Sunday, September 10, 2023

The Truth comes Out a Bit


So I kinda knew something was up when the wife began dropping hints of a baby shower for the daughter of probably the only relative I get along with's daughter. 

Actually I should probably be more clear on this it's my mother's side of the family, the largest by far that have been government employees their entire lives till retirement and always been staunch Democrats. Basically centered around my three cousins who have managed to have all daughters, except one who sadly passed on but had been very active in the Tea Party movement years ago.

They still hate me as being the one family contact their lone male member had in the Anti-Obummer crowd back then. They resented the fact that they had to acknowledge the fact and that most of his actual friends all knew me immediately.  There also is the added problem that after I started taking care of my mother and had to put a stop to her horse buying problem she would call em up and cry about it to them. They were of course all horse Girls so I was akin to a demon and they like to tell stories that I eat baby colts and such to the rest of the world.

The one exception is my youngest cousin who moved out West and had a boy, now 28 along with a daughter who just happened to be who the "shower" as my wife called it was for. Her and I have always been friends so although as usual the rest of the family was hoping I had to work and tried to convince me it was a baby shower I wasn't falling for their tricks and I showed up.

Anyway I am sitting off by self as any intelligent Anti-Democrats would do while the others talk about whatever college grifter has been hired to coach whatever team or whether their new Jeep Patriot was gonna last another year when a mutual friend asked me if I was gonna put cattle out in the new hay field.  The old horse pasture. The guys wife says "I thought you had gotten rid of all your mom's old animals"

Thats when I figured out they been telling people that story for years now. Made a few things I have been told click. I had made all the old horse accomplishes help me find new homes for the one horse and that was the only animals that left here. I hate horses and didn't want one to take care of on my own since they had plenty of space themselves and were the ones that talked he into getting a new one anyway at 60 years old.  Apparently they are still miffed over that. 

Not long after that the main horse lover mentioned how mad she was about the immigrants being moved to New York from the border which I replied about her big stance trying to mandate a mental heath councilor in every cop car and how her anti Immigrant stance didn't seem to mesh well with the rest of her Liberal Democrat views.

Not long after that my favorite counsin came over to tell me about her son who is now getting divorced right after he paid off the Ex wife's Student loans. I mentioned I bet the girl told him she was becoming a lesbian too. 

She freaked and ask me how I know that which I just told her I hear it all the time from the guys I work with. It's not uncommon and she couldn't believe it.I don't know why any young man would trust a woman these days but it certainly looks like Liberal problems are coming home to roost everywhere these days on the staunch Democrat side of the family these days.

That has been the problem with that side of my family for years, they never had a stake in the Male perspective on any subject but now they are seeing up close more.

After that they all knew once again not to mention politics around me but they also knew stories about my eating baby animals are just lies.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!




  1. Family, can't live with them, can't move far enough to escape them, damn sure shoot those that need shooting yet...

    1. Cederq - I am thinking even my Government empoyed relatives are starting to see how much of what I told them is coming true finally though.

  2. PP, I have learned to essentially be very quiet and nod pleasantly at family gatherings. Weather is always a good topic. So are gardens.

    1. TB - I once agreed with you 100% now I just don't care if it makes em mad. I already paid the price from them anyway and got use to not seeing them or caring for the most part.

  3. I have come to learn the power of not expressing ones views about anything at work and especially amongst my family. I am currently working in a reasonable job in government in Australia. 99.9% of my colleagues are openly leftist. They always assume everyone else feels the same way as them about everything. They love nothing more than to rant on about the topic of the day; lately vodka man baaaaaaad ! followed by orange man even baaaaaaadddder ! If I get sick of the incessant bleating, I just tell them not to vote for Trump this time around. Usually get a "stunned mullet" expression before closing their mouths and tranquillity returns. Family are much the same. I have learned to just not comment or discuss certain things.

    Better to be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and prove it beyond all doubt as the old saying goes.

    1. Anon - Your right there!!! We got 2 new hires months ago both women technicians and I still refuse to commit their names to my memory until they prove to me they are trustworthy if you get my meaning!!!!


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