Wednesday, March 1, 2023

A Reversal This Week


I guess someone righted the boat I had declared last week was sinking due to a lack of deliveries because the last two days have more than made up for any slowness from last week and then some so far. Of course I am at the end of the line so whatever I get in either goes to customers or stays taking up room and room is getting very premium around here.

I got a feeling the next few months are going to be pretty confusing everywhere as we begin to feel the pinch as the rest of the world decouples from the Krazy Klown world known as the West and US hegemony in particular.

There was a nice article about that very topic the other day over at Zerohedge even though it was heavily sugar coated and the author failed to push to the base causes. Let's just say these (woke For Greed) Feminist Democrats are not going to be able to cancel out the Alpha Males of the world like they did us mellow European guys. We European types are easily swayed by our partners, the rest of the world's Men are not. US money has come with strings attached that the emerging BRIC nations had to at least pretend to believe in but now they don't. And they are going to make sure the Woman dominated US knows it.

Never fear this is gonna take a lifetime or more to play out but the rest of the world has no interest in War with the United States. They are only interested in humiliation and ostracizing the US. Isolation is going to be the name of the game going forward unless these power mad Democrats force foreign conflict. Which I do not put past them. BiteMe certainly will try but I doubt there will be enough others to allow it to fully happen. Make no mistake though these people have proven they will resort to violence to get their way but they are going to need to go further than they have to date and I am not sure there is enough "other people's backbone" to support it. The Feminist Democrats sure ain't gonna use their own.

I certainly do not agree with the foreign interests myself but I sure as hell don't agree with the agenda the Democrats and their allies have been pushing on everyone for 50+ years either. I will admit the Feminist used a solid and effective game plan on us for decades but it will not work on the global scale and they have brainwashed themselves and thought too highly of each other for too long now to change tactics and support the only players that might help them. So it is anyone's guess how far we are going to sink in the end. 

It is going to take awhile until the pie shrinks enough for them to feel a reduction but it will happen. 

I am not really sure what stage two is going to look like.  Russia continues to drain the military capacity of the West and will continue to do so along with anti-American BRIC nation support where needed. Figure another few months until the temper tantrum throwing girl-children BiteMe has running things figure this out at which point they will demand more pressure be placed on Saudi and India, etc. Which will make shortages even more extreme. Someone is sure to be pointing it out soon.

Best move we can make now is continue to become self sufficient as much as possible and be around when more reasonable heads are needed and appreciated. Until then enjoy the Klown Show, eat popcorn and laugh as the Feminazi Democrat world falls apart.


Lord knows we deserve the entertainment after the way they have gutted our hero culture and stories so far.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Watched an interesting OyTube the other day. The fella said that Ford is in for an epic trip to the woodshed and their Bronco line. The prices on the Bronco are (according to him) just flat out insane… and the market is going to the more reasonably priced competition. I dunno if any of that is true or not…but it was an interesting analysis…

    And you are right about our women. They’re flat out nuts these days. As far as our financials go… having jews run the show on that isn’t helping things either. Tell me I am a conspiracy nut… but as the wanks say…the difference between a conspiracy theory and established fact these days … is about six months…

    1. Filthie - No doubt lines I 100% thought even Western Feminist Women wouldn't cross have been jumped over, then jumped on with vengeance and smirked about. These bitches really think they are the 90 pound heroes of their Disney movies and can do no wrong. They have never once stopped to realize the only reason they have gotten so far is the Men who won't stop them. I don't blame Western European Men either, hell I prolly wouldn't stop them I have crossed the line just pointing it out. It's gonna be grim until these Women return to the fold.

    2. They have us over a barrel, PP. I've said it before and this only proves me correct: people like this will not stop, and self correct. They have to BE stopped.

      Well... how do you feel about hauling off and putting your fist through the face of a misbehaving woman? It's not chivalry; most men are genetically hard wired to protect and respect women. That is why they often stand idly by while women pull the roof down on the family. It's why suicide is so rampant among divorced men; they find themselves ruined and hated by their mates that they love and want to protect... and they are in an impossible situation.

      I will add this too: all the claims about spousal abuse are 99.9% false.I did volunteer work at a battered women's shelter and saw it with my own eyes. Most 'battered women' are druggies and floozies that are making false accusations against their men. Of that .01%... the spousal abuse is almost always two idiots fighting and the smaller weaker idiot losing. During my time there... a half year? I saw only two cases of real abuse where their men went to town on them. They were both vibrants.

      What I saw there would turn me into a woman hater... or at least a 'liberal-woman' hater. Those things are death and mayhem and should be burned at the stake for the public good!

    3. I know the abuse lies Filthie. I have never seen a case that wasn't at least a 50 deal. I used to brag that I could get any Woman to hit me long before I ever though about striking her and I never failed. I think alot of it is if a man can argue back Women will freak out as they are just used to Men who can't. Seems like I see a lot more child abuse cases stemming from the Female side than the male but that could also just be it being due to more casual curiosity maybe.

  2. you don't want those 'women' returning to the fold
    they will foul it and the whole problem will start back up again.
    turn them loose in the feral forest where they belong


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