Friday, November 27, 2020

And People Say 2020 has been Bad


The last four years has been like a breath of fresh air around the Small Hold and in rural areas in general. With Trump in office I was able to scale back my actual prepping and work more on overall progress like fence building. I was able to shelve learned sustainable endeavors that will be infinitely useful in a long term survival situation but less so while a paycheck is coming in and focus on long term projects that while proving just as valuable in the long term are much harder to accomplish without that very same steady paycheck. Like laying down massive amounts of gravel, digging out an old farm pond with tractors that sort of thing. Not something you want to do when the fuel supply is limited with no replenishment in sight. Truth is there will always be projects of both type to do but with Trump in office it was time to focus on those which needed a bit more direct resource input because I could count on having those resources available from day to day.

Seems those days may be at an end. I hope the election fraud cases succeed. Anyone who declares there is no proof of election fraud when literally millions of mail in ballots were sent out that require no proof when counted is just a fraud themselves. We all know this has been going on for decades now. Hell the US itself declared the Ukrainian election fraudulent back in 04 I think for the same reason. It just took em a while to figure out exactly what and where they were needed and how many of them. How any American or US State can accept that these same fraudulent ballots will also determine the President for everyone including those who are honest.... well I don't know why they would accept them at all and they shouldn't. Whether they do or not remains to be seen.

 So far Biden has promised to legalize 11 million illegals. Will be more in the tune of 50 Million before it is done I imagine. Is in talks for Black reparations, forgiving student loans, de-funding law enforcement and closing prisons... also forgiving student loan debt, removing all tax cuts and adding in a new inheritance tax. No more leaving your children something when ya go or trying to keep ancestral land in the family.  Those days are over for at least 4 years unless something is done to stop it.

For the first time however I have some small glimmer of hope that perhaps real patriots may be ready to step up though. I noticed yesterday Google had it's usual anti-Thanksgiving propaganda going. They had turned it up a bit this year accusing Whites of all sorts of genocide etc. I posted my usual comment about Asian immigrants killing the indigenous Solutrean/Clovis people off expecting the same amount of notice it has gotten for a decade and a half....  maybe 6 readers who actually knew what I was referring to.  The Solutrean theory is always a topic that will make any White hating, Multi-Cultist mouth foaming mad but it is not well known, I usually only posted it just to see how many up votes it would get. Last few years as I say 6 upvotes were the highest I ever got. This year? Over 400 in a few hours. 

I got a feeling Patriotic/Conservative Americans are no longer gonna take this Multi-Cult Madness any longer. Perhaps since the ballot box has stopped working it may in fact be the time of the Cartridge Box.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2020

The Road to the Great American War of 2021


I am not a Constitutional Scholar by any professional interpretation. I have a degree in American History and I started my Masters in Early American History until I figured out no amount of education was going to help a straight White guy like me get anywhere unless it was in the STEM field or from an Ivy League school.   At which point I dropped any further accredited education and the 500 buck an hour cost and began working towards what I think will best help the most people in the years ahead. However I do know more than dare I say most of society about Constitutional matters and how it has tainted our Republic to this day. How changes that now appear specifically aimed at this point in History have formed what we see today. I will briefly attempt to explain some of them if you are interested. If not well stop reading now I guess :)

I passed a Pro-Trump rally this afternoon. I understand why people are upset. This election was a farce plain and simple. Even an obvious one but the Femcrat/Multi-Cult doesn't care because it is 100% legal. It has taken many years of Femocrat maneuvering to get to this particular spot in History. I doubt all the changes necessary were undertaken just with this particular scenario in mind but I am pretty sure some Liberal Genius did figure out how to use it all for this purpose. More than likely last year about the same time I saw the danger. I only wish I had written about the danger when I saw it.

Have any of you wondered why there are so many ballots and votes for Creepy Joe that do not include votes for the Federal Senators and such on them? Of course you have there have been articles out there about it but all of them I have read have omitted one important reason for this. Senators are elected by popular vote that can be denied by Federal election officials. Kind of Sort of. At least there is an avenue to legally pursue such a ballot dismissal for a Senator. There is not one for a President or Vice President as in truth that particular election, as far as the Federal government is concerned, has not even happened yet. I am of course talking about the Electoral College and that vote will not happen until around December 14th. First Monday after the second Wednesday or something like that.

These mail in, absentee votes that have no check for citizenship, age etc. you see are not legally votes for a President they are votes a State uses to direct it's elected College delegates. Which is why you only see them in Democratic States I imagine. If they included an actual vote for a Federally serving position, like say a Senator, well that opens them up to more Federal scrutiny at least in theory since they would be actual votes to the Federal government. This thin distinction is also further highlighted by the rather conveniently timed ruling by the Supreme Court regarding Electoral Delegates acting as "Free Agents" and Declaring State laws forcing such delegates to vote according to the state ballots. This decision for Chifalo v. Washington was supported by all justices then sitting I might add but my guess is only about 3 of them knew why it would soon be important. This Interpretation is important as it removes the risk for a "Free Agent" Delegate to vote for Trump in the College election due to "illegally accepted ballots".

This is just the tip of the Ice Berg of the changes to Federal Law, The Constitution and the checks and balances set up by America's Founding Fathers that lead us to this moment in history have allowed. Taxes, Federal Reserve, Departments the Federal government has no legal right to create and run like Education etc. Senators being popularly elected removes the right of individual States to effectively fight many liberal biased laws in the Senate which it was designed for. Federal money coerces many States to go against the will of it's people. As I said the list is goes on and all seems to have shaped the perfect storm tailor made for this massive fraud of an election.


The question is.... What are " We the People" going to do about it? One thing is for certain. Just like in 2008 Rural America is once again under siege.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


Monday, November 2, 2020



With all the cleaning and closing/taking care of accounts and such for my Mother I got way behind on a few of the day to day chores of running the Small Hold this year. One of which was moving the round bales from the field to more strategic locations around the various paddocks and the like. The above picture is my current round bale mover an old John Deere 1010. I like her for moving bales over my Fords for a couple of reasons.

1. She is the same horse power as my 861 Diesel and has the same lift weight but she also has an I beam welded to her front that holds what I use as tractor weights around here. Those being logging chains and old window counter weights. I can put about 70 pounds on her total and they fit so much better than on the Ford.

2. She has a bit higher clearance than the Ford(s) which is important when using a rear mounted bale spike since I do not have a front loader tractor..... Yet.  

3. Well I guess one and two are all there really are, but at least I can also claim I own a Deere now :)

I picked this old girl up a few years back and she has some rough spots. One of her front struts sometimes goes out and makes her very hard to turn/straighten back out, she gets water in her fuel line easily so I cannot leave her out at all in the rain even with a cover on the stack. She really needs a new carburetor at this point as the last overhaul showed the insides were pretty bad due to water damage so she takes her own sweet time to get going. I also think she has a hydraulic pump going bad now too. I had to replace one front rim already due to rust damage along with points/condenser etc. due to the water damage. Yet once I get her going she is a work horse and having another live PTO around is always nice.

I used her all afternoon to move the bales which always takes much longer than it seems like it should. I moved or put up 32 bales this year and probably am due another 2 or so from the haul but at this point assuming the horses find a new home I am sure I won't even need half that so I am going to let the guy I had bale em take em as a bonus. Maybe that will encourage him to keep coming back cause I really do not want to buy a round baler myself.

Since as I said I got so far behind I also left the front hay field alone this year so I have no small square bales left. The small bales are what I usually feed to the Ram and the mini-dwarf goat/pet things so this year I am placing a round bale next to their fences and just forking hay over to them as needed. It works but ends up wasting hay a bit but that should not be a problem this year.

Finally as the sun was going down and I was preparing for a lazy evening I discovered we had another death in the family. Seven. That was her name. The very first Ewe I ever got. My original records seem to have some how gotten lost in my Mothers paper stash but I believe she was only 11 years old this year. Well into the average lifespan of a sheep but years behind many of her flock mates, including her mother. I got a couple old retired ewes out there that are pushing 15 this year. Anyway she was in many ways more like a dog as I let her follow me around the place a lot from the time she was lamb until chores got to be a bit much for her herd animal attitude. She really hates tractors I might add.

From the looks of things I have no idea what she died of. There was no worm sign at all, no parasites around the body and she did not appear to be very bloated. I figure she died last night as some smell was starting but we got above 70 today so no more than would be normal. I do a count at feeding time and that was when I noticed one was missing. The body was in her normal sleeping position with two legs extended and two tucked up under her so I saw no signs of thrashing around in pain or anything. Just a mystery I guess. I spent the first hour or so of darkness taking care of her remains and called it an evening.  

Gonna be a bit odd around here without Seven as she was my leader ewe. I could get her to follow me anywhere which then prompted the rest of the ewes to also follow, even the skiddish ones. Luckily she has a brother from a different season named Boris who Mrs. PP insisted on keeping and is as much a follower as Seven was. 

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!



Sunday, November 1, 2020

We're Baaaaaaaack

 The last four years have been a refreshing break for the Small Hold. While not perfect Trump as President at least put a stop to the government and Multi-Cult encroachment on rural (all) America, which was and is the main reason to vote for the man.  He is a speed bump against the big government, old White guy hating types. I know the left hates a lot more than just old White guys but that is one of their main slogans and if you hate old White guys then guess what?  You hate just a bout everything else associated with them and that includes Rural America.

The Small Hold has made some nice strides forward in it's quest for sustainability since Trump was elected. It is of course a road that will never be finished BUT depending on this next election it may indeed be put to the test. The possibility of a win by ol' Joe and his Ho is real and I am sure that will activate another round of government growth and attacks on rural life once again putting us in survival mode. 

There have been some big changes around the Small hold as well. We reduced the sheep flock down by a good amount mostly due to the Barber pole worm issues. Although we have more than enough land to rotate grazing we did not have enough to rotate it and control the recurring exposure to the larvae. Simply put we did not have enough pasture to get them far enough away which allowed the larvae to build up an immunity to the de-wormers and continue to spread. By reducing the flock down to less than 15 sheep and discontinue breeding for a year we have over come the issue it seems without one case of "worm sign" for almost two years now. We allowed one breeding ewe to lamb this last year and did not have an issue at all and are expanding that out to three ewes this season. 

The fencing project which was overwhelming three years ago is now mostly finished. Oh fencing will never be totally done but the actual initial stage is complete now. We now have an East, West and North pasture for rotation. A small South hay field for square bales and a much larger North hay field for round bales. I have made a deal where I do not bale the North field but trade a part of the hay for the baling (if that arrangement continues anyway) and then get round bales small enough to move with my tractors. I use the square bales I do myself for some feeding and now actually have a huge surplus left over. The large growth of alfalfa in the square bale field has almost completely died out since I did not bale it this year so I can use it as either yet another pasture or hay field as need arises. We got rid of one ram so now I effectively have Winter cover for the ewes without needing to use the main barn. This in effect gives me more inside storage for equipment and will allow my next project which is more extensive inside barn repairs. 

The fencing project also gave us two enclosed garden areas and a smaller shed for garden tractor storage as well further opening up inside barn space. Lastly the control paddock doubles as a Winter feed lot for the sheep as I move them from day pasture to night enclosure. That is if I bother to close em out which most of the time there is no need so I just leave it open after putting out the feed and close it up when putting out the grain so I don't get mobbed.

We are down to only eight chickens currently as the night watchman went totally blind and is now an inside fixture. He earned his retirement with over a decade of being the best guard dog God ever created but those days are long gone and his handicap has meant that we had to move the chickens from their carefree life of barn living into a much smaller coop closer to the house. I hope to deal with the predator issue and grow the flock up once again but that has not been on the time or money schedule yet. I also still maintain a few hives but real productive bee keeping growth is also still a back burner. 

As I have preached many times sustainability for now is much different then it will become and my aim from day one has been to have the ability and means to grow when life switches from a paycheck to survival. Projects are meant to be left open for continued growth when the need comes so in many cases growth and then decline in things like bee keeping and other livestock is just a trial run so I know the materials and know how are there when the time comes. Bees were especially like that for me so now I just maintain enough hives to increase it when needed.

Lastly I must sadly report my Mother has passed away. I will not go into details right now but that too brought many changes that are not finished even yet. We were down to only two horses when she passed and they are both young enough that re-homing is possible. Our ancient donkey and two other horses died of old age over a year ago so here soon I may very well have another 15 acre pasture and my old equipment barn free as well. I had been using the equipment barn as the horse barn for decades and just basically ignoring the horse area for any future planning. Part of the horse area had become kinda wooded as well over the years and now if it becomes horse free I may actually get some tree growth down there. Land management with horses is in my opinion impossible which was why I wrote that ground off but if I manage to find a good home for them well that all can change very quickly as well. It has a lot of issues from being occupied by four hooves animals of land destruction for so long. Namely erosion issues and a lack of useful vegetation so I doubt I will ever get it productive again any time soon but I can move some of my more exposure tolerant equipment inside anyway rather then putting their ruggedness to the test like I have been.

Anyway I need to make a feed run today so I will close this post for now. I am going to try and get back into the blogging thing especially if we have a Biden win as I feel it will be very needed under those sad circumstances.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


Monday, March 9, 2020

Is this the Black Swan Moment?

Actually I never left. Never stopped prepping and have never stopped watching. There have been a few times I almost started posting again but played the wait and see game. The current state of things has convinced me we are entering a Black Swan period that could in fact historically be remembered as the beginning of a global collapse.

Much as I said years ago we have been in a  long slow slide since 2008. That has not changed but as per my stair step theory it looks like we are approaching a point where we just might be getting ready to jump down an entire flight of those steps in one big leap.

Many Black Swans circling the pond right now. From the latest SAAR's outbreak, Stock market crashing, Europe finally mobilizing at the Greek border claiming to stop the migrant invasion of Europe (we will see). Chinese economic activity still impossibly low for 1 Billion people after claiming only a few thousand dead.

Will this perfect storm peter out or bring on the global crisis we have seen building for over a decade now? The Fed has started pumping again, nothing has really recovered and no matter what this is going to be another step down but will it be THE STEP?

That remains to be seen but it is close enough that it is time to seriously wake up and begin putting the final touches for sustained living in place and prepare yourself to stop living in two worlds and figure on only the one we been preparing for to be our focus. This could be it and I have come back right now to simply give you a wake up call. There maybe more to come the next few days will tell.

Time to Start Prepping again Everyone!!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday Reading - Dealing with New Allergy Reactions

It's become oppressively hot here again. To top things off my allergies have decided to reach some new heights of discomfort this year.  I don't know if it is because I am getting old and this development has become the new norm or not but I am about a fraction of a millimeter from going to the doctor over it and that is a kin to declaring a nuclear strike for me. I have always had allergies. In some parts of the world they were so bad (I shiver thinking about the Flax harvest in South Dakota while I was constructing grain silos) I had to drug up and couldn't even operate well. Around Missouri my allergies have always been minor with a bit of sneezing in the early morning and some red eyes and very rare itching. Not so this year. Every couple of weeks I am getting allergic reactions the like of which I have never had before.

My eyelids will begin itching and turning red then they swell and eventually after about a day or so it stops but the upper layer of skin will then flake off and the eye area remains kinda puffy for days. Either the front of my neck or the cheek area along the nose will also become itchy and swell at times too. The cheek skin and around my nostrils also dies and flakes off but my neck just turns red and itches to high heaven. Lastly the inside of my wrists or forearms will become itchy and develop little hives.  I will get these symptoms either all at the same time or in various combinations. Sometimes they will rotate, my eyes will itch then stop but my neck starts itching or wrist etc. in differing time slots during the day. Then suddenly it just stops all at once and starts to heal up.

I actually called in to work one day because of these reactions and I haven't missed a day of work in over a year.

I can almost tell you when these symptoms are going to hit now though. I say almost because occasionally it doesn't happen when the circumstances are right and I think it is going to.  Generally speaking though when we get a cool spell followed by or ushered in by rain then a high temperature hot day of humidity that breaks the cool spell then I get hit with the symptoms. Sometimes it takes no more than a cool night with a heavy morning dew and higher temps the next day to set me off. Then sometimes the temperature and weather conditions seem to hit just right and no symptoms show up at all. As I mentioned sometimes I get the symptoms in various combinations and severity as well.

I am betting it has to be some type of mold spore that comes out under those right conditions. Just seems that the conditions I describe are also ideal conditions for lots of fungus growth is the only reason I say that really but it has also been happening off and on since late Winter which tells me whatever is doing it doesn't follow seasons as closely as regular plants. I have varied my diet, made the wife switch laundry detergent, changed soap, stopped wearing some of my different materials for work shirts but the symptoms come back usually after a cool spell.

Finally I broke down and began taking Zyrtec this week. It seemed to make my symptoms go away but that may have been because the temps got high enough to kill off whatever is giving me the reactions.

I sure hope I find a solution though. These new reactions coupled by reduced tolerance to heat I seem to get the older I become has sure slowed me down this year Let me tell ya...

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Still Clucking Along

Yes, Yes I know it's been well over a year since I posted anything. Believe it or not we are still going 100% but as I explained when I decided to mostly quit blogging we spend much much much more time on routine boring chores, upkeep and mundane stuff now than we do on cool new building and the like. I still have an endless list of project I am working on but five or more years ago I got to make blog-worthy progress on a project almost everyday. Now I am lucky if I spend 1 or 2 days a month actually working on projects and I just cannot blog everyday about feeding time or repairing yet another fence.

None-the-less I have finished a few big projects which I hope to post some pictures of and tell you about in a post soon. I honestly was not prepared to make a post today but it ended up raining and driving me inside this afternoon, so I had some time. Rain has been a rare occurrence this year let me tell you.

Just a text post today to tease you that another is coming soon with pictures!!! The hay is baled for the year and it doesn't look like we are going to get another cutting. It was a sad harvest too as I think we only got a little over half what we usually get and I even fertilized the hay field in the Spring. It's just been a bad drought year.

Lambing season was not the greatest. We got some good lambs but we lost more than usual this year. We had one still born. Then another first year ewe had a lamb and I waited with her for over an hour to see if she was going to drop another. Sure enough when I left for not even 15 minutes she had two more and one of them suffocated before I could get it free. The second I managed to save but the ewe would not accept it so we got another bottle baby. We named her Rita and she now lives in my mother's back yard and thinks she is a dog. She also doesn't like other sheep much.

Then Hazel decided to go into labor in the back of the large field and had trouble and before I noticed her and got back to her we had lost another three lambs due to her first being so large. I thought I was going to lose Hazel as well as there was so much blood but we managed to save her. I think we ended up with 33 lambs this year.

I finished the East pasture just in time for the sheep to eat it down to nothing and the drought to hit so it never has grown back worth a damn.

The worms hit us about mid-July so a little later than usual but we were prepared and did not lose any sheep at all to them this year. We did have some frantic individual worming rotation for about two weeks though.

The chickens are still around and we had like 5 hens go broody this year and managed to actually get some 15 or more chicks to survive and become pretty much full grown. It was touch and go there though as the hens are not cooperating when they go broody and it seems every predator for miles likes to eat baby chicks. I couldn't tell you how many chickens we got running around the place but I know several of them are now on pension benefits and have formed their own retirement roost area int he barn.

We had a huge Bald eagle attack one of our lambs. Luckily I needed to check the fence down that way so I did not have to break some stupid federal law that says I cannot interfere with a bald eagle eating my lambs. I just happened to be going that way and it flew off without killing the lamb. the wounds were not serious and the lamb recovered but he still has a scar on the side of his face. That same eagle also tried to snatch one of our buff hens but somehow that hen caught on at the last second and pulled a fake dodge move worthy of an NFL running back and the eagle did a crash and burn through the neighbor's bean field. After that I haven't seen the eagle since. Perhaps she was too embarrassed to come back?

I got 3 of my 5 remaining fencing projects finished and am ready to start on number 4 tomorrow if the weather permits.

Lastly we added yet another group of animals to the Small-Hold population in the form of dwarf goats.....

Ya I know I couldn't believe it either but I finally relented to Mrs. PP's constant begging and we bought three goats. One mother with a baby and another baby that lost her mother. I think that was kind of a mistake because the Mom and daughter pair kinda pick on the orphan but they seem to be slowly getting less mean to her. They are named Nubby, Nugget and Houdini. Houdini being the mother goat. I built them a mobile goat palace with an inside sleeping loft and a deck. I then hook it up to the tractor and move it to whatever field I am keeping them in. Nubby decided I was her human and won't let the other goats near me which is fine because Nugget has become Mrs. PP's special needs goat anyway. They actually are a hoot to watch and much more playful and out going than the lambs and sheep.

Anyway more on them later too.

So yes we are all alive here and still making progress and prepping away. The bees have taken a big hit this year however due to the drought and my lack of time but that is OK as I plan on putting more effort back into them next year again.

Till later...

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Reading - An Act of War in Charlottsville?

I had a couple of other topics to choose from originally for today's post. My progress on the east pasture fence or a quick look at just how close to next week's total eclipse "The Small-Hold" is going to be. In short less than 2 miles from the dead center line as it travels across America. We have even had LEOs and various government officials dropping by warning us to watch out for campers and trespassers next weekend.

After the events in Charlottesville this  weekend however I have decided to go a different route. I typically wait a bit longer before making an opinion post on violent events just to start picking through the facts that come out, usually in comments and not the news articles themselves I might add. I am making an exception this time because one thing seems to be crystal clear to me from eye witness reports I have read, some of them I actually know away from the internet.  The Mayor of Charlottesville and the police there set the Alt-Right, White Men up to be attacked. They enforced rules against the Alt-Right Men that they didn't enforce against the violent thug leftist and then herded the Alt-Right Men into positions and places where they could be attacked. Lastly the cops then did absolutely NOTHING to stop the attacks unless the Alt-Right Men fought back and started winning in which case the cops would then step in and stop it.

This my friends is a direct act of violence by a government against White Men. It is an act of war. A couple of the videos showing the "car attack" are also from an angle that clearly show counter protestor leftist with baseball bats surrounding the car before it rams into the crowd. There is a real possibility in my opinion that whoever the man is who was driving may have just been trying to get away from a violent situation that the Charlottesville mayor and police .... even caused to happen and promoted.

The media of course is all in with the evil White Man Nazi narrative with regards to the Alt-Right demonstrators and they have all been convicted in the media already. I am not convinced however and if things come to light that the Charlottesville officials did knowingly and willingly set this situation up then the opening salvo of Civil War II has been fired in my humble opinion and unless heads roll over it then hostilities will only continue to grow.

Maybe time to start figuring out which side you are going to be on real soon.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!