Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The Collapse Is Female


I been blogging and following blogs etc. for over 30 years now. I can remember the heady days of the internet when true giants walked among us. Back when Little Green Footballs were reasonable and made sense. The Oil Drum was always there for a taste of reality, Solar Movie for entertainment, Drudge Report for Current News, The Spearhead to remind Men just how much of a second class citizen they had become in the Government eyes and each media agency tried to be honest for the most part until the beginning of the great O'Dumbo Acorn fraud era anyway. 

At some point things turned from equal rights to Activist Fascism and ever since Western Companies, Institutions and Government agencies have been expected to promote Activist Femi-hags exclusively from the very top down and open celebrate it as well. Even media sources from writers/directors/producers on down. 

Back in those days if I wrote a post on here it came with links to back up what I wrote. Of course back then not every link was hidden behind a paywall and I was twice the writer I am now. The sheer amount of censorship and conflicting information was a fraction compared to what we deal with today. The worst we ran into were simple lies generally until some very partizan pro-liberal sites began open censorship without a shred of modesty. They were almost 100% Activist Feminist run sites too at first which should have been (and were to some of us) an early warning sign of what was to come until they moved on to Twitter and other conquests.

In the process with the censorship help almost every Western Government has been taken over by Radical Feminist. America, Germany, England, well most all of Western Europe of course. All the countries that seem to doing poorly right now are all dominated by Western Feminist Females. The same can be said about every failing streaming service and movie from Hollywood as well these days.


I once had an epic discussion with a Feminist who claimed that Women were the creators and inventors of Animal Husbandry throughout the world. Her reasoning stemmed from the fact that early Human Females were forced to nurse all domestic animals at birth in order to tame and domesticate them. After days of arguments she finally let the subject drop when I asked her where these early feminist heroines got the Colostrum from to even be able to nurse another specie. I think she had never heard of Colostrum before and this was a so called Feminine Studies PHD.

The West is literally being destroyed by the absolute worst Feminist leaning ideology that can be inflicted right now. From a complete disbelief in repercussions for any feel good (or female superior move) action to a total ignorance of Historical facts. No one current topic shows this any better than the recent "Cleopatra" fiasco who tries to claim Cleopatra was black despite accurate Artistic depictions from history as primary resources and an entire country disagreeing with them. Guess when the US tries to sanction Egypt for not having staunch enough Feminist views we will get another BRIC member huh.

Radical Feminist have destroyed everything they have touched for 50+ years.  Now they are finishing up with even our fairy tails and fan fiction and the end to every business connected to entertainment.

They ain't done yet. I would go so far as to claim many of the financial "issues" the West is currently facing are lies and set up to continue to support Feminist ideology no matter how detrimental they maybe to everyone going forward. The West is running out of money. Utilizing less energy as a world share than it ever has previously and set to force even more wealth destruction and redistribution than it ever has before. All due to unsustainable feminist ideology and wishful thinking. I doubt if many can predict what type of crazy scheme they can come up with next.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!



  1. The hard-core feminists painted themselves into a corner with their stand that anything a man can do, a female can do just as well. As if biology was a "social construct".

    So when trans-weidos started demolishing actual XX athletes, they had to take the position that Xy trans were actual woman, otherwise they would have to admit that biological men have massive physical advantages for some types of activities.

    And since that would undercut every argument they made for the last forty years, they support trans XYs at the cost of destroying women athletes.


    1. Twisted - True I remember more than a few men pointed out years ago it would eventually get to wher eit is now.

  2. My favorite is men are destroyers and not creators... Women are creators, they say. Hmm, when was the last time a woman built an 16th century cathedral? Designed and built a railroad or interstate system? Granted these are buildings and infrastructure, but wimmins sure like to use them. We are not called creators because we don't create life, excuse me, didn't I contribute my little boys to this life, wouldn't I be a co-creator? Feminism has arisen throughout history in one guise or another when men have taken a break and allowed us to weaken.

    1. Cederq - I seem to remember a military book focused on Female partizans that pointed put Female resistance soldiers ended up having more needless violent encounters over all than Male ones but perhaps I am misremembering something there it was many years ago and focused mostly on Russian examples from WWII

  3. Bud Lite: I bet nobody ELSE can destroy their customer base like we did!

    Miller: HOLD MY BEER.

    1. Anon - Saw quoted on another site today and it's still hilarious.


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