Tractors and Implement Line Up

The 8N and the 861-Diesel. The 8N has been in the family for years and was bought new in 1949 by my grandfather's neighbor. We acquired it when he passed away and have kept it ever since. She has lived on four different farms over her lifetime and much enjoys being semi-retired these days.

Still all original parts I might add. Still a 6 volt system and her original hat rims are still in good shape.

the 861 Powermaster diesel we bought in 2014 and she does most of the real work around here. The rear seal went out on her this Fall (2015) and she is currently getting a make over with a complete engine rebuild.

My Rake is a Ford 513 five bar from the 70's. It's actually a New Idea rake that was just painted and sold by Ford. She does  a good job and is about the only haying implement that get's put on the 8N. I used to think that only 8N's could actually do the raking since that's all I ever used to rake with as a kid.

Moving a round bale with the 861-D. Some insisted the hydraulics on her wouldn't move the round bales but I have yet to have any issues. I do need to get some front weights for her though.

The other implement that is the exclusive right of the 8N is the Oliver Manure Spreader. These two have been together since day one of their working lives although they did live apart for several years after the family bought the 8N. That manure spreader sat in a shed for almost 20 years without being used until I went and bought her so they could once again be a team.

The 8N hooked up to an old John Deere rake I used to have. It was falling apart so I bought the Ford rake cause it was in much better shape.

A little Brush Hogging duty.

The 861-D with the Ford 532 square baler. Picked this old baler up last Summer (2015) because I thought why not stick with the Ford theme as much as possible. I have only put about 400 bales through her so far but she worked great. Not sure how hard it will be to find parts though if something breaks.

Here's the 8N pulling the car hauler trailer around being pressed into service as a hay wagon. The trailer complained the entire time that such things were beneath it.

The weakest link in my hay operation right now is this very old, very well used and very ethnically engineered Massey Ferguson Dynaflow 31 sickle bar mower. I need to do some much needed repairs on this old girl. The outside runner blade is broke off on her and I field repaired it with the bow part of a bowsaw last Summer. Her break away release has been welded in place and part of her 3-point connect is missing. I got around that but rigging up my own replacement. It's impossible to get her leveled properly and she ends up clogging every few feet it seems like.

I need to replace this old sickle mower first chance I get.

The 1957 Hundred Series 850 I bought in the Fall of 2015 to use until I got the 861 diesel rebuilt and repainted along with the post hole auger I bought several years ago. The Post Holer used to be the exclusive domain of the 861 before this old girl joined the lineup. I don't know what I would do if I had to dig all those post holes by hand.

The 8N sporting an old Ferguson (I think) two bottom plow. We are blessed with pretty nice soil here on the Small-Hold and little rocks if any. The 8N seems to pull the plow just fine although I should probably mount it behind the 861 or 850 for best results.

John Deere 1010 I picked up in the Summer of 2017 I think. Needed(s) a little more work but she is my goto girl for moving round bales now mostly due to her higher clearance and a welded I-beam on the front for holding more weight. 

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