Sunday, March 19, 2023

Sunday Reading - The End Game of Woke Feminist Entertainment


2022 was the epitome of cringe woke feminist attempts at entertainment and failure. Not just a failure of Disney and the purchased franchises but a failure so complete it leeched into several multi-Billion dollar companies. Netflix, Amazon, Time-Warner, etc. 

It isn't like these failures were not easy for even a layman off the street to see coming. There had been quite few before 2022 anyway. Following the  shutdowns of new movie releases and big profits during 2020 and 21 the Entertainment Industry had to get em back and the woke-Feminist activists had years to convince the shot-callers that their message of cringe was the way to go. I daresay in retrospect Disney lost more overall money during 2022 than will ever be recovered and not just for backing flops like "SheHulk" but for also championing Woke-Feminist ideas and going straight up against regular people. Gambling years of favoritism to do so and lose.

It is easy to see why they made the choices they did. Remakes and sequels generally can make good money but only if you follow a few set rules and remain true to what appealed to the original fans. The problem is in these cases there was no way the new activist show runners were ever going to allow anything that appeals to older fans. Period.

If you examine these failures it is easy to see how it mirrors the final failures of our government, News Media, economic and foreign policies as well.  For one thing the complete failures of 2022 were simply repeats of earlier failures that had come before. Any fan of "Game of Thrones" can see when the woke-Feminist ideology seeped in and resulted in a season so bad it had to be filmed so dark no one could really tell what was going on. Woke-Feminism is afraid of witnesses and the light no matter if it is some Congress-critter getting rich off insider trading or a brainless activist show runner that can't mesh a story line together and has to hide their lack of continuity.

Much like our Feminist Politicians these Entertainment types than blame and make up reasons so they can double down and try again with even worse results. Reaching back into obscure political ideas or in the case of entertainment lesser known works to steal. After ruining such better known classics as the "Blade Runner" "Lord of the Rings" or "Wheel of Time" franchises until finally just resorting to flat out lies about obscure groups and things that never happened like this latest "Warrior Queen" farce.

If you call em on it you are a racist. sexist, Pig.

In a nut shell this is the overall attitude that is destroying everything in the current Western World. An absolute refusal to understand the past. A complete rejection of how things were and how they were death with prior. An attitude that we can do better with no idea of how it was ever tried or even done by the evil old guys to begin with. We can write a better story, we can get better results, We can fight a better war,  etc. 

All they get are greater and more absolute failures, and larger flops.

I can ignore such trash as a Female Thor or making every Male hero a whimpering crying soy-boy simp while replacing em with a gay 90lb female actress race switcher. Who cares?  I got the books memorized anyway. Hell my first job as a teenager was working in a comic book store in the late 70's. I can spot their changes to the story and continuity before they even know they did it. What I cannot abide is these same types placing our very lives in jeopardy by ignoring agreements, reactions, and emotions that were hammered out 50+ years ago simply because these untrained and ignorant Feminist think they can do better and they don't know what they are supposedly doing better at  to begin with.

This isn't like the old saying "Those who don't study History are bound to make the same mistakes" This is more like "Those who do not value history are bound to make new and worse mistakes". 

And be ready because it is happening in every sector of our Western World Lives. At a record pace now.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!



  1. They always have to push the narrative at any and all expense, what ever the narrative is five minutes ago... Pathetic they expect us to believe a 90 pound woman hero is going to abolish a 250 pound ex-seal in mortal combat. Or that she can drive a starship and back it up.

    1. Cedrerq - For a long Time I gave em the benefit of the doubt thinking they just didn't know any better but the emails and such that came out the last few years probed to me they were doing it with full knowledge and mostly out of hatred. I now kinda believe it is the same politically too.


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