Monday, October 2, 2023

Another Monday


I actually took a pic of the sister porch tomato from this one but got the one above with the extremely naughty Tomato pecking Black Hen instead which I think I already used before. I actually started out making a new video, which I did then remembered that for the last month or so any new video I add now needs to stay up or hours before it is approved. Which explains the recent issues.

I am not sure why You Tube is such a pain. I got a feeling it has something to do with Monetization and such but I have not, nor do I plan on going that rout but I guess we must all follow their rules. Honestly I have thought about adding video view of the garden area people can click on whenever they want in real time but if I am ever to do that it is years and much learning down the road. I thought about switching totally to Rumble to host videos but they have some weird 5 second only rule which is just impossible for me to figure out so far. Eventually I will have something figured out. I am also noticing several video bloggers I have followed for years closing up shop from small-scale farming and homesteading to do it yourself driveway mechanics and back yard economist. During the scamdemic I got a lot more time off and watched all kinds of video bloggers I found entertaining but so many of them seem to be leaving in droves because of issues like I have mentioned lately.

Well I don't care about Monetization so I figure by the time I get it figured out maybe they will have the whole thing settled and the Democrats will get their share of forced payment/blood money as usual. Or maybe something else will be available. 

Long story short my video of my porch Tomato is still uploading and checking to make sure it isn't Paorn or something I guess :0) so I used the famish tomato eating hen pic.

After work today I went to pick up a few last minute supplies I need to finish off the Goat House roof and was once again completely blocked in by customers.  I got to looking and almost each and everyone of them were quite a bit older than me. While out shopping I noticed the same, no one younger than myself anywhere. Enough that a noted it and while thinking about it realized I have not seen it so one sided (age=wise) around here in years. Not sure it means anything or was just the luck I had today... I am going to keep an eye on it for a while though.

I also noticed activity next to me at the local "manufacturing" building they claimed they were building over a year ago that still doesn't have the windows installed and the incoming sub-division that is an unfinished garage in the middle of a soybean field still. The activity proved to be a couple of big trucks driving around with some unloading noise I think were rocks being dumped.

Boy for however many millions those lucky AAA recipients got from the government last year they sure don't seem to be in a hurry to finish anything up and hire anyone that's for sure!!! I still have a couple of rusty old tractors and implements needing to be placed across the road from em when they go into business too :0) I'm thinking maybe a skunk preserve too.

I also read about the dangerously low water levels on the Mississippi right now too and know many farmers are having some issues moving their harvest because of it. I wonder if it has anything to do with Biteme's completely ignoring US infrastructure for the last few years while passing money to his base and Ukraine every time he is told to?

Sooner or later this all has to come back on em.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



  1. Guess you didn't notice it was The First Of The Month on Sunday, also known as SS/Welfare Payday.

    You know, the day the grandparents with their black grandchildren get their government paycheck, and try spending it on the luxuries before they cost too much.

    In Michigan we all called it "Copper Country Payday" way back when...

    1. MN - No I didn't notice at the time but it does add up when you mention it!!!

  2. Re; the long process of approval for videos that you keep mentioning... I've never had to wait for approval for a video - ever. It got me thinking that perhaps it's because of your Youtube settings? If you are uploading it and it's marked PUBLIC maybe it has to be approved? But there is also an option to upload and it's private except for those with a 'link' - which is YOU and you use THAT link to embed it on your blog. That way it's watchable on your site (and anyone with the direct link) and it's possible that's why your videos are having to wait to be approved???? (Just a thought as again, I've never ever had to wait for approval, and I use the private with link setting).

    1. Me - I do set them to public and I amsure someone in youtube land has lodged a complaint about me weekly too so that maybe it. I am just getting a hang of things slowly anyway work has been too crazy for me for well over a year now to do anything quickly that's for sure!!


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