Tuesday, August 29, 2023



I guess the BRICKS Nations officially brought in the six new members I mentioned last week into their fold. Most Western media sources will claim that they now total something like 40% of the Earth's population but there are other sources that claim the number is much higher and the percentage of resources is even higher still. 

I certainly am not rooting for BRICK nations above the United States at least until you compare governments. The Feminist controlled Western governments left actual Western Americans behind long ago and has been using the same tactics against the world they were using against everyday Westerners ever since. They brought what is coming on themselves.

Why would every country on Earth want to fight back against Western feminist dominance?

It seems plain to me. Western Governments like the US only wish to force their own misguided idealism on everyone. American Men have been trapped by the Western biased financing and it has basically destroyed us but the rest of the world is not so encumbered. 

No forcing those countries to waste their hard earned money on others or some crazy green agenda just because their leaders stole an election.

Whether you are of the opinion that BRICK nations are having an impact yet there is no denying they are growing fast and will certainly add to the pain we feel during this much needed reset Democrat over spending has set us on.

I have always been of the opinion that it is the blatant over reach on display like we see here that would eventually cause the oppression of the Leftist Tyranny to crumble  and so far I have not been disappointed. Gonna be a cold hungry Winter so we should all get prepared.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!




  1. I get in trouble when I say it, but I’ve done the fact checking. I’ve seen the inconvenient facts and truth consistently “memory holed” by the same people. This group of oligarchs that own 95% of our mass media also comprise the large majority of the donor class that control the Uniparty. They share a certain ethnicity and to even notice it is a hate crime. I’ll leave it at that. But they drive the race tensions, the sodomites and lobotomites, and the arguments that turn women against their men. They’ve been so successful with their social engineering that our women actually fight for the “right” to murder their own babies.

    The hell of it is that we as western men have stood by and let them do it. It’s our fault. Even now we sit on our hands as they pull the roof down on us. I better leave off there too as proceeding will inevitably lead into fed-poasting. Suffice it to say, I am not sure that running away to the country and planting a garden is the way to deal with this.

    1. Filthy - That bothered me a while until I realized Western Men did not stand by and let em do it or we would have had to compromise our own beliefs to stop them. Western Men did the only thing we could let them make their mistakes then be around at the end to clean em up. Currently that is where we are at as their missteps fail I think.

  2. I've been hearing 'buy gold' ads on the radio, stating that the bric nations are determined to undermine the US and the dollar. I question that analysis. It seems more logical that after decades of following the US's lead, they can now see for themselves how badly mismanaged our economy is and how it's falling apart. As a matter of survival, they don't want to go down with a sinking ship. Better to find a lifeboat and bail out before it's too late.

    1. Be careful of Buy Gold ads. Like the roofing contractors that show up after every hurricane (and a lot of homeowners feel screwed later) the "Gold" isn't at fair market value AND OR you don't really hold it in your hand. AKA how many folks OWN THAT Ounce (if any) Gold when it's time to redeem it to your own hand.

      Fools gold isn't just a mineral.

    2. Leigh - Only concern I have with Gold is protecting it in the long run really. Imean it should always be worth something I imagine. It always has.

  3. PP - I have been following the BRICS development with interest - not that I necessarily think it will succeed, but the sort of change in thinking that it represents. Countries are actively looking for an alternative to the G7. We (the royal we, Our Political And Social Betters - OPASB) have managed to create a demand for an alternative arrangement.

    If it does gain steam - Katie Bar The Door. I can certainly see a situation where the G7 "bloc" dwindles in size and importance and power. As at least for us we are built on debt, that has several implications - all bad.


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