Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Finally a Work Day


Back in November when I was buying Christmas gifts and having them shipped I did a search for "best mini chainsaws" and the one pictured above came up. I have no clue whether it is the best or even close. I have never used a mini-chainsaw until today although I have used battery powered 2 handed chainsaws a  lot.  So again while I had no clue what makes a good mini-chainsaw the price was pretty damned cheap and I just ordered one to see how it would be as I had a few trees down to take the small branches off of anyway.

Well the thing was backordered a few times and finally showed up sometime towards the end of January and with the rain and the wet I never did anything but charge the batteries up on it.  

I will say I am an avid fan of smallish electric/battery run chainsaws. I bought one of those 20 volt black and decker ones prolly 10 or 12+ years ago when they first came out and I have used em to clean up miles of wire fence rows. They are perfect for cutting small trees and woody brush out of em and easy to handle even when they catch a wire by mistake.  I lost mine a few years back and had been meaning to buy a new one when it suddenly turned up sitting in the middle of my drive way one afternoon. I am pretty sure my mom loaned it out to someone and never told me and whomever had it brought it back. The only problem I have had with them is they were still large enough you really needed 2 hands to use em on any semi-flimsy branches and I had to oil down the chain by hand using a little squirt bottle that leaked bad. So I just  ordered the one above on a whim this Winter.

I didn't use it enough to really give a review nor do I have enough experience with these little things to tell if it is good/bad or average anyway. Compared to the old two handed BandD ones I have used it was the bomb. Each battery lasted about 2 to 2 and1/2 hours. Cut through all the BoxElder branches I fed to it but would bog down easily when the branches bent even slightly. I found it easiest to just grab a branch lay it down on the tree trunk and cut the branches and twigs off while holding it with one hand. It is much easier with this little saw that's for sure.

So from an inexperienced mini-chainsaw user it worked well for whatever that is worth to you. As an added bonus I went back and looked and the thing was 58 bucks when I ordered it back in November but looks like it is down to 54 bucks now.

It did it's job better than I was expecting but my experience with battery powered saws is pretty dated so I imagine technology has come a long way more than I anticipated. There are probably much better saws out there but I wanted the lightest and smallest one handed one I could find to just start carrying around with me when I am outside and this one so far seems great. 

I was able to get all the remaining trunk cleaned of branches and cut em up into some good sized kindling for the wood stove and drag the remaining branches off. I still have a bit of the trunk to cut up then I can close up the gate from the goat pen to the pasture and  start letting the sheep back out into the East pasture as those three little goats can't keep up once the forage really get growing.

It also allowed me to let Winston the dog lummox out with me to run free instead of leashed. He can't get out of the pastures with the field fence and with all the new immigrant neighbors and their Karen SUV's he can't run free anymore out here. I know he was getting stir crazy and needed to run. Poor guy is way too much dog for me to keep exercised by myself now unless it is in a well contained area.  He doesn't have the brains to stop running if he gets free and will run straight into a vehicle.

So my first test was successful I am sure I will find out more as the Summer progresses but I plan on keeping this little saw with me a lot. I have a large amount of weeds trees that always need trimming.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!



  1. very interested
    am old and arthritic but things here need trimming
    have seen these on tv and wondered if they are worth it
    maybe an update from you after a few months use?

    1. deb - I will be sure to keep things up to date on how it works and when I can dig out my old electric saw maybe a bit comparison stuff too.

  2. Hmmmpppfffffff. Y'know... as a kid I used to live on the chainsaw. When I wasn't doing that... I was on the axe. I coulda put the BOOTS to Paul Bunyon and his Great Blue Ox! But I digress! I gloat and bloat!

    I have always sneered with contempt at electric saws. Mine was a Husquavarna with a three foot bar. was my Dad's... and I almost murdered him when he sold it!

    But... your testimony gives me pause, PP. Are these things capable of serious work? Even in the cold? I'd like to see a comprehensive consumer report once you have more hours in with it.

    I shoulda "borrowed" Pop's chainsaw all those years ago. :)

    1. Filthie - MY favorite saw is an old JonsenRed that is only a few years younger than I am. I scoffed at the electric stuff until the better one come out about a decade ago and I had miles of over grown field and barbed wire to clean out. The batteries were the weak link but the low speed on the chain is hard to deal with too and catches a lot.


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