Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Light Traffic

 I finished up the two dozen or so vehicles that were shipped in Sunday and Monday in what appeared to be a time sensitive manner but luckily only for Monday I guess as nothing else needed to come in after the holiday pay scale ended. I got the last one done this morning right before the rain hit so they can all get placed in a spot next too the other plethora of unsold vehicles we got taking up space. Out of all these top priority deliveries only two were actually sold and one of them was an F-150 Lightening that has already been delayed by months so they missed there time frame already by a long shot.

I been doing this long enough to recognize a hurried inventory  switch when I see one, even if I am unsure exactly what the main motive behind it is. Honestly the actual numbers don't seem suspicious to me as much as the fact that every F-150 actually had gas in the tanks for a change. I have not seen that in literally years some one was in real hurry to get these vehicles delivered to not drain the gas in em first.

The unexpected little rush caused me to delay getting my favorite mower back to the shop for a new starter. No matter what I tried best I could do was get the starter to whine a little bit and I knew it was getting weak anyway. I should have just got a new one installed two weeks ago when I had other stuff done to it but I thought it would last the rest of the Summer.  I also had one of my little cucumber seedlings dry up in this hot dry weather we been having and one of the hose splitters begin leaking too so when I was done this morning I needed to make a little supply run.

I cannot go so far as too claim what I witnessed on my supply run was a new normal or anything after one day but I have not witnessed traffic in the city this light since like the 1980's. Especially on a Wednesday and I went down the main fast food Blvd trek right at noon too. Usually that run is a combat zone every day and twice that on a week day. It was positively empty as a Midnight drive on Christmas Eve. Pretty eerie honestly I shall have to see if it continues like this. Usually the State Worker types come screaming out at about 11:30 and make the place a mad house until 1:30 or so and divert me around the whole mess if I find myself down there during those times. But not today.

When I made it home someone had placed a sign on my property corner directing people down the gravel road I have as my Western border. I went to investigate and it was an advertisement for new open houses for showing all through June. I can't stop these idiots from selling all the land that is left around here but they sure ain't gonna place signs for it on my land to do it though. I see someone did remove the sign from the gravel road once I threw the trespasser off though. I did not want some local to run over it and cause damage. I am sure I would be found libel somehow.

I am not sure if I ever wrote up the story about the Radar tower that almost ate my hay field some 30 odd years ago. Setting on the edge of all this national park land someone got the idea that the regional airport needed a new radar tower and my hay field was the perfect location as the highest spot with road access or some such excuse. The state condemned my field and won the court case of course but my neighbor decided to put up a 100 foot grain silo during the court proceedings. Man were those airport land stealers pissed but they actually gave the land back to me and moved their radar tower about a mile further South.

As I figure from the sign these new houses are now about 2 miles closer to the regional airport than I ever was. Maybe all these new immigrant will force the regiona airport to expand once again, this time into their new 30 foot yards and force em to get rid of their side by side garages. It's the little things that make me smile now.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Never Seen It This Bad


So the delivery terminal out of St. Louis for vehicles has been a PITA for as many years as I can remember. Since most of the deliveries I get come from that terminal I figured all the problems were just due to the laws of numbers and averages and just ignored it for the most part. Things like deliveries on the lot in the middle of the night but no keys left that then mysteriously show up in an already checked drop box two days later, stuff like that. When I saw we had Memorial Day and then end of month two days after I figured I was going to be hit hard this weekend what I didn't expect was for it to start off Sunday morning and then culminate in something like 8 individual loads of one truck per load, all from the same place mind you, for Monday.

That is eight individual Semi-Trucks and trailers. One per vehicle and I am betting eight different drivers plus a trainee each, one per truck. AT holiday pay I imagine.  

Luckily I saw something like this coming so I went into work yesterday and had em all straightened out physically yesterday but it still took me five hours to get the paperwork in order this morning. Funny they had plenty of drivers making holiday pay but no one in the office to keep the paperwork going. I finally had to just go and record all the vehicles without paper trails or docs and resort to just turning in all those that had been pre-ordered to turn in.

One time years ago this very terminal I speak of got a pre-ordered GT 500 in for us for a collector. They held that vehicle at the terminal for 10 days so they could deliver it on July 4th all by itself and get another driver holiday pay and forcing the buyer to wait. Their excuse at the time was that they were waiting in hopes they would have more vehicles to make a load. I wonder if they are aware that I was at work yesterday as their convoy of singles showed up?

It's not like they were all private contractors or something.

Funny thing is not even one delivery today though. Funny isn't it? It has been weeks since this particular terminal has sent a delivery out to us on a Sunday or Monday. It is almost always a Wednesday thru Friday affair for them but we had to get 8 singles yesterday and mysteriously not even one delivery today. 

At least all the F-150's had gas in em for a change, guess everyone was in a hurry to get em gone for once.

I am telling ya it amazes me that dishonesty and basic corruption has seeped in as far as it has these days where even bottom tiered employees just take it for granite.  No wonder every business out there now complains they cannot turn a profit. Maybe these guys can find a job with the next company that gets the contract?

Keep Prepping Everyone!!! 


Sunday, May 28, 2023

Sunday Reading - Western Collapse Day 732


My planting is done, unless I add in something but I won't know that until I do it as any extra planting will just be spontaneous cause I can sort of stuff type of thing. I still have some space and stuff I could use if I wanted to. I did get 12 pumpkin plants started for the patch which I won't plant now until at least July. I like to be past the main squash bug dangers before putting in too many pumpkins. 

I used about 200 gallons of stored rain water on this planting and finally ran my irrigation hoses yesterday.  I have a frost spigot out there for garden and stock use but since I now have no stock isolated out that far and the spigot stopped working this Winter I just decided to not even get it repaired. I may at some point but I was really more interested in seeing how far I could go on just run off from my garden shed to be honest and see how far into the growing season I could get from day one salvaging what I have on hand. No inputs from the outside as kinda trial run if you will. It has been a really dry Spring around here too and so far I have managed to get by using only rain water and a large open top storage tank. I think if I sink some money into it I could probably go indefinitely especially using the hay mulch to retain moisture. 

Of course it hasn't been really hot and dry here yet, so I imagine I will need water inputs before August unless I do add some new equipment for storage at least. So far it's just been minor watering to keep the seedlings alive a bit. I am going to look into some better storage solutions that will need to be drained each Winter but I have a few feet of height yet to work with and if I go under ground I got several useless hand pumps around too as our old wells have dried up.

I haven't written much about the Ukraine situation much lately as little seems to change but I saw it mentioned that there is a BRIC meeting scheduled in Western Russia in June. I also saw where several Western "journalist" are going on about Bakmuht(sp?) still and a Ukraine offensive is coming or how Russia is making little progress etc. My theory about Ukraine has not changed. Russia cares nothing about anything West of the Dnieper in my opinion and are only there as a constant thorn in the Western Side. All part of the BRIC nations waiting game as they wait for reality to take it's toll.

Until then it's the only money laundering and power game Western Liberal Feminist have I guess  unless they can get something going with China.

For this Summer I have three experiments going between the water issues, new Potatoe and Corn planting methods and I am planting a few Tobacco plants again this year, so I guess 4 experiments. We will see how they turn out so far the Corn is not looking very worthwhile to be honest.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


Friday, May 26, 2023

The Collapse of The Liberal Feminist Woke Democrat West Day 730


Today has been a landmark day for the collapse. Targae (mis-spelling intended) saw a pretty substantial quarterly loss and stock downgrade after hiring and then lying about removing their pet Satanist artist clothes designer, Disney (Bob Iger) is still reeling from major profit losses and announced they are also removing the main culprits and Activist writers/directors too and plan on catering to the "fans" once again. We will see if they can or even will try to carry through on it The boycott of Bud light continues and is doing some serious damage to AB and the 8 Billion plus loss in revenue trying to appease the Femcrats and LBGQ-whatever lobby and Ford is still feeling the sting for their EV switch among other Electric car companies too. Scotus handed the ATF and the BribeMe administration (formerly known as the Biden Crime family) a significant legal loss over the pistol brace ruling and our we up to 24 States now in the Legal case law suit against BribeMe? I lost count.

I thanked God he has allowed me enough life to see these days before my end during my evening chores tonight!!! 

None of the above are really the bottom line either. The Dollar continues to wane against the rest of the world, Feminist allied governments are sinking faster than BribeMe America and I think at least the Woke Allied Corporations in the West are beginning to get very frightened. The Femocrat politicians are now crying louder for Reparations (vote buying) since making responsible American's pay property taxes for the less responsible "under served" scheme seems to be gaining em little traction yet.

The bright-side to all this is the source of these losses isn't because Real Americans have finally put a stop to Femocrat vote buying schemes, theft or money laundering but the rest of the world not infected by their Feminist culture and bribe money has finally turned on em. This collapse will continue to it's end no matter what they do I imagine as the entire thing depends on money theft from someone else, and I plan on surviving it as long as I can just so I can watch and chronicle it.

If you are wondering Day 1 for my timeline is now the Day BribeMe took office. The true last gasp of Democracy in the West.

All and all a good start for a Memorial Day holiday weekend. As I mentioned yesterday I had to go into work this morning and it did not disappoint either. Took me three hours of poking around just to get to the first vehicle of my new delivery problem children. I had mentioned with the three day weekend coming followed closely by the end of the month I was going to be positively bombarded with Vehicle deliveries yesterday. The transport company has hired a bunch of new inexperienced drivers and were sending every type of odd duck vehicle they saw to pad their numbers and switch em out of their own stock on hand column I guess. I had two last minute drop offs by private contractors dumbed in the parking lot with no paperwork or trail I had to figure out and third unknown truck that was mixed into a load from Thursday Morning that was not showing up on any new vehicle database I checked.

Finally after three hours I popped into the owner's office and said "Help Me Mr. ___ you're my only hope" As a Dealership owner he has a bunch of identifying tools at his disposal no one else has but in almost 15 years (maybe more if I really check the dates) I have only needed to ask him for help maybe three times. 

There is an ex-executive that retired years ago in the area that gets a free yearly vehicle as part of his retirement agreement and also can lease any Ford model he wishes from corporate for like 12 bucks a month too. Every year he got a black Limited F-150. I have chatted with the guy quite a bit over the years but I guess when the great Covid-Scamdemic started they stopped his vehicles and the program for a couple years and he is an old guy so I never knew what happened. Well he is still around and I guess so is the program again but I don't have a high enough security clearance (joke) to have access to it yet. 

I should have known but this time he got a White Limited and I never put two and two together. I am going to have to ask him why when I see him.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Grass Clipping Fairy


Had a busy day at work. Looks like either corporate or the transport company or both are up to their old tricks again hiring massive amounts of untrained or under trained newbies as truckers and throwing them into combat on their own while delivering everything they can find so it looks like the vehicles are sold even when they sit around collecting dust. Of course as usual every f-150 not from the KC plants are completely drained of fuel. Some poor soul tried to deliver one last night and ran out of gas in the middle of the parking lot. First thing I had to do this morning was find the OSHA approved can and then figure out how to pour it with only two hands to move the now out of gas F-150 out of the drive so customers could come in.

All and all I ended up getting 15 assorted vehicles inputed, stickered and assigned etc today and it took me a good 8 hours most of that time was spent putting gas in empty tanks and moving them to where they are suppose to go rather than where ever the truck drivers thought was easiest. I also spent a good amount of time matching up keys to vehicles since it is too complicated for the factories to do that as a matter of habit or something.

I swear I am betting every new Ford younger than 2 years old is driving around with the wrong emergency keys inside their FOBs now due to simple factory incompetence. While I was straightening out the mess that was dropped off last night/early this morning two private haulers showed up and dumped two more (one each) F-150's on me in front of the sales lot with no paperwork and not even a hello or take these trucks and shove em memo. I just happened to see them as I left at 4PM.

So no matter what I know I have work for tomorrow lol. If those trucks are per-ordered I bet the customers got an email last week they were already here.

The bright spot of the day however was when I got home and noticed a brand new truckload of grass clippings steaming away at the top of my drive. I forgot Memorial day is Monday and the guy who has the contract to mow the small town cemetery about 2 miles down the road always collects the clipping on this weekend and brings em to me. He has been doing this for years and I just add em into my mulching and composting for that extra bit of Nitrogen I am usually lacking due to so much brown hay use. Several years ago all the loose silk flowers I picked up was kinda frustrating but they are all gone now in the more recent loads.

He uses an older f-350 and fills the bed with a tarp on the bottom and just drives up unloads em in the same spot we set up for him 10 years ago. I just find comfort in things like that. No muss no fuss just a little bit of effort that benefits everyone involved. I have a couple of buckets and just take a 10 gallon load out every time I go to the garden and just add em into the hay as I go. Saturday I will make a few trips directly to the compost piles though to get my green mixed in with my brown.

I got everything planted now but 12 Tomato plants I am giving a few more days to harden off and then I will start my Pumpkin seedlings. I filled a few bare area where the corn did not sprout as thick as I wanted and noticed the potatoes are now pushing through the mulch too. Gonna be interested to see how the corn and potatoes do in this new area and and more hands off way of growing em too.

Looking forward to a holiday weekend too!!!

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Prepping/Homesteading and Surviving Feminism MGTOW

 I didn't know it at the time but by the late 80's when my mother was about to lose this farm she had managed to get free and clear through the divorce and the Female Biased family court scams in the US during the last couple of decades of the 1900's. I like a dutiful son gave her the money to pay off the 1st and 2nd mortgages she had put on the place and then couldn't payoff.

Now my mother was a horse woman so by the time I hit the early teens I had figured out to run from those types as fast as I could but I couldn't let her be thrown out on the street either. So I helped her out. I remember the offer at the time was I would now be the beneficiary of the monthly payments etc. etc. that no longer needed to be paid to the mortgage company. I never saw a dime of that and honestly never expected to anyway.

I didn't live out here then, my mother did for a while then started living with a local guy but never fully abandoned this place and always had horses here of course. I eventually got married in the early 90's and like so many men from that period got divorced myself after the wife watched her 1000th episode of "Sex in the City" and started down her middle aged depression.

By that time I already knew how the deck was stacked against Men in this country. The Ex finally had gotten herself a fairly good (paying) job with a Democrat Union  by lying on her resume. Hired a lawyer who specialized in Taking men to the cleaners, She had ran up huge bills while I was on the road working for a start up Point of Sale company and then left one night while I was stuck in Dallas. She cleaned out all the bank accounts, maxing out my credit card and removing everything in the house of value.  Got immediate temporary custody of our son and then rented in apartment and moved some cocaine dealer guy in with her.

Now you might be thinking this is going to end the same way as any other Feminist hating male from the early 90's story usually did but you would be wrong. I knew enough not to play her game as my ex inflated and lied as to the prices for every "support" number she could come up with. I knew my Ex and I knew she lacked one thing in particular. Patients. 

Through some contacts I had I took a new job that required no traveling and hired the cheapest lawyer I could find who it just so happened was retired but had a disliking for the Female lawyer my wife had hired. Did I mention he was cheap?

I then began an almost 5 year campaign. Every time the wife, who was paying about 1200 bucks an hour for her lawyer changed something or asked to go to court I would also either change something or file an attachment claiming our marriage was salvageable and we were working it out. After a few years she had managed to lose custody of our son (which I got in her stead) which meant she lost all support but now had to pay on the scale her own lies had placed us into. I got a new job and her Lawyer found out what my percentage was by asking a waitress that worked in the restaurant right outside my office. While I was listening with an open door mind you she had no idea what I looked like.

I actually knew the lawyer was there because she had represented about every woman in the area during their divorce including the sous chef right outside my office door who was the Male target of one of her attacks.

I had already given my lawyer friend the ok to allow the filing to go to court and we had our final hearing scheduled for next week. The final dirty attack came that next week when in court her lawyer accused me of hiding the fact that I owned this farm. It was then while we recessed so the records could be checked I said a prayer for the fact I had never had the title changed or anything. I was gonna make my mother pay the damned taxes if nothing else at least.  I waited another 5 years after my divorce before taking possession of the place and having the title legally changed over.

If it had not been for the fact that I had that kind of family relationship I would have lost this place back then. As it turned out the ex's lawyer even mentioned she had been at the Restaurant that night and I pointed out if I had so many recently divorce husbands as enemies as she did, I would not eat out locally. The woman turned as White as a sheet and walked away.

My lawyer than declared the remaining balance on my account was paid if full as it was worth any amount to see someone finally shut that B^&tch up.

After this I had learned two important things I wish to share with younger Men. I was really interested in Men's Rights and MGTOW back then when they were just really getting started. I can remember the old discussions and used to write about them alot. I recently have realized the fight continues and from my point of view the courts are not as Female Biased as they used to be but haven't improved by much either really and the young women these days seem to be many times worse than they were back then.

I recently watched an MGTOW video where it was claimed Men who are not married by 30 have a much smaller chance of getting remarried. Don't you believe that. Most women are much more agreeable once they have passed 30 or so and the problem I had was keeping them away from me. Most tried to move in the first night but since I also had custody of my son I claimed I had a rule against that. I had more female stalkers in my 30's and 40's than ever before in my life.

When someone says "all Women are like that" don't believe it. I was always accused of being what was called way back when a "Purple Pill" as I always claimed not all women were like that. My real claim was that at some point they will all use the biased powers they were given but the goal was to not let it get that far. Too many men think they need to find some church going lady or something like that but what you need to find is a Woman with the most realistically kindest and fair heart you can who will do things herself. Not someone who gets magnanimous because they donate to feed children in Africa or pay to donate for neutering stray cats or something like that. But someone who makes it a point to be fair to everyone no matter the circumstances. Men and women of that bent are rare but both are out there.

I will admit my divorce set me on the MGTOW path but it was the biased courts that added staying away from government as the more important part of that than just Women and that is what really started me down the path of Homesteading and Prepping most. Government seems just as eager to put you into the debt trap as anyone else, never forget that. Never forget that and never stop looking for that perfect lady she is out there. Don't think that having a tattoo makes one automatically bad either some of the most kind hearted Women I have met have had one or two as well. This isn't the 50's any more!!


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Birds of A Feather

Not only did I get all my mulching and all of the important planting done yesterday and today I was able to spot the last two wild life species that have flourished around here for decades but I had not found any yet this year.

The last few days the Bobwhite quail have been going crazy with the mating calls and wandering around. I have identified at least four specific Males calling so at least I am assured that some of the population from across the road survived and moved over here. That is not quite the usual total I would get between the two spots but more than the two or three I had on this side. One particular male has claimed some old hay bales just a few feet from the garden edge as his favorite spot and calls constantly while I am out in the garden.

I then also spotted a Redwing Blackbird on the East pasture fence yesterday, which is the first one I have seen this year so far. We used to get literally 1000's of em around here every late Spring. Every field had one for almost every fence post. Problem is this year a lot of the fields are gone or filled with cattle now and not filled seed bearing plants. I was beginning to despair that we had seen the end of them around here now. Not sure what was up with the Redwings but they would disappear in June and go somewhere else I would not see them except in May and June. Like I said though we would get 1000's of them for a short bit.

So between the Quail, Red-wings, Mated Blue Bird pairs. tree frog survivors/refugees and nightly local Goose visits it appears I can still count on those visitors showing. It has been several years since I had nightly Deer visits or seen Turkey out in my fields so I can't blame their disappearance on the new immigrants or the houses. It has been several decades since the Prairie Chickens would come up and steal grain from the sheep too but the mated pair of Bald Eagles did leave a new adolescent eagle here this Winter and The vultures came back in Spring. Even if they continue to develop whats as yet UN-touched near me I imagine I will keep these survivors now. I hope.

I started hardening off the last few Tomatoes that still need planting yet and I am sure there are going to be a few spots I will need to fill before I am done. I am afraid I planted the first three rows of corn too deep cause I have very sporadic shoots yet so I may put some more seed in the ground tomorrow while they still have time to mostly catch up with the plants that have already sprouted. or so I hope.

Now it's going to be weed control and mulching the spots that I covered too lightly as the new seedlings grow. Oh and more composting again for a few months. Gives me lots of time to just lounge in the shade and watch my fields grow. Makes the goats happy they much prefer it when a human is outside with them.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

Monday, May 22, 2023

Feels Like It's Getting Closer


It may just be my imagination but the time between paychecks for some people must be expanding a bit. I am not afraid to admit that I have a little less in my spending account this month considering the time it is on the monthly scale but that isn't what made me think of this topic really. What I have is more than what I would need for the rest of the month but my account did flag me as being lower than I had set as limit to make me aware of which got me thinking this morning about why.

First off I did not plug either of the main expenditures I have paid off the last two weeks in. I honestly was not expected to be paying for the shearing until June but my shearer admitted he was free this Sunday cause someone else had backed out of him. Secondly I also had set up  a time for the roofer to come by after the first for the small bit I needed him to fix and he had begged me to do it last week if I could possibly afford it. I could and did as he said he really needed the money before the first for himself and his family. No biggy but again a minor issue I had to squeeze in that made my on hand cash account fall a bit more than I usually allow it to.

There was also the unexpected vet bills for this new drop off cat but we actually have most of that budgeted in as a necessity since vet visits are not uncommon for us or should I say the wife she is pretty paranoid when it comes to her pets and will automatically take any stray animal to the vet when they show up. 

Just seems to me I am hearing almost everyone I have contact with complaining about being short this month. Usually in an off hand manner like one of the guys at work mentioning how long this pay period seems to be lasting, or a service writer complaining one of his customer's is giving him the run around about paying. That type of thing.

I also noticed one of the Vblogs I follow mentioning today that almost 78% of Americans are filing for some form of bankruptcy these days. Seems high to me but since I have been debt free since before 2000 not something I have much knowledge about to be honest. I have notice we once again are buried under finished work that has not been picked up promptly but I am used to seeing those types of memos close to EOM anyway. 

I will admit though this last two weeks of May seem to be dragging along I can deny that.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!