Thursday, November 30, 2023

It Begins


I was pretty much up with the Sunrise this morning getting the wood situation under control and preparing for the next few days of the constant rain they have predicted.

If everything proceeds as planned it should warm up nicely and turn very dry by Tuesday giving me a chance to bring another load of well dried redwood in for splitting. Which should get me very close to February to boot along with what I got already stashed around.

One day and we are already looking at over 150,000 new lay offs and thousands of financial losses from China alone. Haven't snooped into the wife's yet.

The Democrats have been trying to get all the young Americans into debt slavery for years now and hoping they can bring us old guys into it as well.

Hope the page link works since the video one never seems to anymore.

The number one issue I never see mentioned is Obummer's ushering in of Non-Whites into the main stream though the help of his constant pandering too education. No one ever sheds light on that offense. 

We are going to be paying for Democrat mistakes for some time I fear!!!

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


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