Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Is This It? - The Grand Melee?


I don't know how many know what a Grand Melee is. In truth it took on many forms depending on where and when it was held. Generally speaking a Grand Melee was set on the last few days of a Royal or highly sponsored and attended Medieval Tournament. The various participants would basically form small armies and war against each other. Sometimes these melees ranged for miles in the country side and ended up becoming actual mini wars that recruited previous non-combatants, had sieges, pretty much a no hold bars type of thing where depending on the times anything could and often did happen. Castles were captured and used then besieged, hostages were taken. Factions switched sides or formed alliances etc.

Of course politics of the time always had a big impact on these things. Grudges, current maneuvering or squabbles etc. could greatly influence how these melees often times progressed. Many an actual war spawned or were thwarted due to the outcome of these affairs. Let the wrong combatant be taken captive and his ransom could finance a war for years to come or ruin it's chance of beginning all to gather.  

The part of a Grand Melee that effects us today is not so much which Duke is maneuvering to place his Son in Law on a  throne or restrict some new Right the King claims is his but the fact that the peasants are basically just pawns in the entire affair.

Many people assume I am a Republican due to my steadfast opposition to Democrats. I am not. I am in fact a Constitutionalist and always have been. Under the current manifestation of the Democrat party that requires complete opposition to them simply on ideological beliefs if nothing else. Yet what we are really facing today is so far beyond simple party, National political affiliation, borders, race, gender etc. it now bears little in common with the world we once lived in.

The aristocrat politicians of the West figured out some time ago that actual power could be easily manipulated by influencing the Mob and what better vehicle for mob manipulation than the media for popularity and a citizenry of low intelligence voters? No law would be sacred. no right could be retained and any crime could be erased when you have the power of the mob behind you. It would still cost you though.

The Founding Fathers of the United States knew this. They gave us the perfect gift needed for a Christian peoples to defeat such a movement. They knew a Republic would lead to loose fiscal policy but they also knew that buying votes could work for a while but eventually those votes would cost too much to be sustainable. The Constitution has been under attack ever since but always geared towards a way to over come the law of supply cost for vote buying.

You might ask where this is going but the next step is to grow by numbers that increase power through those numbers. Unrestricted immigration, totally universal suffrage etc. The only way to keep the ponzi scheme viable is to constantly add to the base. For hundreds of years the political aristocracy has been playing the same game in the US. It did not matter what mask they wore it was all about gaining total control.

This is why many people will claim there is no difference between the parties. At many levels they are correct. What the populace vote buyers did not account for however was the power of the US Constitution and just how much violating the very rights written within it would inflate the price of vote buying.

This leads us to where we are today. The Western method of vote buying used by political families of all parties has become unsustainable. The parasites are over coming the host so the US began exporting it's vote buying democracy to the world. Democrats and RINO families alike have been in on this for generations. 

Want to understand why staunch Republicans turn and become closet or sudden Democrats? They are simply part of the World Political Aristocracy.  

Problem is the entire Western World is no longer sufficient to maintain the cost of keeping the illusion going. We are witnessing a Grand Melee between different Aristocratic Ideologies. Things are shattering. Allies will turn on allies, countries will flip for inexplicable reasons, alliances will be broken and movements will be exposed as lies, resources will become scarce. Always keep in mind however none of these factions are on our side. 

If you decide it is time to jump into this world wide grand melee  make sure whichever side you support follows the Constitution and Christian values to a T or you will eventually become a victim. There is only one form of government that can remain at the end and that is a Constitutional Representative Republic.  Everything else is just a dead end ponzi scheme.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



  1. Hrmmmmmm… I shoulda come here before poasting this morn…

    PP, it is not just the states. It’s everywhere. Up her in Canada we have guys that make your democrats look like patriots. New Zealand has leaders that make Turdo look like a saint…

  2. Just found your site. Perhaps we can take it easy for the third of the survivors and do the Articles of Confederation again, and keep them a little longer before our betters shanghai it into another Constitutional Republic.

    Maybe one with some consequences for breaking it (besides treason-death) and some protections against the Clownworld the current parchment has wrought

    It all strikes me, however, as being very Libertarian in the mental masturbation amongst a population that is functionally retarded. There may be a chance if everyone that accepted the Vax into their lives drop dead, those left that pushed the jab are liquidated, and the rest of the non-traditional Westerners are removed from the area of patriot control, but that would be non-patriotic to do that.

    The bulk of this landmass will by default be ruled by force until it all shakes out, and even after being pummelled for over a century I wouldn't count out the decendants of the best warriors to survive the Ice Age to come through and rule by meritocracy.

    I don't think there will be enough left to get back to the Constitutional Republic stage of politics for many generations.

  3. well...
    you are much smarter than i am
    excellent thinking
    one of the forefathers said to the citizens 'if you can keep it' of the new government
    apparently we cannot keep even the shreds of it
    the baton has passed and our geese are cooked
    it is going to be very bad
    i am in my 70's and do not think many of my age will live to see the complete evil
    Himself told us that, had He not foreshortened the time, there would be no flesh left living
    nuclear war is foretold by the prophets and so it must be
    i hope i am either killed instantly or am far from the epicenter
    only God can help us
    keep praying


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