Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Wednesday Strike Continues Madness


I don't know about the rest of the world but even with the so called UAW strike  I am getting hammered with new vehicles. The factories are still managing to find some thing that somebody has ordered somewhere and then sending them to me. Usually now it is some government entity that has already spent public money so they might as well get it going I guess.

Like today I got eight LEO explorers, complete with the special package marked for final delivery somewhere inside Kansas but no paperwork saying when.

On top of the fact the sun is setting by 7:15 or so now and my brown hen is being increasingly difficult about going to bed I am now falling further and further behind once again. At this rate I may catch up sometime about February. 

I have to start hording firewood again soon too. 

I also ran completely out of space today to park these new government vehicles too. 

I did catch a new Tim Cast video I felt compelled to link here as it explains things so well for how I know many people are feeling...


As I have said before I don't always agree 100% with Tim Pool but this video was just right. I haven't considered this Government legitimate since the great BLM batles and This last year especially. For years now I have flip flopped on the level of this Government completely but I was still 100% behind the Local state government but after the Fraud fiasco of money laundering scheme of the Scamdemic this last year and how quickly my own County government jumped on board to further the scam to their advantage I now know 100% am totally in the illegitimate camp. I am sure had I been closer to the things as they happened with the immigrants I would be more so.

As I have said before the only reason I feel we are not already in a bitter violent war is there really hasn't been a leader willing to gather those followers to them yet, But for my own part nothing about the last two years has come across as a reason to think other than the entire government in in fact illegitimate.  

Of course the fact I am an old stroke survivor that can barely speak without slurring his words and dragging his left foot everywhere he goes means I am pretty harmless anyway. But the crimes I am seeing daily by our Government now makes me wonder when it's gonna happen.


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



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