Friday, March 31, 2023

Never Fear Bazaaro World is Here for a While


I don't think I have seen news and events manipulated and censored like they are today since the O'Bummer crisis.  Back then it was slightly less common to actually see the government pressuring outside private sources to edit and/or flat out remove content like it is today I think. It was especially noteworthy in O'Bummer's day when dealing with mass shooting situations or gaff's of a very political type. Back then I had a bit larger circle of friends and contacts that allowed me to notice but even on the outside looking in like I am these days the manipulation is hard to miss.

Some of it is hard to squash but news about world wide political/economical events is deep sixed fast it seems and then like I noticed last night impossible to even find articles you had just read 24 hours ago. I do tend to focus alot on automotive data now due to the fact I still have contacts there. 

I was perplexed on the revised numbers and estimates for future sales in the industry that came out recently and how it differed from what was being reported just a  month ago on the post I did yesterday. SO I did a little deeper checking and found nothing to support such a change in opinion on future numbers. In fact all I found was contradiction.  

The first piece of info that really peaked my interest was from just a random driver out of Chicago this morning who mentioned the transport companies have been laying drivers off and then bringing em back on a weekly basis lately. He mentioned they would announce to everyone Friday loads maybe their last but then have a huge backlog waiting come Monday again.  I then called a friend of mine in Arkansas and had him look up the number of days they had of inventory. Almost 300 days on hand. Normally with most models they like to keep inventory days around 50 or 60.

I can only assume my guess from yesterday is right. Either these big wigs have information most don't of an incoming stimulus or bailout or they are banking on US cash coming back into the West quickly or their revised estimates are just baseless.

Everywhere you turn the actual truth is highly suspect. As we are all aware if they don't like the facts they just change the name to make it go away but this current administration seems to be taking it to another level and attempting to keep the entire nation in the dark. Especially on such things as international agreements and treaties that by pass the dollar. 

It kinda makes sense the Dollar's strength is the key weapon the Woke Feminist West has been using against the world for decades. You would think they would have known enough to protect it better but that would mean agreeing with old White Men wouldn't it?

Other than that I must say I am enjoying being witness to this entire fantasy going up in flames. I am blessed that I managed to survive long enough to see at least the beginning of the end and I plan to cheer it on as long as possible.

I read today of even more and greater Disney cleanings and lay off with more coming.

I hope they all hear "GO Woke Get Broke" ringing in their ears as they carry their stuff out of the office.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. cross among a sow bug, armadillo, rodent and mole?
    i keep praying that God will protect His own, including my child
    most of us have no farmlet, but if evil doers want to they can destroy you no matter where you are
    just read about a person who is being forced not to use his barn for his animals by use of some damned loophole
    we need to pray for each other and against evil !

    1. deb - I believe the caption just said crimson armadillo. Pray indeed and I do wonder at what point The Lord allows us to really just defend ourselves? I guess until we actually want to retaliate it becomes vengeance in and of itself.

    2. people say well, Jesus said to turn the other cheek
      HE also said sell your cloak and buy a sword!


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