Friday, January 27, 2023

2023 The Aftermath


I know there are many out there that will not agree. Even I am having a hard time grasping the full concept of what I believe now is the end. I have been wrestling with this for a couple of months now trying to fully understand what I think I am seeing but it is finally becoming more real to me. We are seeing the complete collapse of the liberal Feminist social Justice system. America was subjugated sometime ago from within but the flaw has always been that by weakening the West these same Feminist presented the West's enemies with the time and environment they needed to establish their own dominance and throw off the Western yoke they had been forced to live under.

Nothing I am seeing today either on a local, national or world stage. is playing out differently than many much smarter Men (and even some Women) saw and prophesied as coming decades ago. 

I am sure I am going to have years to point out observations of this defeat because it isn't going to go away fast, nor get that much better any time soon. The Liberal Feminist Democrats types are not admitting defeat yet. They are still hoping and trying. It isn't over by a long way. What finally sealed my belief was actually what I see around me everyday. The tide turned back in 2016 and this covid/free money/Ukraine/vote steal period has been their last final push to take Antwerp and slow the gains made by their enemies by the Democrat One world types and their RINO allies. It hasn't worked.

It failed badly as they did not have time to pull off any real gains before reality set in.

The end of the Petro-Dollar was the final seal but as I say the die was cast even before then. 

There will as I mentioned be plenty of instances to point this out that I will not shy away from calling attention to here as we go but it dawned on me as I was poking around the local places around me just the other day. 

Nothing has really changed out here really except new construction. Sure there have been lots sold and new houses built in every out of the way spot they could find to buy but all the old out buildings and houses that were here before are still here. Not one porch that needed repair has been repaired. not one old out building has been fixed, not even one tree damaged roof in the small town near by has been fixed. The trees have been removed but no repairs. Only new construction. That tells me that nothing has changed for the people who were just barely hanging on before from suffering under the Democrat assaults only new money pumped into new vote buying schemes to others further away.  None of the open lots in town have had any new construction. It has all been clandestine construction that is now remote and isolated. Hidden.

Even all the old local haunts have now kinda went back to normal.

This last push for more votes had no staying power and is dying as fast as it's bubble burst.

Every Liberal Feminist Democrat dominated institution and scheme is failing. Inflation is just the end result of this failure. Financial institutions cannot lend under these rules. Stores cannot operate and cities cannot enforce the peace. I see pundits everywhere talk about the automotive industry crashing as several lenders have closed their doors and loans are down year over year but they don't tell you what is up. Prices are still up and all the money these financial companies are taking out of lending they are putting into collections and repossessions while the auto companies focus more intently on fleet and corporation sales.

It is a matter of survival for them under these crazy rules same as for us and it clearly spells out the end is near for the liberal Feminist utopia they have tried and failed to create.

One cannot change the laws of nature because they feel they are wrong.

The one thing that is for certain right now is these Liberal Feminist types that are so full of hate are going to make this collapse hurt as much as they can but they will never defeat the sheer tenacity of the American ability to persevere. That to me has been immediately obvious this Winter.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!




  1. PP, three thoughts:

    1) There seems to be more and more of the phenomena of "eating their own", of people who were considered rock solid on issues suddenly being "de-personed" because they do not hold the party line. When your side is destroying itself for not being ideological enough, it is a sign you are reaching the beginning of the end.

    2) The economy is getting rough and will get more so. Thousands of people that supported this sort of thing now find themselves on the outside looking in with the added benefit of having burned their bridges with "the other side".

    3) In a world of contracted spending, both tax dollars and discretionary spending will fall. The money to support all of this - whether government programs or corporate objectives - will fall. At some point - and we are beginning to see it now - boards and investors will demand results of their companies, not programs. One can only hope that the government also trends that way.

    1. TB - I could not agree with you more. It is starting too fall apart at the seams for them. I know many people who have not been following this as long as you and I don't really see it but they are a long way down compared to the 90's and early 2K's. Things are slipping for them fast I think.

  2. That was my reply BTW Google is acting strange again I have had issues commenting on all my readers blogs as well lately.

  3. have read that the sun is having 'weather'
    it is said to affect internet

  4. goodbye and good riddance to the liberal feminist antisocial injustice system. just hope they don't cause everything to go up in flames as they sink back down to hell where they came from


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