Sunday, August 14, 2022

Sunday Reading - I over did it a bit


Sorry I been so quiet this weekend but everyone still seems fixated on the FBI raiding Trump or the Muslim fanatic attack on Rushdie there doesn't seem to be much else of interest going on. 

I actually had a list of to do's this weekend to keep me busy. Nothing ground breaking or anything but I wanted to clear a few things I been putting off out of the way.

The first was the destruction of a cattle panel I have had laying in a corner of the Eastern small paddock for some time now. It was a tangled dangerous mess that I should have taken care of over a year ago but the entire thing just kinda pissed me off so I ignored it. Some time ago I had used this new panel at a corner temporarily when I finished off the fence replacement. While running the new wire around that corner post and supports I must have casually thrown that panel aside and forgot about it. This would have been the Fall and it laid there all Winter until I mowed, at which point I found it.

Or more to the point my brush-hog found it. I don't even want to know what those 16 foot panels are running for these days but the brush-hog and tractor sure made a mess out of it. Took me sometime to get it untangled and I was so disgusted at myself I just made sure it wasn't going to impale someone and found a semi-safe location until I could deal with it. I finally decided that was yesterday.

I took my largest bolt cutters and began cutting this panel into moderately safe straight sections and tying em all together. It took a bit more overall effort than I expected but I got it all done. 

Meanwhile the neighbor's hired hands showed up to load this years hay bales and since they were there with the New Holland tractor the size of a house I had em move a couple of bales from the back that are too heavy for my tractors that they had left back there three years ago this year.

I then turned my attention to about half a dozen sections of what I think is an old Elm tree that are about 3 and a half foot or so around in cross section.  A co-worker had removed this tree from his mother's yard and had no where to dump these mammoth sized sections and begged me to take them. 

There was originally about a dozen of them and I have slowly cut em up and split em down to where there are only six left. Each one is a monumental task let me tell you. Last time I cut a few that seemed about the perfect size for turning into Goat play equipment but I had to get them into the Goat pen.

Item number 2 on my list. Roll three big sections of Elm tree into the Goat pen. 

The Wife came out and heckled me a bit, then said she was going to roll one piece using "Butt Power" . I think she moved it maybe an inch or two. 

The Goats LOVE the new stump. However one was all I had the will to do yesterday. I then went inside and took a nap.

I was so stiff today when we had to do some errands I moaned the entire time when I had to move and came home and took another nap.

Getting Old SUCKS.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!



  1. the alternative to getting old is what keeps us alive and kicking, albeit feebly

  2. That's something alot of urban people forget about rural life. It is a grand way to live in your youth... but it can be darned tough when you get old and things start to break and fail, and they don't walk off as fast as they used to...


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