighed in at a maximum of about 200 pounds and didn't struggle or have any problems but it wasn't so easy that I still feel overly confident about the larger hives either.

Another problem is timing and weather conditions. We cannot really take on this kind of weight in the dark so we need to wait until the temps are in the 20's so the bees aren't flying and the ground is either dry or frozen. This morning was perfect conditions but looking at the forecast the next time for good conditions now may not be until Monday morning.

At any rate the first preliminary test was a success. We got the hive moved without incident and the apparatus I designed worked. Monday though will be the true test when we will attempt to move the first of the older producing hives.

I guess we will see how that goes.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Large Farm Solutions Become Small Farm Problems

I have noticed something over the last few years. As many of you know, or some might not, the Small-Hold is virtually surrounded by fields of Corn, Wheat and Soybeans rotated yearly of course. On the very backside of our place there is a fairly large cow pasture that never gets planted but the other three sides are just open agricultural fields. This actually causes our place two problems that I have to deal with. One is erosion as there is nothing to stop the constant water running off one of the neighbors fields and the other is pests.

When I walk out and dig up any section of the soil around the Small-Hold I find a small chunk of dirt teeming with life. Grubs, worms and other insects. Almost every part of the 25 acres we own is home to these insects plus moles, voles, rabbits, fox even squirrels are finally moving back into the small wooded area and I jumped up six does the other day working on the new gate opening. I am sure they were just hiding from all the hunters out there, pretty confident they were safe in the back of the pasture. Open areas around the yard are full of mole runs that extend way out into the pasture and hay field.

This Summer I walked out into the neighbor's fields and dug a few scoop fulls of soil up and there was literally nothing living there. Not even my bees seem to like to work the bean blooms out there. No mole runs, no rabbits. The deer do eat his corn though because I have seen em do that.

This is another aspect of sustainable living/homesteading that many don't understand. Going organic right now in most areas is infinitely more work than it was on our ancestors in some ways even while it is much easier in others. Small organic islands of life in vast oceans of insecticides, herbicides and poisonous liquid fertilizers is what many of our small plots look like.

Here in Missouri at least, and most states East of us, these problems are lessened by rough areas of creeks, streams and the like that create large hedgerows or natural areas but still planting a half acre of yummy vegetables and open pollinated corn is more than likely too much of a buffet line for the insects to resist. After the insects of course come the moles etc.

A few decades ago of course the insects and other damaging wild life had more to choose from out there. Last year especially the plague of Japanese beetles attacked everything we grew yet across the road in the corn field there wasn't one to be seen.

I am not blaming the large farmers. Far from it. They do what they have to do to survive in their own way as well. Maybe some need to see the light that their way of life is coming to an end but that doesn't mean they have any real choice right now either. Unless they to embrace the life of near Galtism like I have but then they wouldn't be farming all those acres either.

My point is when it comes to pests and the like today's small farmers/preppers/sustainers/homesteaders need to remember they are facing a much tougher road to hoe against insects and vermin than our ancestors did. Many people think the pests problems they are experiencing are so bad no one ever could have survived 100 or more years ago without insecticides. They just need to keep in mind that the problem is much more concentrated today because the available food for those insects has shrunk.

These days only your property is inviting to them. Keep that in mind.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Skirted Around the Riots

Had to make a long haul run down I-44 today so I skirted over and picked it up well South of all the Fun in Ferguson. Sometimes it is actually quicker to track sideways a bit and pick up I-44 close into St. Louis rather than brave the two lane highways but this time of year on a weekday with harvest over I usually make better time in the rural areas than close into the cities.

Just like back in August however there wasn't a Highway Patrol car to be seen on the highways or interstate. Travelers were barreling along well over the speed limit passing me like I was standing still and I was going 74 myself. The limit here in Missouri is 70 BTW. I saw one LEO the entire 9 hour trip and it was a little small city cop. All the rest have been sucked back into the Ferguson Fun Festival.

I am not even mildly interested in following the play by play this time around. After not only the stupidity of the mob but the embarrassing bias of the cops towards anything wearing a skirt (Other than Scotsmen) back in August I simply don't care. Well that's a bit harsh. I do have a horse in this race. The rioting Mob wants to further their Anti-White power and if they win than my own (and my Son's) position becomes even worse than it already is under Multi-Cult rule. However the cops are not really defending my rights or out there because of any solidarity with my group either. They are there for the paycheck and have done just as much to further the Multi-Cult cause as the rioters over the years in many ways.

Best case scenario, they cancel each other out.

The rioters actually have the advantage if they would use it. They could begin running guerrilla raids of vandalism all over the place and bleed this state dry. The Federal government and DoJ will defend em of course when the Democrat Governor calls out the full National Guard might on them, and demand the NG stand down. They could literally turn that place into the cesspit it is. In fact like I said that would be the best case scenario then because it would really wake people up.

If things spread out beyond the airport or start to cross the Missouri river into the West St. Louis suburbs well  I will perk right up because things will get real then. Some of those boys up that way don't play around. The St. Louis metro area goes from inner city Black to Goat Roper White in a very short stretch of highway.

Anyway I am just rambling tonight. Got home late after pulling a total of 12 hours of runs today so I am still catching up. More to come tomorrow.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Late Fall Work

This is what I love about Late Fall and Winter. See that tangled mess of wild Rosebush, small Trees and Cedars? Well most of the Summer you couldn't see it actually because of all the hay growing but it was even more of a tangled mess then. Now that we have had a few freezes under our belt it doesn't quite look so intimidating.

This mess in on an internal fence line between the pasture on the East and the Hay field on the West. It pretty much cuts the place in half and has been allowed to go wild for decades. Almost the entire length of this line is really just a massive hedge of Cedars and Wild Rose Bush but I want to put a gate through it at the back.

So I chose the weakest spot I could find.

Here were my first cuttings before I remembered to take a before picture. They were to the right of the picture you see at the top.

The fence line looking North....

The fence line looking South....

I had my trusty battery operated chainsaw along. I LOVE this thing. People still make fun of me when they see me with it but let me tell you I have found NOTHING that is better for cutting trees and heavy brush out of a fence line than this little saw. I can operate the thing one handed while holding brush away from wire and fence with the other. If I do catch some wire it is low powered enough that I am not in danger of cutting my own head or arm off and the wire doesn't ruin the saw or chain either.

Seriously NOTHING is better for fence clearing than this little battery operated saw. Especially now that I have a spare battery for twice the power time on target :)

Here's the same section cleared out, with two new metal fence posts in place and the new gate leaning against them to close the gap for now. Not that it matters as the useless old nag horses are allowed free range into the hay field during the Winter months but I also don't want the wire to sag either before I can put in some proper end posts for the gate. There really isn't too much to worry about though as that fence line is so over grown it has become a permanent land fixture and you can cut any given spot without any sag really showing.

Finally the real goal of this operation. This is the back side looking Southwest. Those Cedars make the perfect wind break and the land is relatively level there (although I will have to level it more). It stays pretty dry and get's good Eastern and Southern exposure.

That's right this is a new Bee Hive area I am opening up. It's about a quarter of a mile from the house, no access except through my driveway and perfect protection qualities. I will fence in the section you see mowed and start getting all the hive supports and such put in place a leveled tomorrow, weather permitting of course.

Had I attempted to do this project in say the middle of June it would have taken me twice as long and I would have been covered in ticks and chigger bites. This kind of work is what late Fall and Winter is for. Now all I need is a helper to run the post hole digger and I can put that gate in permanent like.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Reading - Sweet Potato the Final Verdict

Well the final verdict is in on this year's Sweet Potato experiment. As most of you know I try and add something new or try a new experiment each year to see how it will fit in with the plan of sustainable small farm agriculture around here. Farming in general is of course regional regardless of scale but small organic farming seems to be even more regional in my humble opinion. Others experiences may vary I guess but I never really seem to know how something is going to turn out under my local conditions until I do it.

This year was my first attempt at growing Sweet Potatoes. Tuber crops in general here require a bit more care than I have been told they do in other parts of the country. The rainy season combined with our heavy soils tend to rot the root crops before they can get a foot hold. Prior to late June it seems the best way to grow Potatoes here is in well draining raised beds....

Readers note: Preferably well draining raised beds that look pleasing to the eye is the best option, with solid wooden sides that fit the pastoral scene of rural calmness that comes as a nice side effect to homesteading. Not round, black rubber eyesores :) 

I couldn't resist a bit of teasing towards our old tire friends here folks, it was meant in jest so don't take offense.

.... So I planted four little plants of Sweet Potatoes in a bed all their own and just let em go all Summer.

I was really impressed with how they took off and the yield from the little 8x4' bed was pretty impressive.

My son accused me of harvesting cow embryos when I dug em out of the ground. To be honest I was kinda surprised at the size. I had never seen Sweet Potatoes so big. I didn't know they came that way.

Next was the drying and curing process. I almost failed this as I didn't research this part ahead of time but once you pull the potatoes out of the ground you are only about half finished. They require a curing process in the 75+ degree range for a few weeks to turn the starches inside into sugars.

Lucky for us we had a relatively warm first part of the Fall and I was able to achieve the proper storage and curing temps/conditions in my tool shed. It stays pretty warm in there until Winter hits and is fairly well insulated.

Finally right before the first cold snap we had I brought them inside to finish the process in the front room that gets the bulk of the wood furnace air.

Last night was the final test. Mrs. PP found a recipe she liked and roasted one of the big ones (cut up of course) in olive oil and oregano. It really was quite good and apparently I handled the curing process just perfectly as it had a nice sweet flavor without being unduly so or over powering like all the candied, marshmallow type recipes I had tried before.

Another great side benefit to growing Sweet Potatoes was that the vines are not poisonous and were very prolific. I fed a bunch of them to the sheep as well after reading that the vines are commonly used as fodder in other parts of the world. It also grew in so thick the super-powered weeds we have around here couldn't keep up.

Definitely a crop I am going to continue growing and push the production up on as well.

Frankly I found that I loved them and look forward to eating plenty more.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Prepping for Retirement. It's for the Children Right?

I got to spend a 5 hour drive yesterday with two individuals that I think kinda sum up the two sides in the train wreck I see coming our way in the near future. Future? Hell for many it is already here with zero interest rates and inflation destroying what they had saved. Especially if they aren't one of the lucky ones with a public financed COLA adjustment each year.

One guy who spent his working years as a mechanic in the private sector, retired and then found out those 401K's were mostly a sham and Social Security has been looted of it's value by the money printers. He's a good guy really. In fact his political views are pretty much straight up the exact same as mine. Out of the group of us who work together they usually team the two of us up because I am the only one he doesn't get into an argument with on those long trips. I also don't complain about his listening to talk radio either :)

The other guy of course retired from a state job.

Now out of the crew of retired government employees who I work with, which out number the private sector co-workers about four to one I might add, this guy is about the most realistic of the bunch. Of course he retired from the prison system so not only did he get a healthy dose of reality on the job but wasn't any where near the top tier in retirement benefits either. Still the differences are staggering.

The mechanic worries about his children, grandchildren, what will happen when he can no longer keep working, what he can leave his children and will they take care of him in his final days. The other guy just stated that nothing would piss him off more than leaving anything to his kids and besides they didn't earn it anyway.

I listened to this back and forth for an hour or so until they finally brought me into the discussion. By that point I had been running scenarios through my head and could clearly see the bias in both sides of the issue.

On one hand we had someone who knew his assets were not gonna be enough and on the other we had someone who was counting on that check coming in from the government for the rest of his life that was enough.

The question I was asked was whether I planned on leaving my son anything. My answer was I damned well hope so. But why he asked? I bit back the standard "we need more money" school retort that children are our future and simply pointed out that without a government security net who would take care of you?

Before this whole retirement scam of social security, pensions, medicare whatever got rolling inheritance was about the best retirement account you had going for you. When a person relied on his own production to survive and reached the age he could not produce as well any longer than your best bet was to make sure someone you could trust took over the property you had and used it to produce for all of you. It wasn't about leaving your heirs money to play with but property that helped them become more productive. Tools, land, livestock.... for the entire family.

In essence the very things we as sustainers or preppers strive to have today. So why not count on it being a vehicle for own retirement when the time comes and the government ponzi schemes finally fail?

My bet is there would be a lot less grumpy old men out there who have alienated their own adult children if that were the case. Sitting around drinking and worried about what their kids might get that "They don't deserve".

Of course my final comment I think hit home the hardest. I simply said "Well when I get to be your age and as grumpy as you if my kid is still with me I think he would have earned everything I can give him".

Many things are going to change in the post debt society and I think a return to closer knit families will be one of them. Prep accordingly.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Waaaaay Behind

Sorry about the lack of posts the last few days. I got started on a project trying to design a contraption to help me move some bee hives and then got called into work for a fairly long haul. So I am way behind and just now trying to catch up.

I haven't had a chance to take any pictures around the place or think of anything to write about. I did have a lengthy discussion with a retired Baby-Boomer about how he doesn't want to leave his children a dime of inheritance. He actually started the conversation and I don't think he much liked my answers :)  I might have to do a post about it tomorrow.

If your going to pick a time of the week for light posting on Blogger right now Friday's is the day.

Anyway I should be caught up by tomorrow unless I get called for another run.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!