Sunday, January 22, 2023

A Local Tourist Attraction


It appears I have created a bit of an attraction around the area. If you don't know how vehicle sales work you might think people buy cars and trade them in etc. But really most of the big money is in fleet sales for companies that buy multitudes of vehicles and/or leasing/rental companies. I have about two or so dozen names that come through my particular parking lots all the time to be gotten ready for delivery for large scale sales they have negotiated. I get em in and get all the paperwork processed then a certified technician does his thing and eventually a private delivery company comes along loads em up and they go to the actual buyer or to the next stage of their journey which is often times for the logo application etc. 

Which particular place the vehicles are sent to is determined by number and loosely based on the region of the finale destination of course. Typically what falls under my purview are loads of less than 20 or so but of course times change and the environment shifts. For various reasons that I have read about in passing over the last year or so this group of vehicles has been sent to me and it is about three times larger than anything I typically deal with. Not overall larger but definitely larger in short term volume so far but it can still grow too.

The range of specifics can vary of course. Sometimes I will get say a dozen duel wheel trucks just cab and chassis (which are a pain in the Ass let me tell you) and after a few weeks a dozen drivers will show up and drive em two states away to have custom beds put on them. Sometimes I will get in a bunch of smaller trucks over a period of a year that are each sent to a nearby town or school. You get the idea. Sometimes a company will order a few dozen regular vehicles for their employees and they will come one or two at a time for the entire year and I have to keep track of em and fill out forms and get em repaired if there are damages etc. 

Sometimes I will get single vehicles in that are part of retirement packages for old executives of auto companies too.  There is really no end to the agreements that send vehicles to me and almost no end to what type of vehicle I might get within the specific brand anyway.

It's a pretty lucrative deal for the company I work for and they pay me peanuts to do it BUT my schedule is pretty much determined by me and the emails that inform me I have a load coming in. I also take care of individual private sales to regular customers too but not until this Covid scam-demic were they more than a side issue for me.

Of course with the shortages and the free government giveaways private sales were about all that have been happening regularly the last year or so. All the new salesmen were thinking they were the most important thing going on. I have had to put more than one in their place a time or two as by de-facto they believed the one vehicle they had been waiting 6 months to deliver to their customer should be the most important vehicle on earth. I understood where they were coming from I really did but when I had 3 loads coming I wasn't coming in to wait on one vehicle and then sit around for hours waiting on the six behind it just cause they didn't want their customer to wait 3 hours longer.

It doesn't help the manufacturer is now sending out emails telling these customers their orders are ready three days before they even arrive here either but that is another complaint for another day.

Anyway things are getting back to normal now which means there is more of a predictable wave of incoming vehicles than there used to be and private sales are falling in importance fast too. Hence I have now gotten in some 50+ of the same small SUV type model identical in every way within a week or so of each other. All say they are going to the same place and pretty much sequential VIN numbers except I can tell you by looking at them they are slated to become rental cars at a national rental chain... I would guarantee it. That means they will be picked up 1 or 2 or maybe 3 at a time in a variety of different ways going to regional chain sites.

Now with this many vehicles I have no where I can just park em in a long single line or even a few lines spread out enough to allow a person to just take the keys and pull that particular vehicle out of the block. NO it requires a bit of vehicle Tetris to play this game. Sure enough after I got about 30 or so parked together I had a site in Kansas call and ask for one particular vehicle. I had to move six others to get that one out. 

You get the idea.

The funniest part of this however are the locals. I now have daily visits from tourist coming by to see my block of vehicles. I was amazed when it started but I cannot be out there during normal business hours as it is a constant stream of people driving in and looking. It's just 52 or so vehicles too but they come by and drive around them and ask me questions. The worst part being I have to mind my manners too. There is a reason I like to work alone mind you.

One woman asked me why I had so many cars? My first response was "well ya know we are a car dealership" 

It actually caused me physical pain to bite that response back.

I have heard so many theories as to why too. One couple said they had heard the dealership was going to be selling these vehicles at  a huge discount soon so they were shopping already. 

That kind of thing.

I just cannot believe 50 some odd vehicles can cause this much of a stir.

Enough to make me wanna chuck my cell phone into the river on the way home. If ya ask me this civilization peaked in the 80's but was still good in the 90's until the consumer social justice feminist warrior got some power. We should go back to then.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. We have a local dealer that handles fleet sales. The overstock is placed on airport property near the terminal. The amount can be huge, and sometimes, they are easily known as soon-to-be vehicles for a state entity by familiar colors and markings.

    1. Jess - as far as fleet sales go what I deal with is relatively small scale stuff. Having this many as basically a one man show is usually handled by others. I guess the employee issues have encroached in me some here. As I said usually I don't get anything above 10 or so vehicles and even then rarely more than 5 or six at a time either.

  2. I would agree with the peak civilization statement. Perhaps 1976? Actually Reagan gave us a brief respite. I realize many conservatives dislike him for good reasons but I feel like he was the last "statesman," type president.

    1. Everything’s relative B. I think RR was truly great too… but the state of the country and its systems nowadays? If a Reagan type conservative like that were to arise today… the freaks and clowns would flip out and tear him to shreds…


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