Sunday, February 25, 2024

End of Feb 2024

 Wish I had better news this late into Spring than I do but I am informed that either the Auto Group I worked for or Ford directly is now directly refusing to admit that anyone was fired last year. I am not alone in being informed either and as it turned out I kinda expected it. When I asked how long the layoff was for I was told 12 weeks and I have still yet to get anything except more offers for Retirement. Luckily I kinda expected it and been getting my own pay in which keeps me in food a bit but at 12 weeks I was like "whats the point anyway?"


These Democrats are after everything they can waste or spend....


Living out here where I do I have some offers already but everyone is worried still. So I keep trying and getting by. 


I started my garden this week  so I will see how that goes. For the first time in 15 years my wife is the only one with a job so not sure how long we will stay sane under the circumstances we will see.


Gonna be a while waiting for a new normal to come back I am afraid.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!



Thursday, February 1, 2024

Early Feb 2035

 Hard to give an opinion of where things may be heading right now. All I really know is what I was aware of the last few months of last year have now been completely switched around. The last few months of last year I was completely bombarded with hundreds of EV vehicles they reported as being shipped from on strike factories. which I logged in and cataloged they all completely dissapeared into the either. No one knows where.

That's somewhere around 200 + EVs at least.

I still get all the info everyday. What it means is someone else's problem now. I have fought with my old bank for weeks now trying to get lot of my old investment back that they decided to fine for due to their claim that my rules changed when they decided to announce they were closing.

I did get a letter hoping I would file a complaint about the way it all with down with SCOTUS but I heard they ruled it as illegal then it seemed to die out. I noticed the Border crisis really died off after Texas and friends gained a Quorum towards a Convention quensos. And everything got easier too.

I imagine it is going to take several moths to get this all shook out. 


The ai fiasco it still driving me crazy.


Hopefully we can get pas this and forget Democrats were ever around soon. 


Keep Prepping Everyone!!! 


Monday, January 29, 2024

End of Jan 2024

 Made it to almost the end of Winter Although I am not sure how.  By sum miracle my roof repairs survived the unusual white outs and sudden blizzards of early January as did my last minute hay hauling and water shuffling as well. All the live stock has survived and I hope make it until I add in a few more hens and such.  My goal for this year is really maintaining the place as much as possible until the end.

I have even began picking out this years produce and of course I need to get the pluming damage taken care of before Autumn. Everything is still flowing fine but a couple of pipes lost some sides I will need to get fixed and a new water heater is in order too. The real problem in an timing it was really a bad time period for me as the government wants me to just retire and the old financial system is really trying to take all my remaining assets they can in fees.

End result is I am still up in the air yet.

Who knows how this crazy mess is gonna end? 

More coming soon!!! 

Keep prepping Everyone!!!!



Tuesday, January 23, 2024

End of January

 January 23rd

I have been pretty quiet for the last few weeks I admit as getting through this mess of A January has really sucked. Certainly we have had a few good days of warmer temps but that didn't last long and the more colder days are much more frequent. We finally got a big Midwest Plains Ice Storm as well

I was so worried keeping the stock alive and my new barn roof intact I completely missed my line in from the main  water line getting blown up and now I have that to repair too. I am happy to report that as of this might though no live stock deaths to report  yet and temps finally climbed back into the 40's.

Things should begin to improve once again, I hope!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Winter won;t Leave!!!

 So the forecast today promised lo teens until 1pm, Never seemed to make past 6 degrees until almost sundown that I felt but I did see some actual water on the trailer for a short bit.  I hauled three losds of water to the sheep and a cup to the chickems so everyone had some.

oh ya both AWOL sheep and the one AWOL hen showed up pretty soon after day break so igot emfed and watered as best I could. Now I see see the weather guys are forecasting another 2 days of below freezing temps and no warmth until next week, looks like another few days of wood scrounging. 

As accurate as they are they must be from Canada!!!

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

Monday, January 15, 2024

Still Here

Just a quick note to say we are still here and alive in case you are wondering. We started getting hit with the Arctic Air last Thursday and it was a steady -20 from there on even as most of the rest of the country was getting daily snow storms. The forecast hasn't really changed but by Saturday I realized we were gonna be dangerously short on small er wood by Sunday and when I tried to switch the splitter decided it was to cold so I have been making things work even while it remained -25 degrees.

Reports are claiming it is suppose to make it to 15 tomorrow and maybe 30 by Wednesday and a short above freezing relapse by the weekend but if it stays above zero I am happy.

My red hen is now missing in action and disappeared this afternoon some time but I suspect she is hiding with the goats on one of there top floors. My oldest Ewe is also missing now too. the sheep have just found a hay bale and burrowed down into it and basically said screw the barn and negatibe 25 degree crap for this year.

I have taken to wearing my Carhearts to bed and huddling up to space heaters myself.

USA should send some tactical Nukes to Canada newt week!!!


Keep Prepping Everyone!!! 



Thursday, January 11, 2024

Rescue Uperation


Can't really say too much really I put the chickens to bed Wednesday evening and the snow and I Ice glued it together to the point I could not get it opened Wednesdays and had to go and recruit extra tools to help. The Chickens were a bit stressed about it at first.

The snow melt exposed enough open grass that the sheep and goats are able to get some foraying done until I got some grass picked they are not happy with being left empty for three days. They will get over it. It is too early in the year around here yet for this. By Mid March things will be changing and the temps will be a bit nicer.

Largest issue as usual this time of year is continued wood cutting. It's a constant struggle especially since the wife keeps building the fires wile I ether stack and build em. She lets hers go out most of the time.

I reminded of this young girls that swear they are 10's and deserve a 10 young man that is 6 foot five and makes 500K a year!

Been looking forward to Spring let me tell you

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Snow Day


Didn't do a whole lot today except watch the storms roll by on thierway East and take care of emergencies here and there. So far things have progressed pretty mild. Most of the rain and snow stayed North or South or just whizzed by before much damage was done. The Arctic cold is not really forecast until next weekend and now kinda mentions alot of Arctic air may stay more North. What is it with weather people right now that each of them have to mention snow with an obvious giddy tone likes it makes em happy?

Lets hope things stay mild until this hateful Winter Cold is gone!!! Usually it begins to warm up here is Missouri in March but the Arctic air still concerns me I will be a nervous wreck until it is gone and I get the video problems figured our,

More time to wait. story of my like this time of year.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!