Thursday, December 7, 2023

Quik Update

 Just a quick word to let ya all know I am still around and not planning on going anywhere soon. I am still having countless issues with Video and photos but I am pretty sure they have nothing to do with any new firm ware or hardware. A couple of simple searches has driven that problem right out of my head. Both I phone variants and others have written about the issue many times blaming Cloud type problems and others but what it always seems to comeback to is an AI problem of some type. Since I am off work right now anyway and this is traditionally my slow time anyway I am just going to let it work itself out and keep my fingers crossed.

My meeting with my old employer opened my eyes as to what has been going on this last year with Ford. Truth is I had decided to stick things out it would have been easy but when I started counting up my incoming deliveries I was looking at less than 2 to three hours a week with only a small chance of "extra" work each week besides and a new company policy that requires a signed medical form. Looking at my age and expectant longevity I elected to just gamble on my lack of bills and savings for now. I some how forget how much cheaper that is these days.

I did get a bunch of much needed maintenance work on on my Deere and brought in about five round bales which should last me until March or so. I am also caught up on downed trees except for those who need a longer dry time. So I guess its just time to idle the time now until planting kicks in but don;t worry I plan on being around for Sunday reading at least.

Wintertime always depresses Me it seems.


  1. Sometimes not working works out cheaper than working due to the costs of travel and other incidentals.

  2. Strange times we're living in right now. I hope you do, at least, check in periodically, PP.

  3. It’s okay to idle and breathe sometimes PP. Nobody seems to know how to relax anymore and live in the moment. It was natural for us as kids… tomorrow would always sort itself out.


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