Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Corn Harvest in Full Swing


Looks like the corn harvest is in full swing around the Small-Hold now. I really did not see much soybean this year as almost everything was in corn. About July I did see a couple of small fields get cut for silage but very few in fact and I am guessing the turn in the weather we got at the end of July/first part of September saved a lot of the local corn. At least it appeared that way to me but I never really asked any of my neighbors because they were so busy I rarely saw them after July. Past experience tells me the harvest wasn't bad if I did not see them. 

I am also getting inquiries for possible hay cutting for next year already. So it doesn't seem like any of the local farmers think that hay production is going to slow down any. I know even down south of us I am hearing rumors that smaller fields than ever are being argued over already. Some are calling em people's yard lol.

Kinda eliminating my qualms of selling out on my own hay production equipment. I need to be honest with myself there is no way I can cut, bale and store 400 square bales on my own any more even if I cannot hire someone to produce it for me I am not going to go out and do it myself any longer and it seems these days it's easier to find a custom hay guy than it is to find even one guy to help ya haul it anyway.

I still wrestle back and forth on it. If I pull the lever I will regret it and if I don't looking at that equipment just aging away in the shed will make me regret that too. 

This year corn harvest has brought a new development into the mix though. Half mile long traffic jams that have never been seen out here before as these recent city residents move out here they have no idea how to manage driving around house sized combines and grain trucks using the narrow roads. Driving into the city to go to work this morning there was a traffic jam over half a mile long waiting to pull off from the North and head into the city blocked by a three combine crew moving to the next field. An awful lot of pissed off Karens being late for work all in a line.

Not gonna lie made me chuckle. I hope they hate it so bad they all friggin move....

I had another thought on my way in though. I wonder how much these motorcycle  snowflakes like spilled grain on the roads? Thinking about it made me smile too.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!! 



  1. Back in our hometown, which has the third largest agricultural Fair in the nation, somebody got the bright idea of putting a luxury home development in the middle of farmland. The paint hadn't even dried before the new residents started to gripe about the awful smells.

    The county responded with a large sign, which explained the sights, sounds, and smells of agriculture, directly across from the entrance to the development.

    Of course that was about 25 years ago, I'm not sure if the sign still exists, and nowadays, although the Fair is still going on, who knows what the county would say.

    1. sbgirl - I have seen some so-called rural new comers complain about ag going on around them. One utube guy I used to follow would have neighbors that were down right ugly mean when he was combining or heaven forbid fertilizing a field. No danger of what will be moving in next to me being high luxury I don't think. The guys landscaping the place now are not known for creating that kind of lots... Then again who knows.

  2. I grew up in the dairy town of Ellington, CT in the 1960's and 1970's, before all that farmland sprouted the McMansions of today. Corn silage was cut and trucked for dairy feed in the early days of the school year. Standing out waiting for the school bus meant getting covered in corn confetti as the uncovered trucks roared by. Spring and early summer was when the manure was spread on the fields, earning out town the nickname of Smellington by out of towners. I remember the early days when people would move to town and right away start complaining to town officials about the smell. They also complained about the small airport. They were told they were free to move elsewhere.

    1. Glypto Dropem - Sounds like a utopia of a place in the 60's and 70's. I am complaining about it but really I should have known it was going to happen here. I am actually surprised I made it as long as I did. The grain on the road is what really cracked me up. I wonder how those bikers who been complaining about my grass clippings feel about loose corn on the road!!!

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