Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Doctor Strangelove

I had a list of possible topics to post about today and after looking around I just chose to drop em all. It was hard especially after I saw that bit about the 65 year old Sharon Stone announcing she was still as hot now as she was 30+ years ago. I am still chuckling over that one. I then got to see a list of all the Feminist Media hags demanding more money and how many Feminist Media out lets have gone under in 2023 alone I just dropped that too. I wanna wait for a bigger list!!!!

Did anyone notice the amount of money one low budget Japanese film brought in in just a few days for a Godzilla movie? 30 to 50K budget when Disney was dropping the ball with a 200 million budget, Disney should be ashamed. But this terrible return just shows us a little bit of the real problem with overpaid and lazy American's at the helm....

Think about how much money American politicians have lost since they wrote American employees off a few years back. There went the US reparations and vote buying scheme for Democrats for at least a year.  

Oh it is going to be ugly and painful but I doubt the full story has been written yet. Let's see how the rest of this Winter goes!!!!

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!

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