Friday, March 3, 2023

The Vultures Are Circling


It got a bit chilly again and has been pouring rain since yesterday late afternoon. Mother Nature had to make sure the mudpit known as my pastures and driveway stayed nice and disgustingly wet. She didn't fail either. 

I got a couple of small deliveries in but I could tell they were not time crucial so I hid inside where it was dry all day until afternoon feeding time when I had to struggle into my mud boots and go take care of the flock. No one was very happy today of course as all the animals still think I somehow control the weather and will hold rainy days against me for allowing them to happen. 

Early afternoon I was just about to have a nice oldman nap at my computer chair when one of the local vultures decided to disrupt my day hoping I would sell him my pickup.  I call em vultures cause they know I have been getting rid of a lot of my equipment as I am getting too old and lazy to keep it up. I don't blame them and truth is I would rather have one of them get it than anything else and in their defense I haven't hardly moved the old girl in over a year now. She started developing a very intermittent starting issue that I am pretty sure I tracked down with a little help from all the guys at work. We have replaced the entire fuel system including the fuel pump and slave along with the switch behind the glove box and it still happened. Last time it happened I jumped up and down on her and it worked. Finally we ran enough tests we were almost 100% sure it was the ignition so we switched that out as well.

That's when things started getting super crazy with work and I parked the old girl down by the barn and there she has been for over a year now.  I started her every month for a while and then quit doing that when Winter hit so they are hoping I am done. I charged the battery back up two weeks ago and then didn't do anything else but I am going to get her all checked out this Spring and start driving her to town once a week again. Only thing I use her for now is getting grain since lumber has been so high but I am hoping to need her again this Summer.

The picture is not really my truck but it looks like mine to a T except I have running boards, front lock outs and about a 2 inch higher lift. I am also running K2's under her. With gas the way it was I started using the wife's hybrid and just didn't keep up with the old girl how I wanted but she will be the last thing I let go if at all. I tell all the kids they are gonna have to outbid each other when my son sells her off after my demise. I also plan on having a questionnaire they have to answer correctly before my son sells her. 

Things like.....


How many keggers will you plan on throwing from her bed? ..... Better be 3 a month or I am telling my son it's a no sale.

How many girlfriends do you juggle ata time on average? ..... At least two or no sale either if they are under 25 years old.

What is the typical clearance of the frame with a 6 inch lift running 32's minimum?  I know a lot of variables here but they better ask if it is leveled (mine is) etc. or not or it's a no sale...

What's the best Engine ever made by man? ..... Also all opinion but in this case if they don't admit it's the inline 6 they don't deserve my girl...damnit....

Have you ever voted for a Democrat? ..... I think you guys can guess how that would work :)


I can't just let her go to anyone she has standards and a certain lifestyle that is going to have to continue.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!



  1. You had at keggers, god I miss those times! 1980-82 North Idaho woods and a camp fire to boot. Sigh.... A teenage girl, driving the back roads in a 78 Honda civic, stick of course, getting in an out of trouble with her friends :) By the way, did you know Civics can float!

    1. Anon - I did know Citations could float!!! Ahhh brings back such good old memories thanks for that :)

  2. I sure miss my 1991 F-150 long bed 2whl drive that I put in F-250 coils and rear leaf springs that had the 300 6cyl. Good on gas mileage and it pulled a 23' Komfort 5th wheel very well, not fast, but well. A damn torquey engine!

    1. Cederq - those 301's were some torq pullin machines too. Why I liked em so much. I ain't much into speed as I am power. Of course that was a matter of survival as the speed just got me in too much trouble lol.

  3. Oh and I mounted 31X10.50X15 inch tires... sat up nice and proud.

  4. With the proliferation of weed, pills and vidya games, keggers have gone the way of road atlases and pay phones.

    Love me some straight 6 action, but it better have three pedals or it'll be stolen.

    1. MN Steel - MIne does of course. In fact except for my wife's hybrid I have never owned anything but a standard... Oh and her automatic convertible Seabring that will still have


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