Monday, August 8, 2022

87,000 New IRS Cops?


Any good conspiracy theorist will tell you there is no such thing as coincidence. 

An election full of "issues". A continuation of perhaps the most aggressive anti-American Regime in history run in proxy by a brain dead idiot with prior Regime helpers. A series of completely ruinous moves that pretty much destroys the economy with absolutely no good reason for any of them. Mass under calculated inflation right after a trial run of world wide lock downs and government control. Nation-wide primary elections that show massive distrust and electoral movement/shift to the right. Emergency legislation passed with an almost over night 90 degree reversal by previously staunch hold outs that raises the IRS budget from 12.6 billion dollars to 80 some odd billion with no exact end date. Hard on the heels of Unconstitutional Gun control legislation that is sure to be ruled against by the current SCOTUS. Followed by a raid on Trump's private estate?

And I ain't even done yet. the IRS has purchased over 700,000 rounds of ammunition this year alone so far.

What is going on here?

If I didn't know better I would wonder about a failing and over spending country suddenly looking at the possibility of a massive tax enforcement move. Not like that hasn't happened in just about every failing empire since the dawn of man. 

I would also wonder why a country that has not given a damn how much debt it takes on for something like 70 years is suddenly so interested in tax evasion, collection and enforcement. To the tune of over funding it's tax department by almost 600%. Especially right after destroying the two most valuable currency leverage positions the country has enjoyed for DECADES.

Why someone would almost think they know the gig is up and it is a "take it now or lose it forever" type scenario.

The US is going to be a tinder box before the next election. The only reason it is not completely up in flames now is there seems to be no one with any means or power opposing this hostile take over. Even one State or geographical area in open defiance right now would strike a spark like the world has never seen.

I mean who is going to stop any kind of refusal to continue along right now? The Woke Military? 

 I never thought I would live long enough to see the formation of an anti-American Fascist political and military force within these United States. 

One good thing though. Even at damned near 60 I might be a better soldier than what this group can field on average.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!



  1. It's happening PP. As you say, it's on and it's going down. A lot of people are STILL in denial - and absolute cretins and deplorable perverts are making excuses for all this.

    Quite frankly I am surprised it took this long. I'd have figured the shooting would have started during the Covid scam or the fake election but... it will happen, and happen soon unless something serious is done.

    The best case scenario is that America peacefully balkanizes. Stay frosty, PP and keep your eyes open. I wish Canadians would stand up to this shite too...

    1. Glen - I still maintain it is almost impossible to fight any government with an unlimited credit card like the US has. SO which ever group is in power has pretty much complete control. The only way around that would be if you had pretty much unlimited financial support from somewhere else which up until recently has also been impossible. Eventually I agree with you balkanization is inevitable as the geographical areas are too diverse unless we go back to a less complex legal and legislative system.

    2. No such thing as unlimited credit. The US dollar has been printed without backing by the tens of trillions over many, many decades. That bought real goods from countries that kept the dollars because they needed them to buy oil, and to conduct business in the world reserver currency. HIPERINFLATION, decades ago, delayed. We invaded and destroyed regimes to stop them from selling oil for something other than dollars. Now everyone's doing it. They don't need those dollars anymore to buy oil. We've increased the printing to the point that real inflations is skyrocketing, meaning the US dollar is no longer a safe store of value. No long the world reserve currency. ALL THAT MONEY, from all those decades is flooding back to the US as fast as it can, trying to buy something from us before the dollar is toilet paper.

      There is no unlimited credit card. They can print money, but no one will accept it as payment. It's all trash now. If you have dollars, spend them while you can, and have a plan for living without them.

    3. Fido - Ya that is kinda the point. For the liberal/Femocrat agenda they have had almost 60 years of unlimited credit as far as they are concerned to progress their agenda. Not only has it failed and failed badly in the end it will cost of all us more merely the debt they have accumulated. However for hiring their mercenary quislings and furthering their agenda they still think the credit is unlimited. Once that catches up to them this madness will end. Their entire agenda is a dead man walking IMO, they just do not know it yet.

  2. It's kinda funny, actually. I mean, if the Biden fa├žade can print money out of thin air at will, why do we need to pay taxes???

    Honestly; Biden knew he foisted a 100lb sack of manure onto Mr and Mrs Main Street when he signed the "Inflation Reduction Act," and knew he needed a quick distraction before his "low information" voting base said "HEEYYY!!!." Hence the raid on Mar A Lago. It's akin to farting and then blaming the stink on the dog, but infinitely more evil.

    I gotta wonder just how much America will take before it fights back... For years I've been hesitant to get behind armed revolution, as this would break EVERYTHING. Truth is though, what isn't broken at this point?...

    I don't think America will peacefully balkanize, Glen. Too many people are tied either economically or sentimentally to their land, and will be willing to fight to hold onto it. I see either an outright revolution, or a REALLY, REALLY MESSY civil war on the horizon...

    1. Pete - As I understand it, which doesn't mean I am totally right but is just my limited understanding of the subject, tax revenue directly ties into how much debt the thieving government can then generate. So it is important to them as without high tax collection US debt would be worthless. Individuals can fight back but the total control the Federal Government has over the financial distribution keeps any would be State challengers as much a hostage as individuals. So before any challenge can take shape outside influences need to reduce the financial power of the Federal Government. Kinda like I see shaping up now.

      Geographically I don't see anything but Balkanization as an end result due to differences and also because outside interests will have more interest in some areas more than others. Also when/if Federal money dwindles certain areas will be abandoned over others along with areas that are racially tied to foreign interests as well.

  3. JL - Spot on!!! I am a fan of yours now :) There is nothing I can add to your observation or comment other than praise!!!

  4. I seem to have hit some kind of comment error when I went to your blog and tried to comment there. I will try again and try and get a link to your site if that is OK?

  5. side fact - interesting picture of Milley & Levine - They played football together at Belmont Hill High School- welcome to the Twilight Zone.


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