Thursday, March 16, 2023

Best Collapse News I have Seen in Years!!!


The most White Male Hating brand on Earth is being forced to close some stores. Due to you guessed it theft. Wonder by whom? I will be cheering until they all go.  Good riddance.


Shuttering Down Town Philly Locations... Home State of the Fetter-Heads :)

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!! 



  1. Just know that 'you know who' if they can't steal (theft) at a city run store, will be coming into the suburbs. Perhaps at a store nearby YOU. Don't be so smug. target sells groceries too. It'll be a big loss to the good and honest people. Why should they suffer because, as you claim, Target hates white men??

    1. I don't think Target Hating straight White Men is simply a claim nor would any respectable country boy know anything about Target's food. Also unlike Target the suburbs outside of the ones still Democrat lala land (like Pennsylvania must be to vote for their latest Senator) will be defending their property.

      Nothing Smug about it the financial loss of a Woke company is reason to celebrate unless you are part of the problem.

  2. I went in Target 2 months ago where I did some light grocery shopping and I also picked up 2 new bath towels. There was none of the registers open, a girl watching people self check out and two other employees checking receipts as people exited the store. They would not open a register. They got to restock the items I had selected.


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