Thursday, September 29, 2022

Local Supply Issues and Early Fall Update


All told it wasn't a bad Summer around the Small-Hold. If you don't count a new subdivision being excavated out across the gravel road and the obvious population explosion in the local area making it almost impossible to even get gas around here now.

The wife did not feel like cooking dinner the other night so she talked me into running to the next town over (the one with the cops) for a burger, about 7 miles away. The old diner that was there closed up, the little Chinese place is take out only now and the small Mexican place is always packed to the gills and as loud as a popular dance bar on Saturday night now. Took about half an hour to get through the only fast food drive through and another 30 minutes at the local Dollar General which should just change it's name to mini Target now.

That would be a mini-Target for fat middle aged Karens not one of the real Targets that have the cute young girls in their pajamas running around.

I swear these damned Democrats want to make illegal new laws everywhere and every chance they get, why don't they make it a law that restricts new homes in places that do not have the infrastructure required for all the new houses and people? Do something useful for a change. 

Of course any little thing I would normally pick up on a usually short trip like this is now perpetually sold out.  Supply problems ya know? Of course those supply problems never seem to effect the flavors of those items no one likes do they? Nope only the good stuff has supply problems it seems. They have plenty of any product you could want as long as you have previously burned your taste buds out on the flavor no one buys anyway.

Made it home to my perpetual weeks on end of listening to excavators running almost 24/7. They have lowered the once beautiful corn field down by about 15 or 20 feet at the edge at least already. Not sure how deep they want the lake to be but I am at the top of the drain field here and my run off will not make it across the road to their new lake. I am no expert but damn it looks like that lake might fill up in two or three years at this rate, maybe. Looks to me like they might just end up making nothing but  a perpetual low swampy area more than a lake to me.

Probably will move trailers in too now with my luck.

Funny how my luck is only bad when it includes other people in the equation though. 

My potato and carrot experiments were lack luster at best this year. Not sure if it was the weird drought-like weather and heat or if I planted them wrong in the deep hay mulch or if it had something to do with the moles and millions of Pill Bugs that moved into the Hay Mulch areas. I barely got a double return on the Potatoes and the carrots were all stubby. Could have been my varieties too so I guess I need to try again next year.

I started harvesting my pole beans today and although they looked good a few weeks back it kinda looks like I am not going to get a big a yield as I thought. Would make sense with the poor Summer conditions but the plants are dying and drying off faster than year than usual. Not sure why but I usually get some more pods into October but doesn't look like it is going to happen this year. The heat may have broke but it has been unusually dry so far for September as well.

Tomatoes are still going pretty good though.Still can't get the Wife to even consider canning a few of them. We used to can a lot but she just claims it isn't worth it now. Things keep going like they have been I am betting she changes her tune by next year. Oh well she has that luxury for now and I still have no problem giving the excess away.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Is This It? - The Grand Melee?


I don't know how many know what a Grand Melee is. In truth it took on many forms depending on where and when it was held. Generally speaking a Grand Melee was set on the last few days of a Royal or highly sponsored and attended Medieval Tournament. The various participants would basically form small armies and war against each other. Sometimes these melees ranged for miles in the country side and ended up becoming actual mini wars that recruited previous non-combatants, had sieges, pretty much a no hold bars type of thing where depending on the times anything could and often did happen. Castles were captured and used then besieged, hostages were taken. Factions switched sides or formed alliances etc.

Of course politics of the time always had a big impact on these things. Grudges, current maneuvering or squabbles etc. could greatly influence how these melees often times progressed. Many an actual war spawned or were thwarted due to the outcome of these affairs. Let the wrong combatant be taken captive and his ransom could finance a war for years to come or ruin it's chance of beginning all to gather.  

The part of a Grand Melee that effects us today is not so much which Duke is maneuvering to place his Son in Law on a  throne or restrict some new Right the King claims is his but the fact that the peasants are basically just pawns in the entire affair.

Many people assume I am a Republican due to my steadfast opposition to Democrats. I am not. I am in fact a Constitutionalist and always have been. Under the current manifestation of the Democrat party that requires complete opposition to them simply on ideological beliefs if nothing else. Yet what we are really facing today is so far beyond simple party, National political affiliation, borders, race, gender etc. it now bears little in common with the world we once lived in.

The aristocrat politicians of the West figured out some time ago that actual power could be easily manipulated by influencing the Mob and what better vehicle for mob manipulation than the media for popularity and a citizenry of low intelligence voters? No law would be sacred. no right could be retained and any crime could be erased when you have the power of the mob behind you. It would still cost you though.

The Founding Fathers of the United States knew this. They gave us the perfect gift needed for a Christian peoples to defeat such a movement. They knew a Republic would lead to loose fiscal policy but they also knew that buying votes could work for a while but eventually those votes would cost too much to be sustainable. The Constitution has been under attack ever since but always geared towards a way to over come the law of supply cost for vote buying.

You might ask where this is going but the next step is to grow by numbers that increase power through those numbers. Unrestricted immigration, totally universal suffrage etc. The only way to keep the ponzi scheme viable is to constantly add to the base. For hundreds of years the political aristocracy has been playing the same game in the US. It did not matter what mask they wore it was all about gaining total control.

This is why many people will claim there is no difference between the parties. At many levels they are correct. What the populace vote buyers did not account for however was the power of the US Constitution and just how much violating the very rights written within it would inflate the price of vote buying.

This leads us to where we are today. The Western method of vote buying used by political families of all parties has become unsustainable. The parasites are over coming the host so the US began exporting it's vote buying democracy to the world. Democrats and RINO families alike have been in on this for generations. 

Want to understand why staunch Republicans turn and become closet or sudden Democrats? They are simply part of the World Political Aristocracy.  

Problem is the entire Western World is no longer sufficient to maintain the cost of keeping the illusion going. We are witnessing a Grand Melee between different Aristocratic Ideologies. Things are shattering. Allies will turn on allies, countries will flip for inexplicable reasons, alliances will be broken and movements will be exposed as lies, resources will become scarce. Always keep in mind however none of these factions are on our side. 

If you decide it is time to jump into this world wide grand melee  make sure whichever side you support follows the Constitution and Christian values to a T or you will eventually become a victim. There is only one form of government that can remain at the end and that is a Constitutional Representative Republic.  Everything else is just a dead end ponzi scheme.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Future More Uncertain Than Ever!!!


If I was teetering on the fence trying to choose my next move around here it was pretty much chosen for me today I imagine.

To tell you the truth this has been a very odd day since I got up this morning. All the way into work I had this surreal, dejaVu kind of feel going on where everything felt like a dream of the past more than the present. Like a foggy memory but one that took on a more focused visual quality at the same time.

I managed to get most of the T-post out from around the splitting tree and rolled up all the fence wire. I wasn't about to just leave it down as that is a guaranteed way to assure some dumb sheep will get tangled up in it. So I rolled it up all the way back to the gate and tied it off to the corner post.

Now I need to go and drop the tree. After I get it dropped I am going to let the sheep out in the field for the Fall and let them eat the leaves off the downed tree before cutting it up. At least that is the plan now that I know the sheep will not have to deal with fence wire tangled up in it. They are generally intelligent enough to get out of a downed tree but not one with tangled wire to deal with as well.

Trust me a sheep that can remember where a gate is from one day to the next is a genius.

Going in and checking the latest news pretty much sealed my fate for the future though. Nord Stream 1 and 2 sabotaged? After a warning that something would happen if Italy voted to go Right?

It is time to put my tinfoil hat on once again. This entire thing has the feel of world classed conspiracy about it. O'Bummer-Joe has even announced destroying the pipe-lines months ago before he even started financing the Ukraine BS. Holland attacking their own farmers with rumors of removing agriculture and manufacturing out of Europe to the Americas. Cause they need more room for housing all the soon to come immigrants. America giving it's fossil fuels away and now proclaiming we can supply Europe's energy needs this Winter? 

That witch Piglosi showing up out of the blue in Armenia, of all places, right when relations go hot with Azerbaijan? 

These latest moves just seem to confirm my theory that we are on a course for war and the Western Liberal's are counting on it to create their view of utopia. The New Liberal World order and WEF focusing on agriculture in Western North America and South America with peons forced into over crowded cities on the East coast and Europe, mostly. Perhaps far West coast as well. The liberal ideology is failing fast and a forced war with the East is about the only hail mary play they have left.

Regardless I am here and here I will remain. If this is the last chapter for this place I will be there when it ends I guess. I think I may have figured out a way forward no matter how bad things get in the near term but that will take me a bit of time to get it worked out. Who knows things may become unavailable before next week at the speed things are changing right now so we all may very well be stuck with what we have on hand right now for the rest of our lives.

I hope I am wrong but everything seems to be pointing at the same end result that I can see right now.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2022

Now For This Week's Problem


Always some thing ain't it? Actually this isn't really a problem, at least not a real problem as it is easily handled and while it will require a bit of work it's not like it is expensive to fix or something.

I got the 8N and Brush hog out Sunday to start mowing in the back area that I just let grow this year. Normally I mow the back fields about once a month or so but with gas prices and the heat this Summer I just decided to let it go. So I hadn't been around this tree for a few months now.  I was walking along the fence that allows access over into the old horse pasture as my ultimate plan here is to turn my retired old ewes out into the now regrowing hay field for a month or so and allow the close in pastures to sit idle for a bit.

But first I have to get the tall nasty weeds, especially those with sticky seed pods, mowed down and close the gate over to the old horse pasture.

The 8N fired up like the champion she is. Man I love those old 6 volt batteries. You leave any of these 12 volt prim-adonna  type batteries sit idle for almost 3 months and you better have a power pack with ya but those old 6 volt batteries can sit all Winter and be ready to go in the Spring.

I got off to check this area behind the tree out along the fence and I kept hearing this groaning and cracking. When I go to check it out I see this split. It actually opened up a few inches while I was watching it. Good thing I hadn't mowed there yet. I had an 8 to 10 MPH wind moving it yesterday and then today gusts upto 15 MPH but no luck on finishing the toppling process yet. Suppose to be pretty calm tomorrow so I will chance getting under there and clearing the fence out to save my T-posts and then see about bringing it down completely.

This is actually two trees that grew together. It's a Mullberry tree and they have a bad habit of growing together like this. This is one of the weed trees that I have just been letting grow for harvesting later around here for 20 years. If Mullberry and BoxElder trees had commercial value I would be rich. Actually both specie have some advantages going for them, just not good enough to make em worth anything. Mullberry has to be in my opinion one of the best firewood trees out there except it grows kinda slow. If I cut that tree down tomorrow it will still be burnable 20 years from now. Mullberry around here just does not rot. It also refuses to grow straight more than a foot or two otherwise they would make excellent fence posts.

I was down looking the split over tonight which goes all the way into the roots in the middle but trying to notch it from the outside is going to cause at least a bit of an up angle on the shelf and no way to wedge it from the inside of the crack. Looks like it is heavy enough on the top to over come this but it could cause a twist too. I am actually wondering if I can just give this somewhat dangerous set up a bit of a nudge or maybe even use a bottle jack in the crack itself and let it fall naturally rather than help it along with the saw cuts first. It only needs a few more feet of lean to be pretty safe unless it rolls anyway.

Either way I hope to get this cut this week to let the sheep out on that field for a bit before Winter and get it split and stored in one of my shed that might allow enough of it to cure to burn this next Spring a bit. It may have enough time as dry as it has been for the smaller stuff anyway.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


Sunday, September 25, 2022

Put em on the Endangered Species List

 So these woke youngsters want Diversity and a Strong Female lead do they?

Writers and Movie makers were decades ahead of ya kid. Just saying.

Sunday Reading - Debt


As early as I can remember I have been told that debt is a bad thing. I can't remember any male ever disagreeing with the fact that debt was a bad thing as a child or even younger adult. Debt was an evil monster in movies and stories of failures, Why even Shakespeare wrote about how bad debt was.

Seemed like the only universal belief in my life was that debt was bad. Well there was that belief about avoiding any woman named Nicole but I got over that one. Anyway anyone of any importance all agreed with that concept without fail, even my old Staunch Southern (Well Missourian) Democrat grandfather and my Kansas Red-leg union railroad company Man Grandfather agreed. Debt was bad.

I figured if anything could get those two to agree on something it was a universal rule to live by and neither one of them ever knew a Nicole anyway I bet and if they did they never said anything.

Because of their universal rule I have gone my entire life without debt, except one time I faltered due to pressure from my first wife, and I learned my lesson. Hard and fast...

To this day I do not have an ounce of debt except my property taxes. I do not own a credit card and I guess we still owe money on the wife's car but not that much as I know we put 50% down on it. So ya I guess I did forget about that. My truck however we paid cash for.

It just seems to me these days the powers that be are slowly removing every benefit and means or avenue to becoming and staying as debt free as possible.   

Looking over options and ways to survive, thrive and progress during this latest round of Democrat Tyranny (sorry grandpa but even you would be a Republican now) I keep coming to the conclusion that everything is designed to try and put me into debt. Hell I paid this place off with CASH along with the interest my mother still owed, which was not inconsiderable (and another lesson in how debt was bad) and the entire price for 30+ acres back then would barely pay for half a Mc Mansion here now. Six figures resting in long term stock holdings that are falling fast in value every day and the easiest way for me to start my construction projects I want is to go into debt. I will not do it.

These people are bound and determined to make sure my entire life equals nothing before I die unless I go into debt and it equals negative something but at least I will be able to get things done I guess.

Right now I am teetering between taking cash out or perhaps shedding an asset or two. With today's uncertainty neither option seems ideal but who know's if the cash would even be worth anything by the time this idiot in office is removed? 

But then another idea creeps into my consciousness.  There doesn't seem to be a downside to all this debt these people keep amassing either. Where does it end or where/when do the old dangers of debt come back? 

Further thinking makes me believe they are just setting it up so everyone feels the bad side at once. Catch everyone by surprise, even those who do think ahead. Well I maybe living rough if this continues cause I am not going into debt but for the first time I can remember it actually looks like there ain't much downside to going into debt either. They are even going to make us pay for student loan debt for others now. I paid my own on the way too, looks like I was a sucker there as well.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


Saturday, September 24, 2022

Working on Water Solutions


This focus on water issues is actually a renewed effort. One of the first projects I took on around here was water issues. Any casual stroll around an old farm in this neck of the woods will prove how water issues have always been a big problem for small farms in this region and almost every one of them approached the issue in the same manner and then switched to the exact same solutions as time went by.

A hand well was dug, a cistern was put in the ground, often times gutters were eventually ran into the cistern with a hand pump installed over it and if they were really creative a hand pump in the kitchen was also connected. 

A pond was scooped out to collect water for the live stock and sometimes extra wells were dug/pushed into the ground with a larger hand pump installed on top around the place.

When electricity became available well pumps were built and in ground pipes dug.

When/if county water lines became available they were switched over to that for the house and nearby use while the ponds still used for the stock.

The small hold has all the above. The hand dug well is still here and actually still refills itself slowly. I wouldn't trust it though cause it isn't the deepest thing either. I probably should have filled it in years ago but I capped it with concrete and a metal lid just in case. Bottom line not an option I want to start using with the amount of chemicals left on today's soil.

The main water pump that was integrated into the system went dry back in the 70's I think. My guess is it was drilled in the 1930s by some of the junk still laying around in the pump house. Whenever the county water was brought into the house someone had the bright idea of then connecting the house and pump together into one system. Which I guess makes sense as it would have been much cheaper when the well did go dry. 

Of course when the well went dry the pump had to be disconnected from the "Chef Boyarde" Frankenstein system. The rain water gutter system into the cistern and kitchen hand pump were already long abandoned along with the mostly forgotten hand dug well. There were still two hand pump well heads that had been abandoned closer to the barn but were already intermittent in refilling.

I have seen this exact time line on probably 100 old farm houses my entire life. I have probably seen every type of hand water pump installed and rusting away around the region that has ever been tried. I especially like the ones that have the million little cups in them on a long chain that brings the water up a cup at a time as you turn the crank.

Eventually pipes were run and the frostless spigots were installed pretty much everywhere.

This is what I walked into when I came back to this place.

As I mentioned it was one of my first projects around here and also one of my largest failures. 

The particular problem with water here is the freezing issue of course and the heaving and/or layered freezing that will trap water in between layers of ice that will then freeze and bust any above ground storage container. 

You can use heaters or agitators but that requires electricity ran to the tanks and you still need to get water to that point. Many around here just kept relying on catchment ponds or at most drilled a new well. At the height of our immediate area new wells have been unheard of for years. They are just too expensive. 

My problem is I have been racking my brain trying to come up with a solution that is 100% sustainable in a total grid down situation.

My original solution was repairing and replacing the gutters, adding the cistern back into the system as emergency storage for the stock animals and the garden. Also repairing the gutters on our fairly large barn and adding in some large above ground open tanks that I then drained for Winter.   

This has worked for years. The pond has filled up and needs repaired but has not been needed since the horses are no longer a concern and I am down to just 11 Sheep and 3 goats. However recently the cistern is itself beginning to leak and all the new construction around here is really stressing the county water reserves too. It's too the point that the water pressure is not even half what it used to be at certain times. If I had not had what collection and storage I have left I would not have been able to water the garden as much as this drought year brought us. It has basically moved my once more than adequate solution to the status of needs immediate attention.

Only real solution I can come up with is a new underground cistern but that of course is going to require more excavating work hired out.

Unless I buy my own backhoe or attachment. Perhaps that is my next move? Either that or a lot of digging with a shovel... I thought I had these issues fixed but everything changes and deteriorates with time.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


Friday, September 23, 2022

State of the Small-Hold Final

There were of course a few issues I did not mention in yesterday's post that I will soon have to tackle. Luckily my solar set up is still producing above the 60% or so range. Not that I have ever planned on using it for more than battery recharge duties and a short back up for my wood furnace anyway. The panels are still over half good and producing at about 65% while one of my batteries in the storage bank is now barely storing 10%. It is still allowing the flow through the chain however. 

Aside from a water issue I also will soon be facing a wood issue. Frankly all my available sources of wood are now drying up. I have probably enough between what I have stored and what is left on this property to cut to last this year but after that it will be over unless I can find a new source area. I can alleviate the problem a bit by switching from the full house wood furnace to my old backup wood stove, which I have always planned on doing if a full collapse happens anyway. The wood furnace has always been way overkill regardless in my opinion but I had the time to cut and it made the Wife happy to run the furnace. She may have to get used to temperatures I find comfortable rather than the one she prefers this Winter however.

My largest complaint about the Small-Hold has always been the lack of trees. It is a good thing I started planting and allowing trees to grow almost 20 years ago or we would not have enough available for this Winter.

I am seriously thinking about selling off all my hay equipment. Frankly I am not physically able to square bale the entire place and store it anyway and hiring local help could be turned into a MEME these days. If things get so bad that the only way we can get hay is by me doing it myself with my 1950's equipment. Well I would just cut it and store it loose in that case while leaving all the fields open for year round foraging. 

With the horses now gone and only 11 sheep and 3 goats left I think I could get away with loose cutting and emergency only storage for years.

Speaking of sheep. If it came to it I still have probably a year or more worth of mutton on the hoof if needed. Probably 2 years now that I think on it. I may have stopped facilitating the breeding of sheep but sometimes as the old saying goes "Life finds a way". I still have five sheep out there less than three years old and 2 less than 4 years old. If nothing changes the Small-Hold will still have sheep for several years yet. 

Most of my stored preps are still good and have several more years before they should require switching, rotating or removing. 

To be honest as long as it doesn't get too cold or too dry I could close my front door and last a couple of years without leaving the place. Water would only become an issue if we keep watering livestock and wood if I want to keep the wife from complaining about being cold. 

One serious issue, that I seem to be the only one who understands just how serious it is, happens to be another water issue. The county water that is piped into the place does not completely turn off. Even if I take my special wrench for turning it off at the main by the road, the water will continue to seep in at a slow pace, maybe a gallon a day or so. I put my own turn off inside the house (actually I have two in a row in case one fails) BUT it is possible for the line to still freeze where it actually enters the foundation of the house outside. One year it got so cold here during one of those special arctic blasts (I am no longer allowed to call them Alberta Clippers) that I had to break out the inside of the foundation to fix the leak. I have mentioned the faulty shut off valve to the water people and they simply do not care so I am forced to keep the lines open no matter how cold it gets to keep them from freezing at certain points.

I may have to dig out the main line and install my own shutoff if things look like they are going to get that bad.

I am not going to start putting up links right now but with half the world preparing for or already in a conflict. Every world leader and government it seems screaming warnings of this Winter, what is already known to be an extremely bad harvest this year. A brain dead Democrat PoTUS AND Congress (I know redundant). I am also seeing memos and changes business-wise that are very worrying etc. I don't think I have ever seen things go this bad this fast before. In many ways this is worse than even the Obummer years. I am worried and we have very little time.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!