Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Another Fine Mess eh?


I been researching as much as I can find on this latest Bank Run theater and I still do not have enough specific info as it seems to be all the same but a few tidbits that are coming out more and more right now is exactly who is getting bailed out and who isn't, who somehow seemed to rate an early warning call and which types of asset holders are favored as things progress. 

If this is a pre-planned event,  as a very many are now leaning towards, it figures as the final goal by the Western One World Order types is to control all forms of wealth so if you don't follow along in lock step to what they want your wealth will suddenly be disappeared. Think about a couple 100K plus small businesses and half a billion or so mortgages suddenly controlled by the government?  Do what they want or suffer being removed. It makes sense now that everything appears to be on a speed course to be put in place before it all falls apart due to outside forces.

Never forget wealth as it is mostly known as today is nothing to the Western Controller types. They can give it and take it away as they see fit.  

Liquid assets, which is any type of paper asset,  may survive what is coming but don't count on it.  It is more useful as a form of control over you than anything else right now. I am not saying this as someone with no paper wealth trying to downplay it either. Before this final fall is over I imagine I will lose all of my paper wealth for sure. The various woke Multi-Cult governments will get it all with a stroke of a pen and already be done before I will even know about it. Stocks, bonds, Bank accounts, retirement accounts, everything. There will come a time before this ends when they will use it to back their own claims and choices of legitimacy and do what they want for themselves. As individuals we are powerless to stop it and have two choices. Support them, or hope an opposition gets going which in turn will have it's own rules. We can then hope the opposition is more universal and better at following it's own laws than the current one is.      

At this stage of the game your best bet is to make sure you have sufficient tangible or real "wealth" to keep yourself alive when the controlling powers take your paper wealth away.  Now eventually if they get the paper they will of course also come after the tangible stuff. Food, Ammo, land etc. They will find a way to get it all,  but your best bet is to be holding the last bit of real wealth they are likely to come after. Land you can defend, knowledge to produce sustainable food production and refillable water supplies as the basics plus a plethora of other useful and tangible assets that even if you cannot use it, someone else will be able to.    

That is not to say there is anything wrong with pulling as much of your liquid assets out as you can right now and be comfortable with. If you do just remember to reinvest it into tangible assets that cannot be taken from you with the stroke of a pen by anyone. In the end if you don't have it and have immediate access and control over it than it isn't wealth you can count on, it's someone else's asset. No one is recommending rolling over and taking what they dish out. Just play it as safe as possible until it is easier to see which horse you rode in on is my recommendation.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!




  1. Fiat money issued by a country can be deemed null and void unless exchanged at approved places (National Banks) for the NEW Currency.

    Has happened several times in recent history. Mexican Peso and so on. Accounts in Mexico held in US Dollars were CONVERTED into the New Mexican Peso AT THE RATE determined by the Government.

    Before the FDIC "Insurance" banks often failed and gold was held as a family's reserve of wealth.

    President Roosevelt ended that by forcing a turn in to the banks at the approved rate FOR DOLLARS or go to prison. THEN they REVISED the Gold to Dollar rate for about a 25% haircut to the new holders of dollars.

    FDIC insurance was the bait to get Americans to trust banks with their dollars.

    Gov gives, gov controls and takes away. History is full of that fact.

    TANSTAAFL, There aint no such thing as a Free Lunch

    The free cheese is in the rat trap.

    Real wealth historically has been a healthy family, well fed and sheltered. Trusted friends (that's why betrayal is so awful and PROMOTED by current Gov), skills and the ability to keep the Gov in the dark as to what and who was your support system.

    Killhouse rules and the Rule of threes is in effect.

    1. Michael - I must say I hope they are surprised hard this time around....

  2. We are finding ourselves living in a more horrible world with each passing day. Now, they are trying to take our money away.

    1. Anon - More bazaar than I even thought it would ever get. I tell ya.


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