Monday, March 13, 2023

Lookin Pretty Empty Out There


No telling what it looks like across the world but locally things seem to have really slowed down around here. Tomorrow will be the fifth day in a row of no deliveries for me and as yet not even a hint of anything coming in further on yet either.  I cannot remember the last time I have went so long without something coming in except maybe the first three months or so when the Scamdemic first started. I think I went almost an entire month then without anything coming in after they closed down the rail lines and fired every driver they had.  

I also read where GM is renegotiating the employment contracts for their 3500+ salaried employees so they can save money. Perhaps it's time for the investor classes and CEO types to start sharing in some of these company losses we keep hearing about across all industries instead of just sticking the lower level employees with the mistakes and money loss. 

You know the upper level isn't paying the price for DIE-Versity failures and lack of foresight or government vote buying money drying up. 

Anyway I am not complaining. It's been cold and rainy here the entire time and my son flew in for a visit so I have been enjoying not spending time out in a windswept parking lot trying to keep my paperwork dry. I did go in a couple of times and make sure all my data was input on time, follow up on some damage reports and file the new order sheets I have on vehicles that need to be made yet. Not as much ordered as in previous years but that could just be my own confirmation bias too. I won't really know the final until I start getting up into the end for stock numbers to see how the year went.

On the home front it has finally rained so much I called and canceled the weekly trash collection of my dumpster. We rarely even half fill the thing now days since it is just the wife and I and last week the garbage guys sank to their axle in the back and with a little help have left me some nice two foot deep ruts to blade out later this Spring. I told them just to let the thing go for a couple of weeks or a month until it hopefully dries up enough. I would let them know.  I also cannot get a hay bale out into the field as it is sinking my poor two wheel drive tractors down so bad I cannot even lift a round bale off the ground enough to move em right now.

Luckily the new grass has been growing so the sheep are finding some forage at least enough they are not standing over the remains of the last bale I took em and bleating in hunger nor attacking the few older bales I have out there I was planning on spreading out. IF they were really hungry they would start in on those so there must be enough growth around the 30-some-odd acres I have open for them to keep em happy, plus I increased their daily grain ration anyway.  

I am sure the ground will begin to dry soon. In 30 years I have only seen it so bad I got my tractor(s) stuck once before so this year must just be an anomaly.  That's what I get for not having a front loader and four wheel drive tractor.  I also saw about half a dozen Turkey Vultures this morning so that means this cold weather is about to go away.  Many people say I am wrong but it's been my observation that the Turkey Vultures leave about November and come back when Spring is getting ready to hit. Also my resident Geese stopped coming by and hanging out this weekend too. Those are sure signs to me the season is changing. Others mileage may vary.

Not soon enough for my liking. It hasn't been a bad Winter really but trying to get ahead of the wood use and all this kinda cold and wet is frazzling my nerves. I am ready for some heat and dry ground again.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!




  1. Investors and CEOs sharing the losses would be true equity. But we all know that if the investors are forced to take a hit they'll pull out and the company will go down the tubes. CEOs, though, are another matter. Except, of course, they control the money.

    1. Leigh - I used to have faith in the free market system and think exactly as you do than the woke fascism of DIE-versity showed up like we have today and they will pick and choose for themselves who wins and loses in that regard I am afraid.


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