Wednesday, September 13, 2023

It's Mexican Wednesday!!!


Mexican Wednesdays are quickly becoming a calendar day for me at work now. On Tuesdays I can have everything caught up when I go home and by the time I go to work on Wednesdays there will be 6 to 12 loads of Mexican cars waiting for me in the parking lot and across the street and in the neighbor's driveway and right in front of the service drive locked with missing keys... There is just no telling.I am surprised these transport drivers stop long enough to write an address down honestly.

I got to where when I leave my office for the parking lot Thursday morning I just blare out areeeba areeeba yahaaha!!! at the top of my lungs. I will prolly get fired for being insensitive because of it sometime anyway.  It takes me hours now to find a place to park these vehicles even once I cut out all the pre-sold little girly mini trucks they call Mavericks these days. I am seriously considering making Wednesday Spanish day and trying to speak strictly Spanish all day cause I feel I should learn it just cause. 

By the time I find parking for one load there is another one waiting and thats without having to do paperwork on any damages. Which I only have two days to get finished and turned in anyway even without someone being off work or on vacation that day. First thing is to find all the mini girly trucks so the salesmen have a commission that month and then it's try and keep up without allowing too much confusion to creep in. Luckily the back office girl is as I have said an old friend and intelligent enough to allow me to bounce around a bit.

Today I noticed we are already getting several dozen stock numbers above actual inventory numbers so I need to go slow enough to keep our inventory accurate. 

As things start to settle down Wednesday afternoon thats when my favorite transport terminal of all known as Wentzville will start to bring in the American cars as fast as their almost empty transports can fly down I-70.  I guess they want to make all their money on Wednesday and Thursday now.

Things look to me like the company is sizing every thing up for a massive layoff to me. Where we used to have three managers we now only seem to have one at a time, other manager types are being trained to do jobs that peons have been doing for years and everyone seems to be over protective of any turf they can claim as their own. When I see people start walking on eggshells or start playing Napoleonic turf war games I just shrug my shoulders anyway. 

Still we are full to the brim with no where to even park new cars now and that is after we sent a bunch to a new property the company bought not long ago. Every time I think that is it though there is somehow more room made the next day.

How many of you have ever watched "The Expanse" Sometimes I can help but wonder if Earth is getting too much like the Society that series portrays on Earth to be honest.


Oh well at least it wasn't all hot and sticky today nor raining cats and dogs!!! 


Keep Prepping Everyone!!!




  1. PP, I think more and more companies are positioning themselves for a big downturn in the economy. If it does not happen, they come out cash ahead; if it does happen, then they have already taken action.

    1. TB - PP here Googles seems to be having account issues again. YA I think my group doesn't know what is going to happen yet and there are others who are hoping they can influence the future if they do things now. INteresting times...


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