Friday, September 29, 2023

UAW Strike - Another Week From Hell


Regardless of what you have heard about falling economies let me tell you we here in middle America are seeing the absolute worse hammering ever. 

It took me almost 2 hours to just drive 20 some odd miles into work this morning...AGAIN!!! The traffic is so congested from all the people who recently moved into the area from the Lord only knows what Democratic cesspool they came from. When I finally get there I am greeted with the same trash these transport drivers are randomly picking up from somewhere and just leaving them half in and half out on the street. Oh they are all Ford vehicles from some plant for sure but they have not been checked for damages or even if all the items they are suppose to have are there.

This morning for example I had a salesman with a brand new buyer of a glorious mini-truck Mexican Maverick come up to me as soon as I managed to get to work who reported that Ford had called him last night to inform him his new Mexican Mini-truck was ready for him to take possession of.  Trouble is his Mexican Mini-Truck wasn't delivered for another two hours after that. They must have called this guy somewhere South of El Paso to tell him it was here and ready. Before I ever laid eye's on it.

Our parking lots are literally so full you cannot park a car anywhere. We are being totally over run by little old ladies trying to schedule an oil change everyday and it is barely standing room only anywhere out of the Sun.

We actually had three employees literally quit on the spot today and walk off. One of them was a department manager who's favorite past time is meeting any new females who start working here and mentioning he is a manager to them when he meets em. I guess he will miss that now lol.

So yesterday we got three new super duty pickups in the middle of the night of course from my favorite transport hub (Which would be Wentzville Mo. if you have forgotten)  all of them completely missing the insert keys and even the bags that have the codes for the keys printed on them. The kicker is though that they included the only sold vehicle on the place in those three. So along with the other miner damage the missing keys also require not only a bunch of hoops be jumped to get the approval for Ford to look em up (which I can not do now) but a new key cutting machine that has not been created yet to even cut them. So now we have a salesman needing a commission just out of luck unless he can talk em into this over priced Super Duty without Keyless entry Keys. He wants to know when I can get it ready too during a strike when I cannot even get keys in stick for em.

But by God the transport company keeps bringing em even if we don't have room for em.

Yet the walk in customers keep coming. 

I have needed an oil change for my wife's hybrid for a week now and there hasn't been even one open slot for it.

I don't know where all these people are coming from but everyone seems to think this is there last chance to get anything done... Ever.

It's Friday evening and I already got 3 days of new trash to check in easy this weekend. And to top it all off every one in 20 miles is making a last push this weekend to try and bring in some more hay after the terrible crop they got this Summer. Therse some big ass New Holland tractor setting in my driveway that I have no idea where it came from. 

I wonder if this is some last ditch push by people too spend their money encase it's impossible to do soon? If so they are more aware to current news than I have ever seen the masses before.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!




  1. "New Holland tractor setting in my driveway" Isn't possession nine tenths of the law? Hmm, storage fees if it is in your driveway, or do you have an anonymous generous donor or rich aunt you never knew you had?

    1. Cederq - I am pretty sure it is my neighbors cause I don't think anyone around these days still use New Holland's that are close to me like his but that is just a guess really. It;s actually just off my driveway in the front field and I am assuming it was left here by his hired hand in anticipation for tomorrow. I usually just ignore stuff like that for a few days until the full story plays out but that is just my most probable guess!!! To be honest it has been a few years since anybody left me a tractor by the driveway though!!

  2. "I wonder if this is some last ditch push by people too spend their money encase it's impossible to do soon? If so they are more aware to current news than I have ever seen the masses before."

    PP, I honestly do not think so. Perhaps the interest rates are driving a sudden urge to buy - after all, it still only seems to be going up - but unless people in your neck of the woods are wildly more aware than those in mine, there still seems to be a general lack of concern, other than grumbling about the price of everything going up.


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