Monday, December 4, 2023

Early Dec


 Tried adding in a pic of the Red Hen scratching up the garden this afternoon and I am pretty sure all I got was nothing but an old pic. I think the software ends up changing the address on it's own somehow which is why I have had so many problems for a while. More research is in order it seems to get to the bottom of this.

It started out as a pic I took of my neighbor's bean field complete with a stack of old carts one on top of another. Rusting out impressively. They been there together since Fall harvest along with several tracked and wheeled and other vehicles.

Someone is obviously staying there as each night the lighting goes on and off on it's own in a random fashion. Or there is a timer set that always ends up with every light in the building being turned on by morning and staying on all day. Where the people go after night is done I couldn't say as it has been  Months since I have seen anyone over there period. Whomever is there at night obviously is not the one paying the electric bill. Prolly some type of Democrat stimulus program I imagine.

I know there has been some sort of lake scooped out behind the tree line as I can hear the geese back there some morning.

All I have seen from any of this stimulus so far is government waste to be honest. And they took all our retirement money from us for this? like we should expect more from Democrats Imagine that...

Anyway got a bunch of new mulch material dumped for this Spring. Now praying for good weather!!!

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Sunday Reading


Things seem to have slowed down ALOT around here lately. The morning glut in traffic has slowed down quite a bit along with the full parking lots and over full gas slips all day. Not really sire why as the roads don't seem any less congested. The garage across the gravel road still has it's lights on day and night and sometimes adds lights trough the night like someone is staying there. To be honest my onetime idea of parking old junk tractors and leaving em on the road in front of that place now seems pointless as that operation has done that themselves. Somewhere back there they must have dug a lake though as I see Geese flying down there pretty regularly some. No kids though which makes me wonder and no one too worried about an electric bill either obviously.

I saw em working on the "industrial building" until late in the night the other night too. Still no employees in sight either. Not sure where they can even hire any close either....

A lot of time and money tied up there if ask me.

It never warmed up much or stopped raining for long either the last week or so that I saw. Just more cold and wet keeping me holed up.

Maybe this afternoon I will get out and reload the hay for the sheep.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

Thursday, November 30, 2023

It Begins


I was pretty much up with the Sunrise this morning getting the wood situation under control and preparing for the next few days of the constant rain they have predicted.

If everything proceeds as planned it should warm up nicely and turn very dry by Tuesday giving me a chance to bring another load of well dried redwood in for splitting. Which should get me very close to February to boot along with what I got already stashed around.

One day and we are already looking at over 150,000 new lay offs and thousands of financial losses from China alone. Haven't snooped into the wife's yet.

The Democrats have been trying to get all the young Americans into debt slavery for years now and hoping they can bring us old guys into it as well.

Hope the page link works since the video one never seems to anymore.

The number one issue I never see mentioned is Obummer's ushering in of Non-Whites into the main stream though the help of his constant pandering too education. No one ever sheds light on that offense. 

We are going to be paying for Democrat mistakes for some time I fear!!!

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Canadian Weather


It didn't take long, as anyone who listens to girls talk anywhere near a Northern Border could have told ya the Canadian Weather would finish prematurely. :) So it got up to almost 60 today. That means I managed to get two more loads of firewood stored and another full truck load of pre-cut and dried redwood hauled. That should get me close to the Middle of February, and the beginning of real garden work I figure. I wonder where we are going to find ourselves come then.


Polly a sure bet I won't survive another BiteMe corruption term that's for certain.


Went to a meeting with my old dealership owner, now nothing more than the general Manager on the property for the Auto Group who showed me the projections for next year, Pretty horrible stuff. And the terms for new and continuing/returning employees. I think half the returning employee rules are unconstitutional if I am not mistaken. All pretty ugly stuff although still leaves me with a job just not many hours I imagine. Of course with American Politicians it doesn't leave much SocSec of any type for at least 7 years.

 Gonna be a long time while the Democrats keep paying off their lackeys I imagine!!!


Keep Prepping Everyone!!! 



Sunday, November 26, 2023

Sunday Reading - First Real Freeze

 It's Kinda amazing we made it this long before any snow or really colder temps hit this year like it did. Everything has been pleasantly warm now well into almost December. we have had a very few nights that dropped down into the Mid 20's but nothing to give the stock heaters a test or even convince the sheep or goats for that matter that a warm hay layer inside the barn is more comfortable than out on the ground next to easy access food.

Well the rain/snow mix convinced them to spend last night inside and showed me I have at least one stock tank heater getting a bit light as I had a thin film of ice on it this morning mostly cause I had the water level too far above the heater level I imagine. 

It has stayed below freezing all day and kept me inside too, mourning the end of our mild Fall season that I love so much out here. Suppose to be another colder night too but then warming again just in time to continue wood cutting tomorrow as I am behind on it this year so far mostly due to the craziness of this last Summer. Makes it easier to decide which tree I am gonna work on next I ahfta say!!! Still there wasn't much time to let dry out so I still need to get a bunch off of last years' stash too.

Another night or two and I will finished with Corn and I still have about a few gallons of beans left to de-pod yet and a ton of old hay to spread around for next year.

We just know at some point those evil Alberta Clippers will come calling as well. We hate those!!!

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

Friday, November 24, 2023

The New Normal



Not yet sure exactly how this one is gonna play out yet to be honest. I have not gotten a new delivery in over a week now. Everything could change fast of course so who knows but I can tell the ultimate ones in charge are preparing for a disaster and dearth of customers new and old . Seems a bit behind current events if you ask me especially after almost killing me with a glut of work for the last 6 months, you would think trying would try to spread things out a bit as it would have been more beneficial for the long term. I guess that is why they make the big bucks though. 

Still this down time has allowed me to recover a lot and giving me some much needed time to get ready for the rest of Winter. 

I still haven't found a new rooster candidate yet nor exactly settled on how many hens I might even add this Spring. I am hoping the new influx of killer pets has slowed down now. As I have said before I am not a big fan of raising new chickens that was my son's specialty so I am giving it some time to see what happens and focusing on just seeds and survival gardening for now. 

I am gonna see what kinda shape the world is in come Spring at this point. Getting back into bee keeping is a possibility

I have been so surrounded by Corn fields out here my entire life this is the first time ever I have been able to actually try growing open pollinated Corn so I am kind eager to see how this new species is going to fit into the current development and I am really looking into the old Sweet Potato option too. 

Still a lot cold between now and then though....


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!! 



Wednesday, November 22, 2023





Tuesday, November 21, 2023

It Begins

I got an uneasy feeling this weekend that things were not quite as they had once been and certainly not going to be left alone for long. By yesterday is was pretty obvious that some had been given less than pleasant work related news and were already weighing their long term options. My guess is there is going to be serious downsizing on the way soon and a few have a heads up about it.  It feels that way to me too and judging from the deliveries and models I have seen for the first few days of this week I think so too. For yesterday and today, which I rarely get anything on Monday or Tuesdays anymore [I assume to allow time to digest the dumped mess I been getting over the weekends] A number of F150's have been found it seems but nothing else.

Seems like we may be seeing one last big push on vehicles before the end of the year and where I work is getting ready for a very lean time of some duration.

Who knows we may all be foraging like a bunch of North Koreans soon at this rate. I maybe tasting my saved seed corn before I find out how well it grows with the rather dark news of the world it seems.

Seems as many stories of older folks draining retirement accounts and selling off mortgage and debt free property for pennies on the dollar right now as there are stories of people using credit debt to survive these days. I am not ashamed to admit that is has been a long time since I have seen investments perform very well myself. 

Really looks to me that almost all of us have been setup for a slaughter I just hope enough figure it out themselves before it is too late to do anything about it.

I had a visitor out in my hay field last evening in the form of an adult good looking Whitetail buck. He came up close to and was almost inside the Garden fence looking back at me which is odd. I haven't seen a deer up this close in a very long time. I am still digesting what may have spooked him to come up this far but I have an open view for at least a mile or more the way he had come and there has been no new development that direction I have seen and only a very few partially hidden single lot sized (maybe) places besides. So I am not worried about new encroachment yet. Maybe loose dogs like I have seen recently or simply a lack of space these days for him to retreat too. I imagine if I was a deer being hemmed in like they might be now by all these unwashed settlers I might take refuge in an old unused pasture like he did too.

Well they are welcome to it have nothing to fear from me thats for sure. Until the Democrats come by with the bugs to try and force feed me anyway....

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!