Sunday, October 1, 2023

End of September


Not a whole lot to write about lately, just kind of in a holding pattern around here these days. It got hot here again to the point that when I finally deal with the explosion of work we been having the last few weeks I don't feel like going out into the heat again for nothing so I am making little progress and attacked mercilessly by daily high pollen counts to boot.

I also had to actually order such things like egg cartons on line as there seems to be a shortage of everything locally. 

Ya know traditionally I should be happy. I got plenty (plus) some of work to look forward too but there was a reason when I paid this farm off 30 years ago I decided to stay out in the middle of no where and it wasn't this.  I always found it preferable to have the luxury of stopping when I wanted to just build a new roof or play nurse when I saw a sheep with a limp when I wanted to.

Seems like that luxury, along with all the other ones I enjoyed by living a simple, quiet and remote life has been removed right when I was getting to the age to enjoy it the most. These days it's just more excuses to raise taxes and prices as much as possible, shortages everywhere and massive travel congestion on top of everything with a new small business closure each week.

What happened to all the daily predictions of a slow down I have heard about for the last year? It ain't gotten here yet. There are literally people in the way everywhere anymore. I would actually welcome a Month or more of peace and quiet to get caught up these days and I have had to throw away eggs to boot as the cartons are not scheduled to be delivered now till a week from tomorrow.  I hate throwing away eggs cause I don't know how old they are which is why I give so many away. Maybe someone will return a few cartons to me tomorrow!!!

On the brightside we got another couple dozen bales of hay put away for the stock, everything is still growing and producing for the most part and I have not had any untimely old stock animal deaths to drag me down, not even an injury to speak of and all the stray cat drops offs have had their yearly check ups and vaccinations too. Also all the wayward tractors found their way home and out of my front field too!!!

My only recurring problem is my brown Hen that will not stop wandering off every few days to spend the night off by herself somewhere. I cannot find her to put her away and it is eventually gonna get her killed but after two days of me putting her in the coop at night she demands a night out. I did find her one night sleeping in the Goat house but otherwise I still don't know where she goes. From where I see her in the mornings I am assuming she is bedding down with the Sheep which will keep her safe from canines mostly, as the Sheep will form a circle and stomp at canines at night but they won't even notice if a coon or something like that comes and grabs her. Luckily the coons seem to have left the area after they all got stirred up last year during the new construction time and I go around and make sure there isn't anything for them to come around and look for to scavenge. But it is just a matter of time if she keeps hiding at nesting time.

My first thought has been it's the heat that makes her hate the coop and she is easier to find when it's cooler. I could also just get a new rooster to keep her in line cause every rooster I have ever had demands they go to bed at night  but the roosters also take em traveling a lot more and I am fine with em staying close right now. I also have not seen a local rooster available yet which is odd in and of itself, Usually there are bunch to choose from.

Too late to raise a new one this year too!

At least most of my home life is settling down again even if work still hasn't.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!




  1. With the eggs try marking the date laid with a pencil it stays even with lime water storage

    1. Anon - A great Idea!!! I usually mark the eggs when I take a group out so I can keep em together but I got so spoiled just trowing one group in the same carton together every day that I was hoping to go back to that because I am being lazy!!! You caught me though :) The wife is also not happy about me leaving em all together in the fridge either,


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