Thursday, August 11, 2022

Congressional Clown Theory


I really wasn't going to get into this FBI raid thing on Trump. I been following and posting too many politically orientated musings lately but the truth is I have been trying to catch up on yard and especially garden work lately and both of those leave me a lot of time to think while working. 

Listening to some talking heads and reading other theories and such I came up with my own theory. I thought at first it was unique but then found out others have come around to this theory as well, so I am not as original as I first thought. 

I got to start here with my first original thought that popped into my head when I saw the first announcement about the raid though. I really wanted to know what happened when an FBI raid meets a Secret Service protection detachment specifically protecting an ex-President. Man that would have been a story but Trump wasn't home so there are no real world actions to evaluate.... Yet anyway.

So anyway here is my theory, concocted in my own aging brain complete with, what some would call an obsession with hating any thing Femocrat as a bias. I am not going to try and explain it beyond this post but when the smoke clears I am really interested to see how close I come to reality down the line.

This entire move was initiated by Piglosi and her January 6th commission with the sole purpose of attempting to connect Trump to the January 6th protests. They will invent some fake evidence and then attempt to try him on made up charges. The end goal is to convict him without allowing a defense and claim Trump is therefore unable to run for President in 2024. 

They (the Commission) have been doing this since the commission started and recently other courts (all Democrats) and judges have basically used the same tactics in other cases. Namely the Alex Jones farce as one example.

I mean why not? Congress has illegally held Americans for years now, has not allowed any legal defense and therefore convicted Americans illegally. They are operating under no Constitutional authority but their own, no one is stopping them so why not? Also even if some states do not follow along with the Femocrat moves some will and not allow Trump to be on that state's ticket. SCOTUS won't hear the case and even if they do again the Femocrat states will refuse to abide by any judgement passed down. Etc. Etc. Etc.

In the end who is going to enforce it? Who is going to fight against it and refuse to accept it? 

You get the point.

Now I am not saying some or many someone's won't do any of that. I am not a defeatist that claims all American's will do nothing, I am simply saying the Femocrats don't think anyone will so why not do what they want? I am not making a prediction on what will happen going forward from this point only how we got to this stage right now. I just want to see how close I am down the line when it is finally exposed in all it's nasty details.

The Femocrats realized with their last election steal the courts do not matter, it's who is going to enforce the court's decisions (assuming they even make one) that matters. They also know there isn't any entity that will. The Constitution has been so shredded and misrepresented there is no clear cut way forward in a case like this (Again in their minds) and even though there is a clear cut road it has already been proven the entity that is suppose to do the enforcing, won't.

We maybe actually shooting each other before this is cleared up.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!



  1. This is without a doubt an attempt to conjure up "evidence" of wrongdoing on the part of Trump to keep him from running in '24. Think of it; Trump wasn't around. His lawyer wasn't granted the opportunity to watch what was going on. The FBI actually demanded that the security cameras be shut off. 'Wonder why... Did they plant evidence? Will they claim they carried off evidence? Did they install bugs in the house? Where is the text of the warrant? If Trump had it, you KNOW he would have put it out there for us to see.

    ...This is a conviction looking for a crime... ...This is also a "government" looking for a revolution...

    1. Pete - I agree. My twist is I actually don't think braindead and his Obummer's cronies knew it was going to happen. I mean Piglosi is already making her own foreign policy so I am betting this was a Piglosi/Congressional operation that only involved Wray and the FBI. There might even be a possible Piglosi power grab ending with her as VP or President somehow in the works. I am interested in how it happened when the truth gets out.

    2. Welp… Washington is in chaos right now, PP. It’s no secret that the Donks can’t stand each other anymore. As the failures and blow back mounts, they will become even more divided. You could very well be right. All we know for sure is that they will never be honest with the people.

    3. Anon - "All we know for sure is that they will never be honest with the people." Ain't that the truth!!! Thanks for the comment!!

  2. i read somewhere one possibility is somehow gavin newsom ends up pres with his aunt, n p, actually ruling
    it was a complicated but simple plot involving bi den being removed, k h being somehow moved sideways and it was legal to the letter of the law
    who is supposed to enforce the law? did the forefathers find the possibility of such shenanigans to be unthinkable in a federation?
    there seems to be no provision for policing such terrible crime

    1. deb - I have kinda thought that what you lay out there is very possible as well. I would not put it past them as a matter of fact. I saw today that GArland openly stated he approved the raid so my part about going through the FBI only is not right, still doesn't prove BiteMe knew about it though.


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