Friday, November 24, 2023

The New Normal



Not yet sure exactly how this one is gonna play out yet to be honest. I have not gotten a new delivery in over a week now. Everything could change fast of course so who knows but I can tell the ultimate ones in charge are preparing for a disaster and dearth of customers new and old . Seems a bit behind current events if you ask me especially after almost killing me with a glut of work for the last 6 months, you would think trying would try to spread things out a bit as it would have been more beneficial for the long term. I guess that is why they make the big bucks though. 

Still this down time has allowed me to recover a lot and giving me some much needed time to get ready for the rest of Winter. 

I still haven't found a new rooster candidate yet nor exactly settled on how many hens I might even add this Spring. I am hoping the new influx of killer pets has slowed down now. As I have said before I am not a big fan of raising new chickens that was my son's specialty so I am giving it some time to see what happens and focusing on just seeds and survival gardening for now. 

I am gonna see what kinda shape the world is in come Spring at this point. Getting back into bee keeping is a possibility

I have been so surrounded by Corn fields out here my entire life this is the first time ever I have been able to actually try growing open pollinated Corn so I am kind eager to see how this new species is going to fit into the current development and I am really looking into the old Sweet Potato option too. 

Still a lot cold between now and then though....


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!! 



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