Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Canadian Weather


It didn't take long, as anyone who listens to girls talk anywhere near a Northern Border could have told ya the Canadian Weather would finish prematurely. :) So it got up to almost 60 today. That means I managed to get two more loads of firewood stored and another full truck load of pre-cut and dried redwood hauled. That should get me close to the Middle of February, and the beginning of real garden work I figure. I wonder where we are going to find ourselves come then.


Polly a sure bet I won't survive another BiteMe corruption term that's for certain.


Went to a meeting with my old dealership owner, now nothing more than the general Manager on the property for the Auto Group who showed me the projections for next year, Pretty horrible stuff. And the terms for new and continuing/returning employees. I think half the returning employee rules are unconstitutional if I am not mistaken. All pretty ugly stuff although still leaves me with a job just not many hours I imagine. Of course with American Politicians it doesn't leave much SocSec of any type for at least 7 years.

 Gonna be a long time while the Democrats keep paying off their lackeys I imagine!!!


Keep Prepping Everyone!!! 



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