Sunday, March 5, 2023

Sunday Reading - What Do They Expect?


So the last few days what news sources I still follow have been blowing up with stories of how bad the great Kalifornia snow storm has been and still is I guess. With residents complaining about stores collapsing, no groceries, no power, no food. Snowbound and lacking this or that etc. I heard the same kinda complaints around here the last big arctic freeze we got. Of course no one was complaining about the snow since it has been years since we got a real snow storm around these parts. Last one I really remember was back in 2013 and that was pretty mild and we didn't have all these new out of area immigrants moving in nearby then either.

Oh there were a few here and there back then. The subdivision about two miles down the road was just getting started around then but hadn't grown much yet. I guess that is why it didn't bother me much because it grew very slowly from it's start. It's pretty full now and prolly 4 times the size it started as but still there are a few smaller places within a few miles that did the same until they filled to the brim this last Summer. 

I remember back a little before that time we had a good sized snow storm and one lady I worked with had just moved into a new lot out by me somewhere. I did know where nor ever bothered to find out but she knew I was out here and would often make it a point to proclaim how great it was in front of others during break times or something. Would comment to me on how quiet and peaceful it was. No crime. Only a little bit of teenagers driving around fast that type of thing. Then she experienced our first snow over like 4 inches followed by a couple of the signature Missouri Ice storms that covered all the roads (especially the gravel ones) in inches of ice and dropped branches down all over the powerlines.

Used to be even just a few years ago if it snowed enough that the plows were out we did not see one here for at least 2 days after the snow, unless it belonged to one of us locals that is. I made it a habit of plowing from the road that bordered me on the West down my entire South frontage to the next gravel road that took off on that border heading South but I generally didn't do that for at least a full day after the snow and only if the plows were not getting close as it was. I can see a portion of another highway about 3 miles East of me that is plowed before ours was so if I saw em down there I knew our little county blacktop highway was next.

Anyway last time I plowed it some dumb little teenager who was out riding around with her boyfriend swerved around another vehicle in the middle of the night down at the intersection and got their bald tires on some little toyota or whatever stuck in the snow on the edge of the road and of course blamed me for it for pushing the snow there. I just ignored the whole thing but that was the last time I pushed any snow on a public road around here. Screw em.

I just don't get what these people are thinking moving out past the social mess they probably helped create and expecting plowed roads and flawless electricity or easy access grocery stores. They come out here devour what few supplies we have managed over the years to get the delivery guys to bring. Fill up the one gas station we had perpetually. Drive around either way too fast or way too slow every nice day and throw a fit that they didn't prepare when a storm was on the way. Plus greatly inflate our property taxes to boot.

Another guy that used to work at the dealership lives just down the road from me in that subdivision I mentioned earlier. He talked all Summer about how the real estate agents were telling him how much his house was worth now since he had bought it back in like 14 or 15.  I don't know if he sold or not and I never saw him around locally even back then but they were telling him according to his version that his property had increased in value by almost 200% back last Summer. All he saw was dollar signs so I would be surprised if he was still there.

Anyway I also read yesterday that the little Nino whatever weather pattern we been in for the last few years has changed and later this month the country is in for a new pattern. Probably back to normal. So all these new immigrants can watch their property values drop while they experience true rural living soon I imagine. They have the Summer to prepare. I would recommend at least a 500 watt generator, wood stove and a week of food and wood stored minimum. All the roads out from the immediate location are on a raised road bed and guaranteed to hold anything but the most well lifted and powerful truck good if you run off the road into the ditch. That same ditch that the wanna be Jap Bike riders complain about when I mow it. that is. 

All I can say for sure right now is we are once again seeing rain at normal levels for Spring even though it appears to be a little early yet. If it keeps this up it's gonna be full time grass mowing before April and flooded fields by planting time at this rate. The rain won't effect the new immigrants much except cost em more to hire lawn mowing services I guess or perhaps replacing their gravel drives when the gravel they have sinks into the mud but...

The only way they are gonna get the amenities out here they want is when they bring what they left out with them and hopefully I will be long gone by then.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. The mountains in southern CA are becoming full of yuppie types who moved up there to get away from the suburban sprawl. Like you said, they expect everything to work come what may. The folks who have been there for a while had an idea of what to expect. Most prepared for it. The whining you're hearing on the TV is coming from the yuppies and the stupid tourists who didn't listen to the weather forecast, which was barking about this storm for over a week! They did get allotta snow up there though, on the order of eight feet in just over 24 hours!!! One of my coworkers lives in the town where the supermarket roof collapsed. Sad thing is, the owner of the store had overstocked in anticipation of the storm. Now it's all ruined. The coworker also said that two of the three water tanks serving the town were taken out by an avalanche. These weren't dinky little water towers either. These were big-ass ground-mounted tanks! They'll be rationing water this summer for sure. The remaining water in the system is now contaminated by what got into the lines where the other tanks were taken out. Another coworker who lives up there hasn't been able to get to his house for a week. All the roads headed up there are closed. There was so much snow they ran out of places to push it with the plows. They're having to load it into dump trucks for disposal elsewhere. The National Guard has been pressed into service to help out. Us flatlanders got a year's worth of rainfall in a week. Again, those of us who've lived here a while knew what to expect and prepared accordingly. At the same time, Newsom was out there saying "Remember folks, we're still in a drought!" His idiot minions are using the one size fits all "climate change" as the reason for all the chaos. Never mind the fact that we live in a desert and unpredictable, extreme weather is the norm! About the only thing predictable is that Newsom will use this storm to raise some kind of tax... That part is inevitable...

    1. Pete - I figured it was sumtin like that. I know things can happen and cause even experienced locals problems. That is expected like with avalanches I imagine. But when you are standin in front of your untouched complainin cause you weren't prepared and there was no damage just you coming up short. Ya prolly shouldn't have moved which was most of the ones I read about complaining. You know the score though :)

  2. PP, we see this all the time where my parents live: People that want to get away from it all - until they get away from it all and realize what it means when you are. Suddenly "civilization" seems much more attractive again.

    1. YA TB I am wondering if we are going to see what they tried to bring with em begin to shrink like it did in 2010 now. I remember a number of roads that were abandoned and such back then. They may have gotten even more than they bargained for this time.


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