Thursday, February 1, 2024

Early Feb 2035

 Hard to give an opinion of where things may be heading right now. All I really know is what I was aware of the last few months of last year have now been completely switched around. The last few months of last year I was completely bombarded with hundreds of EV vehicles they reported as being shipped from on strike factories. which I logged in and cataloged they all completely dissapeared into the either. No one knows where.

That's somewhere around 200 + EVs at least.

I still get all the info everyday. What it means is someone else's problem now. I have fought with my old bank for weeks now trying to get lot of my old investment back that they decided to fine for due to their claim that my rules changed when they decided to announce they were closing.

I did get a letter hoping I would file a complaint about the way it all with down with SCOTUS but I heard they ruled it as illegal then it seemed to die out. I noticed the Border crisis really died off after Texas and friends gained a Quorum towards a Convention quensos. And everything got easier too.

I imagine it is going to take several moths to get this all shook out. 


The ai fiasco it still driving me crazy.


Hopefully we can get pas this and forget Democrats were ever around soon. 


Keep Prepping Everyone!!! 



  1. I doubt we will ever have real AI. What we have now is simply very, very advanced mimicry and pattern recognition algorithms...

    Just so you know... I am blogging again and will be libelling and slandering you and your visitors like Pete F. over here...

    Drop by and say hello if you have time.

  2. So... where do 200 EV's disappear to inbetween being shipped to you and never showing up? And who answers for that?

  3. I can tell you that last weekend while experiencing temperatures near 50 below and wind chill of -65/70 I had the opportunity to speak with a truck driver whose rig was frozen up. He works for a vehicle transport company and was on his way to Fairbanks to start hauling brand new Teslas from a dealership out to California.

  4. Life here in rural America is changing, but not as fast as big cities. I hate going into the city anymore... Rob from Lake in the woods

  5. An American HousewifeFebruary 13, 2024 at 5:26 PM

    I'm just checking in and checking on you. You haven't posted in 2 weeks - which isn't like you. If you see this comment, will you let us know you are ok? :)

  6. You OK PP.
    Joel at the ultimate answer to kings has gone silent to. Hope you guys are ok

  7. Same here. Just checkin' in on you, PP... hope all is well.


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