Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Ukraine is the Start of the Resource Wars


I have been toying with this theory since the Russian Invasion of Ukraine coincided so coincidentally with other world problems and shortages along with, in my opinion, a great increase in Global political issues. 

As I have mentioned not all players on the world stage are on board with the Western Liberal World order or that movement's ideas regarding how to proceed. Many sensible nations that value their own populations are not so ready to throw them to the wolves just to gain more votes or an easier to control population.  

That does not mean most or all World Nations do not see the numbers and realize resources are getting scarce. Unlike Western Liberal nations however that would rather control their indigenous populations and force a decrease in individual rights, consumption, production and/or quality of life in favor of importing political power from third world cesspits. Many Nations understand that controlling resource production, land and productive populations is a much better option moving forward for the crisis that is developing.

Without choosing a side here it should be noted that Ukrainian forces have not been squeaky clean with their dealings towards Crimea and the Donbas area for several years. I will not go into the history of the conflicts, invasions or treatment of those people right now but I would urge any reader not familiar with the recent history of those areas to do so themselves. More to my point at the moment is that it presented Russia with the excuse it needed to gain more productive land and people.

Russia has now managed to occupy most of the highest agriculturally productive area of the Ukraine according to the study I linked below from the World Data Center.

Ukraine: Agricultural Overview

Combined with the resources for energy and wide open Siberian it already has these gains place Russia in a very cozy spot going forward. Especially with the removal of Western financial and political control mechanisms like SWIFT, Petro Dollar etc.

Think these moves are coincidence? Well here is another article from Brietbart again detailing the recent meeting between Erdogan's Turkey and Putin.

Erdogan Says Turkish Banks Are Adopting Russian Payment System

Every International move these days seems to be directed towards an obvious decoupling from Western Financial and political control systems which allow BRIC+ nations more and more autonomous decision making. 

The question now is how far will either side go and how will that effect every day life for those of us trapped on the Liberal side?

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  1. Most people in the west haven't noticed but only 17 percent of the world is backing sanctions against Russia . The rest are either indifferent or opposed. Many are Russias customers for essentials such as oil, coal, fertilizer and food.
    Many were outraged at the seizure of Russian foreign currency reserves. The Islamic states particularly regard this as theft and one does not do business with thieves (yes I know the history of that region makes a mockery of that principle lol). Its why the Saudis and UAE were so indifferent to Biden. It's why, when our ambassador asked the Saudis to raise production initially, the king himself( who normally just listens to such negotiations) interceded and said "No" literally just No. The ambassador said that it would not please President Biden to which the king replied "I don't care".
    We're seen as toxic thieves and who'd trust their money to those sort of people. Hence the dollar is being bypassed all over the world.
    You are partially correct about Ukraine but the wrong way around. Russia has occupied the regions occupied by ethnic Russians. This is after our "revolution" in Ukraine that has seen the forces of Western Ukraine shell the crap out of the east for 8 years. We've backed it because the long term plan is to weaken Russia, cause it to fragment, and take their resources. So far the Russians are having non of it.

    1. Ro -Interesting take on US seizing assets. Makes sense and would tend to be a reason for distrust from nations that hold a lot of dollars. The Femocrats have to nip that in the bud or it would cause worse inflation for them in the end. As for Ukraine, well it was the Ukrainian government that violated the treaty for Crimea and invaded plus disposed of the government that gave Russia the excuse to take it back, kinda the same in the Donbas region but the back and forth is too much for me to really care honestly so I will not pick a side as I am sure there are two sides no matter which way you look at it.

      It is pretty obvious though the Democrats have been using the Ukraine for their own playground for more than a few years though. So anything that pisses Democrats off I am a fan of :)

  2. Putler wanted three things!

    - NATO troops off his borders - something NATO promised to do since the 50’s
    - a demilitarized Ukraine
    - an enforcement of international trade agreements. The Ukraine is run by corrupt kleptocrats and their cheating cost Russia 12 billion dollars a year.

    None of this is unreasonable. Adults would have sat down and hammered out a deal and none of this should have happened.

    1. Filthie - I agree although I am not familiar with the trade agreements you mention but it makes sense. I still blame all of it on Western Democrats sticking their noses where they don't belong for their now world wide agenda. The only good thing I see is they are finally meeting smart leaders who are not restricted to play by rules while the Femocrats don't.

    2. It's a two or three hour lecture just to get the basics of it, PP. I can't remember if it was on YouTube or one of the Alt Tech platforms, but the two trade experts went on at length about it in agonizing detail. I believe them because they were neither pro-Russia or pro-Ukraine. If I recall, it revolved around the Ukranians over charging on transfer services and violating the terms and conditions of the petrotrade. We have ample proof of their misconduct with their dealings with the Biden's, Pelosi's, the Kerry's and the Romney's. They all have kids making millions of dollars by "liaising" with the Ukranian petro industry. The Russians started doing the same things by way of reprisal.

      The fact is the Ukes are being used as proxies by Globohomo Inc - and they do not want Russia or Vlad sitting at the same table on equal footing with them.

      Mat Bracken is an excellent source of info on the other factors that have led to this war and he is fairly objective too.

      It's amazing at how all this works out. I remember the Donks screaming about how all the Gulf Wars were about oil and how filthy people like the Bush's and Halliberton were all trying to steal Iraqi oil... and today, they are hard at work trying to start world war 3 over Russian oil. We live in truly befuddled times.

    3. Well that does play into what I have read in my research as well, and we know the children thing is 100% correct. Slide together nicely actually. The Femocrats have been using the Ukraine as their own little fiefdom.


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