Thursday, January 26, 2023

I Had To Post This...


I am sure everyone has seen this somewhere before now. I had to chuckle and it did give me a new insult to throw around at work... "Get VAxxed"  I love it :)


Serious or Satire: Why didn't the UnVaccinated do more to warn us?


Grabbed from Gateway Pundit. 



  1. Liberalism when taking responsibility for your actions is NOT an option.

  2. Fear took over and many people stopped thinking logically; using logic to convince someone who is acting on emotion is nearly impossible. This is one time I would have been happy to be wrong, but sadly, I wasn't.

  3. No one's blood is on MY hands. I TRIED to tell people! I was ridiculed, censored, and "shamed." I was told I was "selfish and self-centered, and that I "didn't care abut the rest of us." "Alright. Suit yourselves" was my final utterance on the subject. At one point my job was on the line because I didn't want to "vaccinate." Only when the company realized that SO MANY employees were refusing the jab that the company would have to shut down, were we all given "religious exemptions." And the owner was and continues to be a "vax drone... er... ADVOCATE. That being said, knowing the bent of Zerohedge, it was most likely satire. THAT being said, look for this to show up in a Biden speech down the line... He can't resist plagiarism. We won't be called "the unvaccinated" though. We'll be called "MAGA extremists..."

    1. Yup. Me too. I was banished from my family a second time because I refused the jab. Mom literally wouldn’t speak to me for a year!

      A society this stupid cannot be expected to live much longer… all I can do is roll my eyes and wonder what’s next?

    2. Pete and Filthie - to an extent I was as well. MY wife better be thanking her stars that I believe in fulfilling my responsibilities or she would be on her own in her old age now too.

  4. Covid is finally over. The fine folks in Duluth even made a song about what diseases are a problem...


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