Friday, March 17, 2023

Reality Proves Comments Correct


I had to take another journey behind the lines into the regional Non-Constitutional and Lawless Zone Tuesday as my son went back to leftist land. So I grabbed my least expensive carry piece, stocked up on anything I might need but would not want to stop for and planned my route. 

My son had a friend he wanted to spend the afternoon with so this time instead of a quick in and out for a couple of miles to the airport and back I was forced to traverse down 64 a ways and back. South county isn't too bad yet so it went fine just added more time and traffic. Kinda seeing how places had changed over the years, it's probably been 15 years since I been in some of those areas. 

On the way in and out however I saw miles and miles of destroyed safety cables all along I70 and 64. I mean miles of it not the constant short stretches I see destroyed around here, but miles of. I wonder why they even bother in some spots I swear there are way more miles of it down than there was up.  

It was a nice upper 60 degree day, Tuesday and not once did I see any work crews attempting to even think about putting the things back up.  I bet someone is getting paid for it though. So the comments were right. Those things are useless.

I then got back and have spent the rest of the week traveling to other computers at work trying to find one that had not been blown up by the Microsoft Windows update that came down while I was gone Tuesday. Whatever new Bing search app they added pretty much destroyed any specialty programs installed, which of course includes my key Logging and unusual sticker printers. 

Of course no one is allowed to shut off automatic updates for security reasons and no one but the two over worked tech guys in another city are allowed to have system admin passwords so I had to put in a ticket. They are supposedly behind five days on tickets. 

Luckily things are slow enough right now I could have hand drawn fake stickers and walked the entire process from beginning to end. Counterfeited a key tag and told the one and only salesperson with a client coming in to hand deliver it and never actually entered anything in my side of the database and no one would have known. Except the back office girl and myself. We have known each other since we were teenagers  so she knows I wouldn't lie to her or get her in trouble.

Well not at our current age and not about something this silly anyway. Legally the mileage and key codes must be filed and the pre-sale check by a certified tech and that is about it. 

I still think 70% of the work people get paid for these days is just getting around all the useless complexity than anything else but maybe that is just me.

I still had time this week to split a bunch more wood and get ready for this, what I hope is the last, cold spell we got coming through today and this weekend. Suppose to be back down in the teens tomorrow. I am ready for some warm drier weather that is for sure.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



  1. the simplest things have become ridiculous
    making an appointment is jump through useless time consuming hoops

    1. deb - I swear they don't test out anything these days before sending them out. I was pretty tech savvy once and am not some clueless old guy with software even yet but they do the oddest stuff with em now. Drives me crazy and then when you are completely lost you find yourself alone too.


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