Sunday, September 17, 2023

Sunday Reading


Another day of the AWU strike and to this point it has really slowed down my daily deliveries. I am not saying that is gonna last but I have been hit with so many new deliveries the last Month or so I am not crying about it right now either. I still have so much I need to get finished before it starts getting chilly around here.

I harvested more Bloody Butcher Red Corn for seed saving and need to see if I have enough of another variety that turned out good to bother with it.  I focused on the crimson variety first because I have always had good luck with growing it and it is the wife's favorite. Around here however trying to keep and grow a straight variety is not really possible without a green house. And even then you need three doors on it to stop cross breeding there is so much Corn everywhere. As usual with anything I grow tailor made for around here I am just focused on reliable germination and seed saving year over year before I add it into my rotation. I also have some yellow 12 row sweet corn I am planning to look into as well but the heritage varieties had an awful lot of Corn Smut on them this year I have to think about.

I plan on getting all the corn ears harvested and hung for final drying this weekend then get the Pole Bean pods saved as well. I only planted one trellis of pole beans because I have so many stored but as usual I ended up with at least four areas of volunteers regardless. So I harvest enough to keep the seeds new each year for planting just in case before I let the goats out to forage the garden to their hearts content for the Winter. They are already impatient let me tell you.

I had more than my share of successes and failures this year, mostly due to the high winds and damage putting me so far behind at times I didn't keep up in other chores but work always continues thank the Lord. There is always next year!!!!

It appears that the Democrat fascist money blamed on Covid corruption still insint over as now I am reading alot about this so called Employee Retinsion Tax Credit scam these companies were given to claim against their employees. So common people work and Democrats collect money for them forever from their bought and paid for Politcians.. It's like dying and staying on their Democrat voter rolls I guess.  

Apparently the corruption and fraud has gotten so bad they had to stop new claims but I am sure in true Democrat form they got the important ones taken care of before they shut it down. I don't know for sure though I looked into a number of articles on the subject and one thing that seems as usual hard to find an answer too is exactly what kind of employees were eligible, why and for how long... go figure. Standard Femocrat speech there.

Only thing I know for sure these days is the business as usual Democrat government tyranny of the last 50 years or so finally seems to be paying off exactly like so many Freedom minded people saw coming. 

Gee I should see about growing and harvesting/keeping popcorn too I guess.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


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