Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tractor Time and a Funny Story of a Couple of Old Guys

So I finished up Day 2 of my 5 day twelve hour shifts week. This morning I had to pick up these two old guys and take em back to their respective homes.

The first old guy had been in the Marines at some point. How did I know? Same way you always know. He was wearing as much Marine stuff as he could put on his body and prolly had a Marine cup cozy as well in his hand. The second old guy was a Navy diver who had served in Vietnam. I only found this out later because I asked him and he told me all about his exploits.

As we are driving down the road the first old guy announced he had come prepared for a long wait. He said this while waving a book in the air. I assume he meant he had brought something to read in case he had a long wait. The second old guy then said to him "Guess you got that hat when your son joined up then if you can read".

I almost drove off the road from laughing.

Luckily Old guy number one also found it funny so I didn't have to break up any old dog fights.

After I dropped off the first old guy the second one was telling me about his adventures recovering ordinance from some little inlet off Vietnam. Apparently it was very common for the planes back then to return without having dropped their payloads and of course they couldn't land with them so they would let them go in this little inlet and he was part of the team that would recover them.

Now I know from my days in the Artillery that there are various ways to keep the shells from arming so in case of short rounds and the like they won't go off. It's done with the fuse but I never knew 500 pound bombs had similar gadgets worked into them.

It was all very interesting stuff and I got a good chuckle out of the two old guys back and forth for a while.

Of course I just told this story because I am too beat to do a real post and I want to see how many of you guys actually read between the pictures!!!!!

As usual click for a larger image...

Monday, October 5, 2015

It's That Time Again

This weekend was the official kickoff of the serious wood cutting season. Ya I have already cut a few weekends this year but this time I hooked up the 16 foot trailer and dusted off the log splitter too.

The first target is a bunch of Oak trunks that were piled behind a co-workers house. They live about 60 miles South of us and generally speaking I wouldn't go that far for firewood but they begged me. I was told they couldn't find anyone to remove them which I can understand why after I saw where they were at.

These trunks were up a steep hill and not easy to get to as the owner has been adding in raised beds, horse shoe pits and trellis all over the yard. Still cured Oak already felled for free isn't a bad deal and it only took about 15 bucks in gas to get there and back.

The real problem was getting the truck and trailer back down that hill while negotiating all the stuff. I backed the trailer up the hill which is an experience in and of itself but coming down with somewhere between a ton and a half and two tons of firewood was exciting. It got really exciting when the brake line popped on my truck too.

Luckily I was in 4WD low so I managed to negotiate all the stuff and had some brakes left to stop at the bottom before shooting out into the road.

So now the truck is in the shop once again.

I think I can finish that job up with one more trip but it has now ended up costing me a lot more than 15 bucks.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Reading - We are Fighting the Wrong Battles for the Most Part

The thing that really gets under my skin when dealing with Tea Partiers, Patriots, III% or just those who declare themselves straight up Conservatives, is this seeming lack of ability to see more than a level or two down through the Bull Shit. Libertarians are really bad about this too.

They throw out claims that both parties are the same (Pretty much true on the National level I will grant them) or that we must defend our rights that are being taken away from us (Totally true). They gnash their teeth over immigration especially the great Muslim influx, they complain about Muslims, government spending, taxes. The III%'rs and Patriots train and even confront the non-Constitutional Federal LEO's on occasion. For which my hat is off to each and every one of them.


Far too many refuse to take the final leap. They cannot make themselves see the core reasons these issues keep coming about and why we are constantly being pushed back. If they do step back and try and identify an overall drive to what has been attacking us for 60 years it is vocalized in some generic term like Socialism, Liberalism or Progressiveism.

What most of us don't understand is the enemy is attacking us on fronts and from directions 99% of us are not even looking at or defending and from a base ideology 99% of us are afraid to even talk about least we get called WAAAYcist or told 'We Hate All Women".

The main antagonist that has been attacking us since the early 1960's is of course Feminism. Certainly all the other ISMs like Socialism, Marxism, Progressivism, Liberalism etc. came to being before Feminism in it's current form BUT if you really look at them not a one of those earlier ISMs is anything like it started out being. Just like Multi-Culturalism and Environmentalism in the West the Feminist have infiltrated and morphed each and everyone of them into nothing more than an extension of the great Feminist religion itself. Twisted them into tools for it's long term gain and given each the numbers they needed to succeed. All they had to do was follow the laws of Feminist equal outcome.

Along with infiltrating and taking over all the ISMs the Feminist also began a long road of infiltrating all of the Institutions. From education to the main stream media each have been bent towards delivering the message of Feminism and it's political puppet allies.

Multi-Culturalism is the largest ally the Feminist have. Any laws or rules of equal outcome also apply to Feminist. Large influxes of non-White Men increase the political base of Feminist and increase the social value of Women in general. This is why our institutions all work against us.

Don't believe me? Look at what CNN recently did with the picture of the latest mass murderer.

The left picture is the actual portrait of the monster the right is CNN's Photoshopped version they aired on television. The same sort of misleading and misdirection is rampant in our schools, among the government and leeched into all the right wing groups as well.

We are fighting the wrong battles. We cannot win until we deal with what is dividing us. Look at any diversity festival and you find a Feminist organizing it, promoting it and mostly that who attends it, at least in flyover country. Most rights we have lost in this country are the ones the Feminist care little to nothing about anyway. Sure there are some Men who claim they hate guns and some Women who love them but by and large which gender group almost overwhelmingly supports the fiercest forms of gun control? Be truthful now.

Until and unless we eradicate Feminism from the US we are doomed. There will be no large scale stormtrooper LEO's busting down the doors, no Jackbooted thugs locking us in concentration camps  or widespread roundups of citizen militia groups until the Feminist have brought in the numbers they need to back them 100%.

Yet we train to fight off the stormtroopers, complain about immigration, ignore propaganda in the media and our schools and continue to parrot the Feminist myths. Until we speak out and reverse the damage the Feminist are doing we are only fighting the wrong battles and continuing to lose.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

It's Vermin Season and Sustainable Variables

The last couple of days have been cold and windy here. No rain of course. We haven't had rain in over a month now. It seems like these days we either have way too much of something or nowhere near enough. No in between and just perfect periods. However the dry spell did work out great for getting the main hay harvest up so as usual there is a bright spot to whatever condition we are struggling through I guess.

This cold snap kinda shook some things up around here along with my leveling out of the big wood chip pile and the dry conditions. We have been finding snakes every where.

I removed the little foot long Garter Snake above trying to get under the door into the kitchen. I have cleaned two dead juvenile King (or Black) snakes from the various water tanks around the place. The chickens were pecking at a little Ringneck snake out behind the barn and the dogs were carrying around an adult King snake that was completely dead yesterday. When I tried to take it away from them they ran out into the Soybean field with it.

Every building has it's resident Tree Frog (or three) hanging out and the mice are moving in as well. They are all looking for water and warm hiding holes for the Winter now.

Except for the attempted entry of the Garter Snake though most seem to be failing to make it past the guard dogs, cats and chickens this year. I have even noticed a marked decrease in mice damage to the feed bags recently. I know Rocky the Rooster has run down at least one mouse and consumed it and I saw a group of hens pecking at another one just the other day.

Mouse control was a side benefit to getting the chickens I never even considered but I am happy about it!!!!!

The Moles have moved into the woodchip and raised bed areas though and only the dogs do much about them. The canine cure to moles is often more damage than it is worth however. My guess is the Moles move under the wood chips, old hay piles and mulch because the soil stays so moist and the worms and grubs go there. I was cleaning up the last remains of a round bale from the horse pasture yesterday and got the largest mole I have ever seen forked up with a clump of hay. Scared the beejeebus out of me when it fell out of the hay onto my boot.

I must say though that the annual Black Cricket plague was NOTHING this year. I still don't know if it was the new chickens or the timing of when I cut and baled the main hay field that did it. I saw literally millions of the crickets out in the field after I cut it but this year they did not make it much passed the barn lot. The chickens were running around catching and eating any that were in or around the barn but that doesn't explain the open areas they don't venture out into. I did see some much larger than usual Quail coveys and Dove flocks out there this year so another theory I have is the short grass and new well cropped sheep pasture created the perfect hunting and kill zone for the wild birds to catch the crickets.

The up side to that theory is when/if the need comes I can hunt the Dove and Quail. Wild life management on the Small-Hold is almost as important as domestic stock management so if I am doing something right that increases the game bird numbers I want to continue it.

Oh one comical side to the increased Dove population and Chickens was watching Rocky chase the Doves out of the barn lot. Whenever a large group of the Doves would come in to pick over the remains of the sheep feed Rocky would run over and chase em off. It was pretty entertaining to watch.

I am constantly amazed at the long term cause and effects of organic farming even on the small scale I have been doing it. Change one way of doing something or the time you do it, add in another step to the ladder or a different weather/climate variable and you change the entire outcome. I can see why diversity in farm life was an important factor because with so many variables it's really hard to guess which part of the whole is going to be booming and which lacking from one year to the next.

Sure it's interesting now when it doesn't mean the difference between eating well all Winter and starving but a grid down collapse scenario is not the time you want to be figuring all of this out either.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!

edit: Oh ya I was suppose to announce that Mrs. PP DID find and bring back the camera cord from work so we DO NOT have to order a replacement. Not sure why she insisted I add this but I will do anything to increase the happiness level of the Wife :)

Was that good enough honey?

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Signs of Decline - The Final Feminizing of the Military

Stuck inside a bit this morning waiting on a business call so I have a bit more time to post than usual. I guess we can call this a taste of Winter time when my post counts go up a slight bit.

Over at Zerohedge this morning I saw this article with charts of the latest labor participation rate numbers.

Participation Rate Crashes to October 1977 Level

Add to that an article about the September payroll numbers and I think it's pretty obvious which direction we are still going in. I have noticed of late that some people seem to confuse free money and government deciding who wins as sure signs of a recovery. It isn't. Don't be fooled.

You may see some new homes going up, sales here and there, auto loans out the wahzoo and even businesses being built but always keep in mind the uneven playing field. As government decides who wins and who loses the books are cooked into the realms of fantasy and only those who fit the government's agenda win. It isn't a recovery but a redistribution.

Any Prepper or Homesteader out there can tell you it ain't how much you spend but on what that really counts and right now all this country is invested in is failure. We waste literally Trillions of dollars and uncountable resources on ideology that is simply doomed to fail. One of the latest being the final and complete Feminizing of the Military.

A Petticoat Military: Comedy in Uniform

Mostly the same old story. Old White guys folding to the Feminist only this time they are in uniform and once again another institution replays the later half of the 1900's were the pandering, political White Knights sacrifice the young Men for their own gain.

Why do officers put up with this? Because they are—you can’t lapse into the Anglo-Saxon in a polite column, so maybe–female-dominated catamites, moral milquetoasts, or (certainly accurate) politicians. Would they risk their benefits so as not to make a laughing stock of their men? You have got to be kidding.

I speak out against Feminism often on this blog but more dangerous than any screeching Feminist is the old pandering White Knights. Luckily most of us Men born in the 60's or later learned pretty quick growing up that we were the ones set to pay the price for these (ahem) Gentlemens lack of backbone and flirtatious flights of fancy. Mostly these catamites (to steal the articles term) are a self correcting problem as they age they find themselves mostly ignored as the target's of their interest no longer have a use for them but in some institutions like the military there are a few still around.

Apparently there are enough left in the military though which means once again the young Men will be the one's paying the price.

At least the picture above shows some of the older ones this time get to suffer some humiliation though.

Now tell me do you think it's a good investment for our military to be wearing fake pregnant training corsets so they can empathize with Women? Wonder how many Billions were spent on that program?

Keep in mind it was also counted in the GDP numbers too.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The State of Small-Hold Chickendom

Well I had planned on putting up a picture heavy post this evening. Honestly I did nothing pretty much all day today as some much cooler temps came into the area and it just felt like the perfect day to sleep in and relax. Mrs. PP stayed home and we went shopping then decided to search the barn for hidden eggs. I took pictures along the way but when I got back in to put them on my computer we discovered she had lost the camera cable somewhere. She claims it is at work but we will see if she comes home with it tomorrow.

My darling wife is notorious for losing anything small so I am not feeling particularly confident we won't be ordering a new cable soon.

I have been suspecting that at least one of the hens started laying recently because of the shell-less egg we got last week and I heard that characteristic egg laying clucking over the weekend but then couldn't find an egg.

Well Mrs. PP found at least one of the super secret laying nests on top of a stack of hay bales in the back of the barn this afternoon. There were three eggs in the nest and since my work schedule pretty much kept me from checking for the last three days I am betting that my new layer theory is correct. Which one of the hens is the culprit though I don't know yet but I plan on checking on them often tomorrow.

I have to say though that the merry band of chickens is starting to really mesh with the place now. They have learned the routine around here and some personalities are really beginning to emerge.

The only remaining Red Sex link, who happens to be the only consistent layer right now, has also turned into the most friendly bird of the bunch. She follows the humans around whenever she can and eats out of our hands. When it's feeding time for the sheep now all the chickens come running from where ever they happen to be to the feed barrels and demand sweet feed treats. The little red hen will perch on the side of the barrel and eat feed right out of the scoop while you are getting it out.

My mother has named her Hennypenny and tucks her up under her arm and carries her around letting her peck out of the scoop while she feeds the rams.

We have also adjusted the evening feeding routine and now put the chickens up a little before sundown. This way we don't get any hens trying to roost up where we can't get to them.

So far no new chicken deaths and only one close call with Rocky and the dogs in almost a month now. The hens rarely come out of the barn still unless I leave the front door open. When I do that they come running but that's when they become prime dog targets so I only do it when I am watching.

Anyway we had a nice casual day today and tomorrow is back to work.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

More Bobcat Sightings

First off sorry I haven't posted, replied to comments or visited your blogs the last two days. I ended up having to work three 12 hour shifts in a row and have been absolutely beat when I get home. That is now over for a couple of days but next week I have got to work five 12 hour days in a row as I continue to cover for vacations.

I had to take a trip into Kansas today and I have another post for tomorrow and should catch up with blogs and comments then.

This evening when I got home I was met by a neighbor to inform me that they had seen that same Bobcat that my son came face to face with in our yard earlier this Spring. I later found tracks and scat along the hay field path as well. They reported seeing this one at 2:30 in the afternoon in the open as well about 2 miles North and West of the Small-Hold.

Just an interesting little tidbit I thought I would post as it confirms we have one lurking around from another source. Haven't had any problems or issues because of it. No disappearing chickens or lambs yet.

I do plan on paying closer attention to new born containment come next Springs lambing season though.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

No Inflation Huh?

Buying used Rail Road ties is something I do almost every year it seems. Not many mind you. I think I purchase maybe three or four every few months for various projects. I used six or so to line the driveway in front of the barn a couple years ago. Used another six or so to hold the gravel under my mother's little cabin project. etc.

I kinda have a thing for keeping loose material contained and establishing borders for the driveways and such.

For years now used ties have always been $8.00 each if I had to resort to buying them at one of the local lumber or hardware stores. I also pick em up used here and there from private sellers for cheaper prices but that supply rarely coincides with my immediate needs. As it turned out I only had one extra tie laying around and needed four more to finish the edging for the wood chips I had been leveling out.

My plan was to pick up a few extra ties for whatever future projects I might need em for. They also work well for corner posts in a pinch too and I have that last fencing project coming up soon too.

So I hooked up the big trailer and went to town.

Rail Road ties are now $12.00 each.

That's a 50% price increase in less than a year. Actually less than 9 months and the sales guy told me they been twelve bucks for a while now.

That's just a ridiculous price increase in my opinion.  Needless to say buying them at the lumber places is now not as much of an option as it used to be. I didn't mind paying a few extra bucks for them but damn. Of course I am sure private sales prices will soon rise to meet the bigger store prices as well.

I can remember when they used to be a buck a piece. Hell I can remember when people couldn't give em away.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!