Sunday, September 24, 2023

Sunday Reading The Strike Continues


Believe it or not I actually got two days off this Week it was so slow. I am now pretty much caught up but stuck at needing another run to the hardware store for supplies. The tech who is getting my truck back to pre-scamdemic order was held up though as his wife ordered a new Bronco Sport which came in damaged. Luckily for him I noticed something was wrong with the vehicle right off and after multiple discussions with others figured out someone had driven upto the trailer without lowering the ramps and ran into the trailer. Even the motor mounts were cracked.

After about two days of back and forth with multiple picture sharing the factory and companies conceded defeat and gave us the OK to repair or replace as needed. The tech has pretty much built a whole new front end. I forget what the final hourly total added up to but we were all happy even if it stopped work on my F-150 for a while.

We also lost two new employees this week due to them just disappearing and not showing up for work for over two days in a row no call no show. I would give them the benefit of the doubt myself if I thought they were being exploited or something but these guys got some easy jobs as I remember jobs went back in the day. I just don't get it but they proved my point I made to the dealership owner yesterday as to why I don't even consider training anyone unless they been there a while. 

Just is a waste of time as I see it anymore to train new people until you have time to truly evaluate em. If they found me dead out in the parking lot my duties are so self explanatory they could just send em out for the info they need until any new hires figures it out from pure repetition no point in showing em ahead of time for them to forget right away or not show up to begin with. May take em a week or more to catch on but wouldn't put anyone  so far behind that it would hurt IMO.

Regardless the decreased work load has allowed me to retain my energy and balance into Sunday for a change and I haven't seen that in weeks at this point. I didn't even get a Mexican day forced on me this week either!!! 

Everything else seems to be coming together though. No old stock animal issues popping up. even Roz seems to be doing better now that she isn't taking care of Lilly full time and is managing to be at the feed troughs at feeding time for a change. They gray hen has even moved from roosting on my hay rake every evening to up right next to the coop where I have to get her moved by hand every night and put her up. That's about 50 yards off my nightly walks now!!!

Only thing that keeps me worried though is what is gonna happen when this strike ends?

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



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