Monday, December 4, 2023

Early Dec


 Tried adding in a pic of the Red Hen scratching up the garden this afternoon and I am pretty sure all I got was nothing but an old pic. I think the software ends up changing the address on it's own somehow which is why I have had so many problems for a while. More research is in order it seems to get to the bottom of this.

It started out as a pic I took of my neighbor's bean field complete with a stack of old carts one on top of another. Rusting out impressively. They been there together since Fall harvest along with several tracked and wheeled and other vehicles.

Someone is obviously staying there as each night the lighting goes on and off on it's own in a random fashion. Or there is a timer set that always ends up with every light in the building being turned on by morning and staying on all day. Where the people go after night is done I couldn't say as it has been  Months since I have seen anyone over there period. Whomever is there at night obviously is not the one paying the electric bill. Prolly some type of Democrat stimulus program I imagine.

I know there has been some sort of lake scooped out behind the tree line as I can hear the geese back there some morning.

All I have seen from any of this stimulus so far is government waste to be honest. And they took all our retirement money from us for this? like we should expect more from Democrats Imagine that...

Anyway got a bunch of new mulch material dumped for this Spring. Now praying for good weather!!!

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!

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