Friday, May 19, 2023

Reduced Progress This Week


This has been a tough week to move forward much. It hasn't been an especially bad week but a simple combination of things have forced me to use what little time I could find on duties other than finishing up the Garden.

To begin with the rains actually started coming down instead of just threatening to which has filled my catchment tank to over flowing at least. Hasn't been so good for planting the vulnerable seedlings however which I wanted to get completed this week. Still I got most everything planted now except I still have one new trellis of Tomatoes I was hoping to get finished this afternoon but the rains came earlier than was forecast yesterday. I Also still have my tobacco seedling I got to figure out where I am going to put them yet.

I did manage to get two of the new Tomato trellis installed this week, along with my Hummingbird and regular bird feeders, a new fence around all of the now increased garden area. now 30% larger (except the Pumpkin patch) to keep the chickens mostly out of it. I also have not gotten to the last Bluebird nest box I am going to put up either though I did get new hay bales moved for composting and repaired the compost pit walls that the goats decided to use for grooming and scratching this Winter.

I still have about a 10 foot by 30 foot strip of bare ground that needs mulch spread out yet.

I also did not get my bean seeds in the ground yet. I am not too worried though as I have so many stored buckets as it is and the pole beans I always allow to dry on the vine so it will be September before I harvest them anyway after they have dried.

I also had to pick up my second lawn mower from the shop, found out that I am no longer strong enough to man-handle my 1200 watt generator out of it's deck box by myself like I was years ago when I moved it in there. Moved all the tractors out of the barn and got them rain proofed so the barn will be empty for shearing time Sunday as I know I wont get it done in time if I don't already have it done Sunday morning. Went and made sure I have enough storage bags for fleeces I am sure I will just end up throwing away anyway. Finally found where I laid my hoof trimming tools a few months ago as I will need them for Sunday. Then went on a little adventure looking for the lost roof panel from my equipment shed. I finally found it at the extreme edge on the West side of the old horse pasture just about 2 foot shy of blow into my neighbors corn field.

The guy that does my roof repairs is starting a large job next Week and wanted to get my shed roof repaired even in the rain. I didn't want to leave him alone walking around on a slick metal sheet roof in the rain, even if it is rather a low pitch and shallow drop so I stayed down there until he was done just to be sure all turned out well. 

As far as work went this has been the slowest week I have had in almost two years to be honest so spent a lot of time trying to remember all the extra duties I took on before this scamdemic. Made all my co-workers happy as before all this covid hype I used to take care of a lot of irritating things I haven't been able to do lately and makes the department manager happy as none of it comes out of his budget.

Yes vehicle sales are falling as I expected but I still would not count on prices really dropping until the big wigs so far up the financial chain start feeling the pain before new vehicles prices drop much. Remember the sales price is actually set by the manufacturer, including the MSRP and they still expect to get their share of that price. Besides I know for a fact the dealership I work for has already made more than enough to keep itself afloat for the next year plus even if we sold nothing the rest of this year. It's the unlisted MSRP and new dealerships with no reserves that are going to be in trouble and used car prices we will see drop first.

This rain is suppose to stop tonight so I hope I will get the garden totally finished tomorrow except for the pumpkin patch and be ready for shearing Sunday. I must admit I did under estimate just how much actual time extra it would take to get the garden done with the 30% size expansion but all and all I am still less than a week behind my target time anyway.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



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