Monday, August 15, 2022

We Are Not After Your Guns


Any of you out there remember the particular lie from the title? I certainly do as about every Democrat had it on auto-play when ever they were caught promoting or encouraging one of their gun grab schemes.

"No Body is after your guns" How many times I heard that from the 1980's on until about the Odumbo years when they finally didn't see the point in denying it any longer is impossible to count. 

Almost as often said back in those days were phrases like "Will not increase spending", "Will not increase Taxes", "Will Cap Immigration Numbers".

Later on it was phrases like "If you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor" or "Insurance".

These days it's just "Insurrection this or that" but now we have the "No audits for those making less than 400K a year" addition to the Femocrat Lies.

However when talking about audits in the same paragraph as the new 87,000 agents the IRS admits they will hire with their new windfall of a budget it has been noted auditing experience is NOT part of the qualifications for the job.

Here is an article on it and a link to the IRS ad. You can find it on the linked page as I will not directly link to it.

Now what do you think an Odumbo puppet regime would want with about two divisions worth of armed agents? Almost like a well funded civilian army that answers to Democrats. Hmmmm Didn't Odumbo mention he needed one of those once? Right about the time he began weaponizing the IRS against Conservative and Tea Party groups?

Where do you think the Democrats and the IRS is going to get these 87,000 or so armed agents? Do you think they are going to recruit them from farms, suburbs, small towns and such across the country? Or do you think they are going to be calling for the "Historically under served" Community as their hiring pool of choice?  

Now you can take what I say with a grain of salt, but I am going to make another prediction here. The US is broke and going to get a lot more broke. Of course the Femocrats want more money but they also need to continue the Green WEF/UN agenda too, Banning Fertilizer, Farms, etc. Which will eventually move into a carbon tax and carbon restrictions that not only need to be monitored and tracked but will require a strong military force to stop any and all black market sales, home production, etc.   

This is where your Civilian Army of historically under served agents come into play. Raiding, scouting, scamming, harassing, threatening small town, rural and suburban homesteads and farmers markets. calling in raids. etc.

I am sure they will be perfect gentlemen to all the Girls and Women too. Be as safe as taking the subway or going to a democrat controlled city park I imagine.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!




  1. read or heard recently that canadian agriculture department is warning all small producers that they may no longer supply their products [food] to the public
    maybe they will borrow some of these obama jack boots to enforce the evil
    what stuns me is that people go along with it
    not a backbone in sight

    1. deb - About half the people I talk to know nothing at all about it or the fact it was passed in the bill last week. The other half will never believe how bad it will be until it is. The ultimate goal is total carbon laws including food completely under government control.


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