Friday, August 19, 2022

Die Hornworms Die!!!!

I hate hornworms. Luckily this year during the dry and hot June, July and early August drought the Hornworms seemed to pretty much be on vacation some where else. I think I saw maybe two in that entire 12+ week period. Now that it has cooled off and rained a few times though the hornworks are back and they are hungry.

I think I picked about half a dozen off my tomatoes this afternoon and I am pretty sure I missed more than a couple but I can walk to the garden fence and call my chickens and they will come running. I then throw a hornworm on the ground in front of them and laugh in maniacal glee as a chicken (or three) tear the nasty looking green slugs to bits. I especially like when 2 or more fight over one and tear it in half. That really makes me smile.

DIE Hornworm DIE!!!

Been getting fresh tomatoes pretty much every day now since last week when it cooled off. Bean pods are now showing up daily in bunches and my watermelons are sprouting out and growing almost fist size new fruits over night.And they are then surviving the blossom end rot and continuing to ripen!

Makes me happy enough to celebrate by throwing the chickens another Hornworm.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. You might try planting some NICOTAINA well away from your tomato plants. We did that when living in Kansas a few years ago - the hornworms went after the nicotaina and left the tomatoes alone. YMMV.

    1. I used to do that!! I even have a few posts about it from way back then. I stopped and when I tried again this year my seeds did not germinate so I need to resupply. It is a good idea and worked for me back then!!!


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