Friday, January 27, 2023

2023 The Aftermath


I know there are many out there that will not agree. Even I am having a hard time grasping the full concept of what I believe now is the end. I have been wrestling with this for a couple of months now trying to fully understand what I think I am seeing but it is finally becoming more real to me. We are seeing the complete collapse of the liberal Feminist social Justice system. America was subjugated sometime ago from within but the flaw has always been that by weakening the West these same Feminist presented the West's enemies with the time and environment they needed to establish their own dominance and throw off the Western yoke they had been forced to live under.

Nothing I am seeing today either on a local, national or world stage. is playing out differently than many much smarter Men (and even some Women) saw and prophesied as coming decades ago. 

I am sure I am going to have years to point out observations of this defeat because it isn't going to go away fast, nor get that much better any time soon. The Liberal Feminist Democrats types are not admitting defeat yet. They are still hoping and trying. It isn't over by a long way. What finally sealed my belief was actually what I see around me everyday. The tide turned back in 2016 and this covid/free money/Ukraine/vote steal period has been their last final push to take Antwerp and slow the gains made by their enemies by the Democrat One world types and their RINO allies. It hasn't worked.

It failed badly as they did not have time to pull off any real gains before reality set in.

The end of the Petro-Dollar was the final seal but as I say the die was cast even before then. 

There will as I mentioned be plenty of instances to point this out that I will not shy away from calling attention to here as we go but it dawned on me as I was poking around the local places around me just the other day. 

Nothing has really changed out here really except new construction. Sure there have been lots sold and new houses built in every out of the way spot they could find to buy but all the old out buildings and houses that were here before are still here. Not one porch that needed repair has been repaired. not one old out building has been fixed, not even one tree damaged roof in the small town near by has been fixed. The trees have been removed but no repairs. Only new construction. That tells me that nothing has changed for the people who were just barely hanging on before from suffering under the Democrat assaults only new money pumped into new vote buying schemes to others further away.  None of the open lots in town have had any new construction. It has all been clandestine construction that is now remote and isolated. Hidden.

Even all the old local haunts have now kinda went back to normal.

This last push for more votes had no staying power and is dying as fast as it's bubble burst.

Every Liberal Feminist Democrat dominated institution and scheme is failing. Inflation is just the end result of this failure. Financial institutions cannot lend under these rules. Stores cannot operate and cities cannot enforce the peace. I see pundits everywhere talk about the automotive industry crashing as several lenders have closed their doors and loans are down year over year but they don't tell you what is up. Prices are still up and all the money these financial companies are taking out of lending they are putting into collections and repossessions while the auto companies focus more intently on fleet and corporation sales.

It is a matter of survival for them under these crazy rules same as for us and it clearly spells out the end is near for the liberal Feminist utopia they have tried and failed to create.

One cannot change the laws of nature because they feel they are wrong.

The one thing that is for certain right now is these Liberal Feminist types that are so full of hate are going to make this collapse hurt as much as they can but they will never defeat the sheer tenacity of the American ability to persevere. That to me has been immediately obvious this Winter.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



Thursday, January 26, 2023

I Had To Post This...


I am sure everyone has seen this somewhere before now. I had to chuckle and it did give me a new insult to throw around at work... "Get VAxxed"  I love it :)


Serious or Satire: Why didn't the UnVaccinated do more to warn us?


Grabbed from Gateway Pundit. 


Sunday, January 22, 2023

A Local Tourist Attraction


It appears I have created a bit of an attraction around the area. If you don't know how vehicle sales work you might think people buy cars and trade them in etc. But really most of the big money is in fleet sales for companies that buy multitudes of vehicles and/or leasing/rental companies. I have about two or so dozen names that come through my particular parking lots all the time to be gotten ready for delivery for large scale sales they have negotiated. I get em in and get all the paperwork processed then a certified technician does his thing and eventually a private delivery company comes along loads em up and they go to the actual buyer or to the next stage of their journey which is often times for the logo application etc. 

Which particular place the vehicles are sent to is determined by number and loosely based on the region of the finale destination of course. Typically what falls under my purview are loads of less than 20 or so but of course times change and the environment shifts. For various reasons that I have read about in passing over the last year or so this group of vehicles has been sent to me and it is about three times larger than anything I typically deal with. Not overall larger but definitely larger in short term volume so far but it can still grow too.

The range of specifics can vary of course. Sometimes I will get say a dozen duel wheel trucks just cab and chassis (which are a pain in the Ass let me tell you) and after a few weeks a dozen drivers will show up and drive em two states away to have custom beds put on them. Sometimes I will get in a bunch of smaller trucks over a period of a year that are each sent to a nearby town or school. You get the idea. Sometimes a company will order a few dozen regular vehicles for their employees and they will come one or two at a time for the entire year and I have to keep track of em and fill out forms and get em repaired if there are damages etc. 

Sometimes I will get single vehicles in that are part of retirement packages for old executives of auto companies too.  There is really no end to the agreements that send vehicles to me and almost no end to what type of vehicle I might get within the specific brand anyway.

It's a pretty lucrative deal for the company I work for and they pay me peanuts to do it BUT my schedule is pretty much determined by me and the emails that inform me I have a load coming in. I also take care of individual private sales to regular customers too but not until this Covid scam-demic were they more than a side issue for me.

Of course with the shortages and the free government giveaways private sales were about all that have been happening regularly the last year or so. All the new salesmen were thinking they were the most important thing going on. I have had to put more than one in their place a time or two as by de-facto they believed the one vehicle they had been waiting 6 months to deliver to their customer should be the most important vehicle on earth. I understood where they were coming from I really did but when I had 3 loads coming I wasn't coming in to wait on one vehicle and then sit around for hours waiting on the six behind it just cause they didn't want their customer to wait 3 hours longer.

It doesn't help the manufacturer is now sending out emails telling these customers their orders are ready three days before they even arrive here either but that is another complaint for another day.

Anyway things are getting back to normal now which means there is more of a predictable wave of incoming vehicles than there used to be and private sales are falling in importance fast too. Hence I have now gotten in some 50+ of the same small SUV type model identical in every way within a week or so of each other. All say they are going to the same place and pretty much sequential VIN numbers except I can tell you by looking at them they are slated to become rental cars at a national rental chain... I would guarantee it. That means they will be picked up 1 or 2 or maybe 3 at a time in a variety of different ways going to regional chain sites.

Now with this many vehicles I have no where I can just park em in a long single line or even a few lines spread out enough to allow a person to just take the keys and pull that particular vehicle out of the block. NO it requires a bit of vehicle Tetris to play this game. Sure enough after I got about 30 or so parked together I had a site in Kansas call and ask for one particular vehicle. I had to move six others to get that one out. 

You get the idea.

The funniest part of this however are the locals. I now have daily visits from tourist coming by to see my block of vehicles. I was amazed when it started but I cannot be out there during normal business hours as it is a constant stream of people driving in and looking. It's just 52 or so vehicles too but they come by and drive around them and ask me questions. The worst part being I have to mind my manners too. There is a reason I like to work alone mind you.

One woman asked me why I had so many cars? My first response was "well ya know we are a car dealership" 

It actually caused me physical pain to bite that response back.

I have heard so many theories as to why too. One couple said they had heard the dealership was going to be selling these vehicles at  a huge discount soon so they were shopping already. 

That kind of thing.

I just cannot believe 50 some odd vehicles can cause this much of a stir.

Enough to make me wanna chuck my cell phone into the river on the way home. If ya ask me this civilization peaked in the 80's but was still good in the 90's until the consumer social justice feminist warrior got some power. We should go back to then.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Behaving Chickens Who Knew?


I did not know it was possible but apparently even chickens can learn something when the fear of being torn to death by a monster mutant racoon looms over your head. Every day now when I go out to feed grain to the retired geriatric sheep and goats the last remaining chickens are already in their coop and looking out the door at me waiting to be shut up for the night. These pampered birds that lived in chicken heaven all these years used to scatter at dusk and dare us to find them so they didn't have to go to bed. It was easier to get my son to bed when he was a toddler than it was to get all those birds into that coop. These last two though know that to not be locked up at night is a certain death sentence now.

I know at least a few of the neighbors were always entertained by my unruly and arrogant chickens. They would laugh at me when I tried to get em out of my way while mowing when they drove by and a couple have even asked me where the birds are. I guess I am going to have to figure out how to raise a new flock on my own as that was always my son's job.  So many people would ask us to take in unwanted birds raising new chicks is not something I have ever had to do myself. Years ago we used to actually have broody hens who raised chicks on their own believe it or not. Mostly they raised roosters it seemed but when the old watch dog was around and on the job no predator was brave enough to come near the place. Not even the hawks as I watched that dog follow the hawks that flew over and would bark at them until they flew on. Sadly the place has become an open air all you can eat for predators it seems.

Now days the animals only have my old stiff wobbly limping ass to protect them so they are going to have to be more aware and cooperative I guess or end up coon food.

We are adapting it seems.

My guess is eventually the varmints will be forced to move on as the prey becomes scarce. I suspect what I am dealing with now is just the end of the ecosystem the local animals had in place and there was easier closer options that are now gone so the predators came here but they will be forced to move further out soon.

They might be dozing the neighboring corn and bean fields into parking lots with tons of gravel but so far it looks like all the new house lots are staying half a mile or so away and nothing new being started. Lets hope it stays that way for the rest of my days at least. Last time civilization came this close it took em almost 15 years to get back here so there is hope.

The only hope O'bummer era Democrats ever gave me as a matter of fact I called it Hope for NO Change and it worked for years thankfully.

The last time I had a real predator problem was a raccoon as well about the time the old watch dog's eye sight got so bad he couldn't do much at night. The unruly hens then liked to roost in the barn rafters where I could not get em down and the coon would get them up there cause it could go up after them. What eventually happened of course was the ones that would not learn got eaten BUT a few of them adapted and figured out that the florescent lights I had hanging from thin chains in the barn were good roost spots as the coons could not climb down the thin chains to get them. This worked for months for them until so many chickens got on one light fixture they broke the chain. 

I have since removed all electricity from the barn so all those light sources are gone anyway. Only light I use in the barn now are battery powered LED or portable from a socket that is installed outside now as fire in that 120+ year old barn is my largest worry. I put outlets from the outside poles or directly from a couple of outbuildings I use when electricity is needed but turned all the power off into the barn itself and removed most of the early 20th century wiring. Which is also why I started using an outside coop too but I think I am going to look back into redoing the inside coop and building one kinda like a large enclosed cabinet or building within a building kinda thing that I lock the chickens into rather than an enclosed wired in area I had before.

I can also use all the extra space as sorta an inside run for when the weather is bad too. The chickens usually head there anyway and spend rainy and snowy days inside anyway.

Now that lumber prices are beginning to get more reasonable who knows?

Gotta make it to warmer weather and longer days first but so far I still have two chickens left.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

Friday, January 20, 2023

Guilty Pleasures? Why Bother?


I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this but it seems to me that since this scamdemic thing and the end of the representative Republic that was once called the United States that it is almost totally impossible to find anything produced that is the same as it was even 10 years ago. Especially consumable items.

On my way home from work the other day I had kinda a sore throat so I decided to pull an old trick I haven't done in years and just picked up a thing of chocolate milk. 

I took one swig of that stuff and wondered why they even bother to give it chocolate coloring. I have noticed the same issue with many junk food and especially sweetened items lately, They taste nothing like they used to. The most outrageous part about it is the die-hard scamdemic believers will than try and claim that Covid will literally change a person taste to try and hide the fact the consumer is now being cheated.

I could give a pretty long list of items I know for a fact have been changed. One product I am sure of was again something from my younger years. Mountain Dew. I stopped drinking ALL soda type beverages back in the late 80's or so when they switched to the high fructose corn syrup. I cannot abide that sweetener in any way. I think it taste like battery acid. I few years back though someone talked me into trying the Mountain Dew throwback and I was amazed. It was like reliving my teen years with every gulp. Then the scamdemic hit and all of a sudden they took it off the shelves again with the excuse of course they could not get the ingredients. When it came back the name had changed and so had the taste once again. It is still better than the corn syrup poison but it is definitely changed.

Sweeteners of all kinds are different now, Crusts are thicker, good ingredients are thinner.

Seems like there was more to the scam part of the pandemic than just making people sick I guess. 

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



Tuesday, January 17, 2023

A Pretty Good Day on the Missouri Flyway


One of my fondest memories about Missouri will always be Winter bluebird days when the temps are in the lower to mid 40's and the Sun is shining bright and clear with no wind, while over looking what we call large Corn fields but many other states call small ones as thousands of geese fly around. 

The Small-Hold used to be surrounded by many fields and once the goose flights showed up the air was a constant din of them flying. I could have set up a blind in my front yard and bagged my limit every day just from flybys from late November to February easy. I used to hear the constant ting of shot falling on my wood furnace or vehicles all daytoo. Some years the weather would drive the snows and blues West from the Mississippi and we would have thousands of them as well. Sadly those days are gone now as there is only the one field left and it was slated to be turned into a sub division again this year. I say again because it was fated to be a subdivision once before back in the O'Dumbo years of 2010. They even began cutting in roads but the typical Democrat money waste and accompanying economy ended that. Fortunately. 

Maybe that is what is happening again now? 

Regardless it was one of those days here at the Small-Hold today. I had no deliveries until well in the afternoon so I spent the day splitting wood and getting a few much needed chores done why being kept company by a few hundred lesser Canada's coming in and out on their feeding flights all day. No one hunts close enough to rain shot on me anymore though and I gave up hunting the day my water fowl partner died. Her name was Brit and she was the best damned retriever that ever lived. 

Actually that is a bit of a fib. We both gave up water fowl hunting the day Brit decided the living room floor was more comfortable than cold muddy water but I promised her I would not blame her so I still keep the old story due to habit long after she passed away.

I have been blessed to have lived along, played on and hunted for many miles of the Missouri river during my life. From the upper reaches of Montana and the larger lakes and hatching sights in the Dakotas all the way down here before it is lost in the Mississippi there is not one inch of it I have not loved but Winter along it's banks in Missouri will always be my favorite when the temps stay normal anyway. 

I still call the Mississippi below St. Louis as the Missouri River too. I think it was those damned Illinois Democrats that lobbied DC to making all the maps follow the ol Miss name anyway despite the Missouri being longer and much more beautiful than the polluted Mississippi, but they are like that over there.  

On second thought I don't care anymore let em have that cess pit flow.

Until I stood out there taking breaks today I did not remember how much I missed all those geese. I used to get a few raise some little ones on my farm pond from year to year and maybe I will finally get around to getting that pond dredge out again now.

Just so there will always be some around. It was fun back in the day watching em chase people out of the pasture from time to time. Mom always said the geese were one reason she had that pond partially drained.

I was going to mention the new Reparations BS out of Kalifornia and a few other things today plus post some pictures of the split wood I can't identify but I was too wrapped up in the water fowl today. Oh well gives me a topic for tomorrow now. 


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



Sunday, January 15, 2023

Sunday Reading - Sorta


I am still swamped with work and I don't have any helpers either as we are still on scamdemic numbers as far as support people are concerned. Pretty much all of the first run 2023 models have been delivered already but what I am being bombarded with right now are old vehicles that were not delivered last year and fleet sales from dealerships that have went under for some reason or another and we have to service the slack.

My biggest PITA right now are deals made by a dealer group from over in Illinois that got shut down with a 10 Million plus law suit for you guessed it WAAAYCISM.  Apparently the fleet sales are still good though but I have to do all the staging and delivery paperwork though.

Half the stuff comes in UN-announced and is  just left in one of the parking lots for me to sort out and move or I will get a grab bag of vehicles made up of three or four final destinations that need to be parked and kept track of for when one of them finally gets around to wanting one or more of them.

Somebody is always wanting the space I end up using for something else too.

It's amazing how carefully I have to watch my weight now with all the miles I walk each day too. I just don't get. Getting old sucks.

It maybe the time of year but things are almost back to normal around The Small-Hold too. Traffic both here and in the smaller city nearby has fallen to a mere fraction of what it was. I am not sure if all the people left the area or if the cold and inflation is just keeping them hidden but I can actually get gas and food now without waiting in line for days locally. The drive into work and back home reminds me more of the devastation from the early O'bummer years (2009 to 2012) or the recent lock down traffic than what I experienced this last Summer with people literally everywhere in the way. I am also notice a whole lot of do it yourself moving going on on the highway. Again reflections of the O'Bummer days.

Nothing is stopping the construction next door though. 

On the chicken front I have not lost anymore birds. I now make it a point that when I feed the grain rotation chickens who remain get locked up or I don't go back inside.  This has meant chasing down that rooster many evenings in a row as he is still convinced his girls are alive and lost and he wants to go wait for them in the goat condo. That seems to finally be coming to an end though as the last two nights he has been in the coop with the last remaining hen by 4:30 or so.

No old age deaths to worry about but Lilly is starting to get thinner than I like and I still can't find a supply for the beet pulp needed to keep their weight up. I wish I could loan her some of my natural weight keeping talents I seem to get with old age.

It's been warm for Winter but kinda damp and not quite up warm enough to get me motivated on outside projects yet but wood use has been very light. The slightly longer days are also getting me dreaming about Spring too but I hope it doesn't bring all the import people back with it when it comes.

I am sure my schedule will begin to slow down soon and I can get back to more regular and thoughtful posts again. My impressions are the car companies are in a panic and trying to get everything delivered while they can before things get bad but that is just my guess.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


Thursday, January 12, 2023

So ya Wanna Buy a Car Now Huh?


I don't go into the auto industry much on this blog. Some might say I do and I will mention my job and the fun times that come with it here from time to time but as for the behind the scenes type stuff and trends I usually try and stay well clear of such things. If I mention too much I could get myself in trouble or say the wrong thing and I don't want to carry that weight around. Suffice it to say that some part of both sides of my family have been fused with the regional auto sales industry around here since before I was born. That attachment dies with me however as I am the last. A position I am finding more and more common the older I get. Seems I have somehow managed to be the last shepherd for many things at the end.

I get constant questions whether now is a good time to buy a car from mostly locals who know a little bit about my history around here. They watch youtube videos from Vbloggers who tell them prices are falling, floor plan insurance is killing dealerships and they will lower their prices...yadda yadda they will sell at a loss etc. Well let me tell you what is going to happen going forward.

You need to remember that in a dealership that is part of a larger dealer group no one there has any more control over prices than your average store manager at Wal-Mart has over the price of that new flat screen you want. Sure the GM could probably give ya the vehicle you want free but he or she will have to explain that to someone if they do. The price of a vehicle is set in stone with only a certain amount of wiggle room per tier of employee level that is involved by how much it cost to put that car on the lot. Period. Sometimes the amount of time that particular vehicle has been in the inventory will allow a larger amount of wiggle room but unless you go to a completely 100% owner financed dealership there are rules that must be followed. Again period.

The one possible exception is if by some slim chance you want a vehicle that just so happened to have been acquired by that dealership either through direct owner to dealership sales or a trade in for another vehicle that fell under that category. 

Another words there are no outside investors who have a claim or will have any weight in the transaction. The money is all moved from an internal source with no watchdog or rules except reason.

Trust me here those type of deals are as rare as hens teeth to use a phrase most are familiar with.

Now why am I telling you this? Well it's to let people know who are hoping vehicles will get more affordable and prices will crash going forward, that I believe they will but it is going to take time. Ultimately things that are being mentioned like flooring fees (which basically is just the fee that financial investors add on to the price of each vehicle for fronting the money for a vehicle kept in inventory) will reduce the over all price a dealership makes per car but the ultimate loss will not fall directly on the dealerships. America has had years of experience in insulating itself from losses like that in business and the auto industry is no different. 

You will also hear such things from these vbloggers reporting how cars at the auto auctions are crashing, new inventory showing up with massively reduced prices etc. Again this is a financial industry thing and not something that will effect 99% of us normal people. Unless you are buying at the small end of the spectrum again these deals are financed well above the dealerships. A buyer for a dealership or dealer group is given a certain amount of money to invest in the auctions. They must follow the rules that come with that investment money.

Now again there is a certain specialty strata to this that uses "personal" money that can bend or break rules as they please but that is a very small number of sales over all.

What I am really trying to drive home to people is this thing is going to take a lot more time than even so called industry insiders think. There are deals that will keep the auto industry ticking along for years still left to be completed. I have spent the last 2 weeks receiving dozens of the same vehicle all painted white and fresh off the factory floor going to the same unnamed source. It is all connected somehow to a multi- as in a 10 million plus- law suit from another state that I now have to take care of. The auto industry is nothing more than a huge stock market type arrangement and unless you want to enter the penny market losses mean little as the final investors are insulated anyway. They are prepared to take losses for years rather than lower prices and take even more losses overall by giving the customers what they want.

Just like many of these industries today that will claim all sorts of false reasons to not give you the product you want as the financial industry is where the shots are being called. Change will only come when the financial industry is taking the hits not what industry is below them.  So don't expect to many good deals just yet. We have a long way to go before that happens. In fact I am betting Pepsi will start making actual Mountain Dew throwback with real sugar before the Auto Industry begins truly dropping prices by more than 10% or so.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!