Sunday, November 26, 2023

Sunday Reading - First Real Freeze

 It's Kinda amazing we made it this long before any snow or really colder temps hit this year like it did. Everything has been pleasantly warm now well into almost December. we have had a very few nights that dropped down into the Mid 20's but nothing to give the stock heaters a test or even convince the sheep or goats for that matter that a warm hay layer inside the barn is more comfortable than out on the ground next to easy access food.

Well the rain/snow mix convinced them to spend last night inside and showed me I have at least one stock tank heater getting a bit light as I had a thin film of ice on it this morning mostly cause I had the water level too far above the heater level I imagine. 

It has stayed below freezing all day and kept me inside too, mourning the end of our mild Fall season that I love so much out here. Suppose to be another colder night too but then warming again just in time to continue wood cutting tomorrow as I am behind on it this year so far mostly due to the craziness of this last Summer. Makes it easier to decide which tree I am gonna work on next I ahfta say!!! Still there wasn't much time to let dry out so I still need to get a bunch off of last years' stash too.

Another night or two and I will finished with Corn and I still have about a few gallons of beans left to de-pod yet and a ton of old hay to spread around for next year.

We just know at some point those evil Alberta Clippers will come calling as well. We hate those!!!

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Those Alberta Clippers were no fun when living in South Dakota. It still had the Turbo Supercharger kicked in... Many a cold/windy as hell nights and blizzards. I want to go back... I have lived a year and half in Oregon and want to go back. Much simpler and not as many idiot lefty liberals that are just plain stupid.

    1. Cerderq those arctic blasts were why I moved back to Missouri and didn't end up further staying further North. I still end up getting one or two a year down here usually but...

    2. It’s called WINTER, you fussy, frumpy old women!!! 😡

      The Alberta Clipper is actually manufactured in Siberia. For us, the darkling shadows on the weather map are expressed in the foreboding warning: “Keep your eye on the Siberian High”. It’s an air mass that forms in Siberia, and gets lobbed at us periodically in the winter. What I don’t get is…why does it always form in Siberia? I suspect the Coriolis Effect explains its path.

      All you need to deal with it is good cold weather gear. The animals and machines are another story…

    3. LOL all ya need is some sensible tempts to deal with em:)


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