Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Another Item Off My Bucket-list


Several years ago when I decided a debt free life in the middle of rural flyover country was how I wanted to end up I made the decision on my final tuck.

Had to be an F150, single cab. short bed with lock outs and an Inline 6 engine with a six inch  lift.  I waited and looked and saved until one finally came to me. I had to accept her power windows though (we can't all be perfect) and lift her myself though. Over the years she has had her share of troubles. Took me months to find a good transfer case for her and her brake cables exploded on a steep incline when I was hauling a load of wood once that scared me so bad my hair turned gray but considering where I work and all there was never a problem too large. The wife convinced me back during the lock downs I should park the old girl and use the wife's Hybrid car and then with all the repairs and my son moving by this Winter I had more than few repairs to make on this old girl as well to get her back into the shop

After the last three weeks of constant deliveries and despite the fact that someone from up the chain just decided to dump two brand new 24 Mustang GT's on me this morning with no paperwork I finally got away early enough to revisit my old girl. I have the longest serving Mechanic in the shop to work on her and gave him a free hand and I managed to get her moved the 20 some odd miles this afternoon without a hitch. The steering is a bit loose and she is starting kinda rough but I hope this truck to be with me till the end now. Not like I have anywhere far away I plan on traveling to anyway but I still have loads of farm maintenance to keep up with.

I am sure you are aware the picture is not the truck I am talking about. Believe me I will be posting actual pics of her soon but I was singled in on getting her to the shop this afternoon I didn't think of anything else till I got home and then slap myself on the forehead.

Just another long term goal I set for myself when I finally realized this Scamdemic was over. Just in time for them to try and start another  one I guess.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!




  1. I bought a 2004 Ford F250 turbodiesel crewcab longbed with 4WD back in 2010. It had 14K miles on it. I know, I know, the '04 TD had its share of issues, but so far all that's gone wrong with mine is the Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM), which I was able to swap out myself. Here it is, 2023, and she's only got 43K miles on her. I only use it when I need a truck. Given the average yearly mileage I put on it and my age, it's quite possible this truck could outlive me. That would be fine by me... Good enough is good enough...

  2. Went a similar route - picked up a 1992 F-250 last year, but I got the big block 460 engine, awesome truck

  3. Pete and Anon - Both fine choices from what I know. All those older machine from the early 2010's on had the major advantage of someone close knowing everything they need to keep em running in my experience!!!

  4. PS I just wanted the inline six cause everyone around here back then wanted them not like I was an expert myself then...

    1. I wanna say that inline six was a 300CI. That was a time-tested and reliable engine! Ford ran those FOREVER! My auto mechanics teacher back in '78 had one in his '59 F100. It needed new crank bearings after 300K miles. Yes, 300 THOUSAND miles... He was able to do the job with the engine in-frame. He pulled the spark plugs. He removed the oil pan. No need to remove any crossmembers on the chassis or anything. It just came right out. He unbolted each crank journal in turn, tapped the piston up into the cylinder just enough to work the old bearing out, and installed the new bearing. He was even able to Plastigage the bearings to ensure the correct clearances. All with the engine in the truck. 1-2-3-4-5-6. I watched him do it. It took less than an hour! He even installed a new oil pump since he had the pan off. That was a hell of an engine! Great torque, too!

    2. Pete - The reason I waited for that particular model actually. Great torch as you said but it was in the UPS trucks until 2000 and something. The last year they installed em in F150's was 96. But ya all the old techs still say they were the best engine made by man.

  5. Nice PP.

    TB The Elder had a 2004 Toyota Tacoma that I drive when I am out. Only about 200K miles on it. I have to admit having a truck is a handy thing; it just does not make quite as much sense in our current urban environment.


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