Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Future More Uncertain Than Ever!!!


If I was teetering on the fence trying to choose my next move around here it was pretty much chosen for me today I imagine.

To tell you the truth this has been a very odd day since I got up this morning. All the way into work I had this surreal, dejaVu kind of feel going on where everything felt like a dream of the past more than the present. Like a foggy memory but one that took on a more focused visual quality at the same time.

I managed to get most of the T-post out from around the splitting tree and rolled up all the fence wire. I wasn't about to just leave it down as that is a guaranteed way to assure some dumb sheep will get tangled up in it. So I rolled it up all the way back to the gate and tied it off to the corner post.

Now I need to go and drop the tree. After I get it dropped I am going to let the sheep out in the field for the Fall and let them eat the leaves off the downed tree before cutting it up. At least that is the plan now that I know the sheep will not have to deal with fence wire tangled up in it. They are generally intelligent enough to get out of a downed tree but not one with tangled wire to deal with as well.

Trust me a sheep that can remember where a gate is from one day to the next is a genius.

Going in and checking the latest news pretty much sealed my fate for the future though. Nord Stream 1 and 2 sabotaged? After a warning that something would happen if Italy voted to go Right?

It is time to put my tinfoil hat on once again. This entire thing has the feel of world classed conspiracy about it. O'Bummer-Joe has even announced destroying the pipe-lines months ago before he even started financing the Ukraine BS. Holland attacking their own farmers with rumors of removing agriculture and manufacturing out of Europe to the Americas. Cause they need more room for housing all the soon to come immigrants. America giving it's fossil fuels away and now proclaiming we can supply Europe's energy needs this Winter? 

That witch Piglosi showing up out of the blue in Armenia, of all places, right when relations go hot with Azerbaijan? 

These latest moves just seem to confirm my theory that we are on a course for war and the Western Liberal's are counting on it to create their view of utopia. The New Liberal World order and WEF focusing on agriculture in Western North America and South America with peons forced into over crowded cities on the East coast and Europe, mostly. Perhaps far West coast as well. The liberal ideology is failing fast and a forced war with the East is about the only hail mary play they have left.

Regardless I am here and here I will remain. If this is the last chapter for this place I will be there when it ends I guess. I think I may have figured out a way forward no matter how bad things get in the near term but that will take me a bit of time to get it worked out. Who knows things may become unavailable before next week at the speed things are changing right now so we all may very well be stuck with what we have on hand right now for the rest of our lives.

I hope I am wrong but everything seems to be pointing at the same end result that I can see right now.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. Always remember for those that accept the gift of the Lamb of God this is not our real home.

    Folks forget that even the "Chosen People" fell into worship of false gods (abortion-baby sacrifice anybody) and their nation was sacked and the survivors were led into slavery.

    We are suffering from Isiaha Chapter 3 level of "leadership". The type God allows as to destroy a nation. BUT Read the Whole Chapter as God makes a way for those that serve Him. Much like the story of Sodom and Gomorra.

    Keep prepping as that too is part and parcel of God's plans. He not only told Joeseph how to interpret the 7 fat and skinny Cows to His King the Pharo HE made a plan and worked hard to save (Prep) foods for the coming famine.

    Paul spoke of this in 1st Timothy 5:7Give these instructions to the believers, so that they will be above reproach. 8 If anyone does not provide for his own, and especially his own household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

    1. Indeed, this is the conundrum that faces God's own. The World is not our real home, but it's where we live. More so, it's where our children will live when we are gone. It's a gift from God and worth defending. May God give all His people the discernment needed at this time. Praise God... and keep your powder dry...

    2. Michael - Thank you for that it is too easy to forget this is not our final place. Needs to be remembered from time to time.

  2. DC and Brussels are in chaos. Their vassal allies (Canada, Fwance, Germany, Britain) are too… and all are threatening to vote the wrong way in the next election. In some places, people are turning off the sportzball, putting up the beer and potato chips… and are noticing the wrong things, and asking the wrong questions. They aren’t shutting up anymore either. Putin is the only adult in the room.

    At some point, Legacy America is gonna come up off that couch with murder in their eye. You can’t run a country like this…

    1. I can only pray that Legacy America will be up for the fight she's in for, Glen...

    2. Filthie - Funny isn't it Hunter Biden gets millions from a European LNG company and then when his dad is president he starts a war with the companies largest competitor and then that competitors' pipe line blows up shortly after US naval operations took place almost on top of it?

  3. PP, I look at this Nordstream incident and see the perfect opportunity to pull the pin on WW3. Everyone can say it wasn't them. Everyone can say it's the other guy's fault. Everyone can start throwing lead at each other, thinking they're right. Is this the Black Swan? It's anybody's guess. All we can do is be ready...

    1. Pete - Not only pull the pin but to also make sure the US now is the only one who can supply Europe with the crucial Natural Gas it needs to survive. Good way to force compliance ain't it?

    2. Yup. And now the US can GOUGE Europeans for THEIR gas, and US for OUR gas, all in the name of sympathy... If you use propane... tank up now...

    3. Pete - Exactly. Plus continue the Obummer era regulations against alternate fuel use too.


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