Thursday, March 30, 2023

Another Month in BazaaroLand


Another day and April will finally be here but we have already had our share of bazaar life in 2023. I read many reports last night coming in from news areas, vbloggers etc. reiterating what I mentioned the other day as to the effects the latest BRIC movements are actually having on Western and the US economy in particular and how American's are being protected from these facts and information. It connected in with something that has been bothering me since the banking crisis started and are probably linked in some way.

To be honest the government and connected bigwigs are just doing whatever they want now that much is clear. Yet watching the economic data from as far back as January it was obvious the economy and US consumer was crashing fast. Yet without any reason that I can find in late February financial data sites and so called experts began adjusting every thing up. From home and auto sales to consumer sentiment seemed to jump first 8 and then 10 to 12 points for year total expectations.

What changed?

Prices certainly haven't, except for going up more. Ford admitted a 3 billion loss on EV's, Layoffs and store closings have increased dramatically etc. Where do these companies and economic types think this new growth is going to come from by the end of the year? 

Dollar strength is in free fall along with it's share of world GDP. Then a Vblogger showed a screen shot of some articles he was referencing yesterday. Most of them were behind paywalls but one caught my eye which when I went to read it for myself it showed how many private foreign companies and individuals are dumping US t-bills and bonds. I haven't seen anything official yet about foreign nations dropping US bonds but it has always been said that US money returning to the US was one of the final signs that full financial collapse was on us and would cause massive price increases.

All that debt returning to the US would certainly account for 8 to 12+ points of increase in a very short time wouldn't it?

Now I don't know but I will say the only way we are going to see increases of the magnitude the experts predicted is going to be with even more massive inflation. If we begin seeing inflation and money rushing back into the US from foreign holders. Start digging your fox hole and hiding food as it won't take long to explode after that.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



  1. "...but one caught my eye which when I went to read it for myself it showed how many private foreign companies and individuals are dumping US t-bills and bonds."

    If you have it handy, some might want to see that link, too

    1. Anon - I do remember it was have it anymore but I do remember which vblogger showed it so I will go watch it again and get it.

    2. well that was a messed up reply I don't remember the exact link but I can go get it my comments are so messed up even on my own blog anymore. Google actually censored one of my own replies to the Spammer today believe it or not.

  2. De truth ist Verboten Comrade. Friend Google Protects you.


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